Delta 9178-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta 9178-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Delta(a company which was founded in 1954) is one of the most trusted companies you will ever find. For many years, the company has been producing products for both bathroom and kitchen. Keeping up with the modern technology, the company has produced Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet. Made in USA, Stylish, cutting edge and convenient- these words can perfectly describe this product.

Technology- We already know some of these features like, “Touch-Clean spray holes”, “MagnaTite Docking system”, “Diamond Seal Technology”. The awesome “Delta DIAMOND Seal” technology uses a tough, diamond-coated valve to put an end to leaks and the faucet lasts for a very long time. One of the great things about the spray wand is that it features MagnaTite Docking. It means that it will stay docked when you are not using it. So unlike other pull-downs that tend to droop over time, MagnaTite keeps your pull-down faucet looking picture perfect. An integrated magnet makes sure that the wand stays docked when you don’t use it. Over time it will protect your faucet against drooping which is a common issue with pull-down faucets.

Installation– But let’s not also forget about its “Duramount mounting system”(for easy installation). Duramount mounting system makes it very easy to install and “Innoflex PEX one-piece supply lines”(to get rid of leaks). The faucet also includes “InnoFlex PEX supply lines”. It keeps water inside the faucet out of contact with metal contaminants. Furthermore, let’s not also forget that the one-piece construction of InnoFlex PEX waterways removes joints and seals. So, you can pretty much guess that leakage will never bother you if you buy this faucet. But it’s not over yet.

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Let’s have a tour on technical information:

Part Number9178-AR-DST
Item Weight7.35 pounds
Product Dimensions9.2 x 12 x 9.2 inches
Item model number9178-AR-DST
ColorArctic Stainless
FinishArctic Stainless
Installation MethodDeck Mounted


Lifetime limited warranty will make sure that the company will not get away with bad products. This is the commitment of a good brand and this is the reason why you should trust this kind of brand. They will do everything to give you quality products.
By now, after reading about previous products, you already know about the technology Delta uses. So, you are pretty much aware of the advantages that this product brings. But just for the record let’s see the benefits of the product-

Let’s see the Pros and Cons about this products:



  • 1 or 3-Hole Installation(optional deck plate is included.)
  • It will last for a long time and the water pressure is good.
  • Mineral build-up can be removed easily just by a touch of a finger.
  • With “diamond seal technology” the faucet will give you an awesome performance.
  • You will also have your good old lifetime limited warranty from Delta.
  • Pull down spray wand and also a twenty-inch flexible hose reach. Washing and cleaning is super easy with this faucet
  • Like most of the Delta faucets, it also has a good flow rate(1.8 gallons per minute).  So your pots will be filled in a timely manner.
  • No escutcheon included. You have to buy it separately. So, in order to do that, you definitely have to spend some extra money. In a perfect world, you would want to have a faucet with an escutcheon.

Important Question And Answer:

1. Question: Does this come with the plate for 3 hole installation? I see that it supports 1 and 3 hole installation but I see no mention of the accessories being included for the 3 hole mounting in this package. Anyone have  info on this?
Answer:Yes it came with the plate.
2. Question: If I chose the spray, would it stay on spray mode the next time I turn on the water or would it revert back to the stream mode?
Answer:It will stay on spray until you change it to stream mode.
3. Question:How high is the top of the faucet from the countertop? How high is the top of the water handle from the countertop?
Answer:The top of the faucet is 14.75″ from the countertop and the top of the handle is 8.75″ from the countertop.
4. Question:How high is the top of the faucet from the countertop? How high is the top of the water handle from the countertop?
Answer:The spray is not fine and comes out in straight line rather than an uside down cone shape. It’s about 1  1/4″ diameter spray and doesn’t splash. You can also pull out the spray head closer to the sink and it doesn’t retract into the faucet.
5. Question:What is the difference between the Arctic stainless and the plain stainless faucet?
Answer:Artic Stainless is not real stainless steel – I think its brass made to look like stainless. I bought the Artic Stainless, and it matches my true stainless steel sink.

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So this faucet would be the perfect for your kitchen.


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