Kohler K-560-VS Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Kohler K-560-VS Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Kohler K-560-VS Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

You must be surprised at the power of the spray that explosion out of the sprayer. It has a high end feel for the cost, the stalk and spout are very solid. The hand managing is soft and solid when you push it close. The pull down faucet control is amazingly suitable. You get quite a custom to switching on the spray and back to standard stream all in one movement as you drag it out and back to the stem. The linear spray is comfort for cleaning out sink and spraying food off plates. With hot water they come almost entirely clean.

If you are looking for a gorgeous faucet right now, Obviously  you are reading the right one. researching on a lot of faucets on market place, I can suggest it due to its outer look and inner performance. Its stylish look, durability, easy and effective functional task may fulfill your requirements.

Key features-

Part Number K-560-VS
Item Weight 7.62 pounds
Product Dimensions 28.8 x 12.2 x 3 inches
California residents Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number K-560-VS
Size .375
Color Vibrant Stainless
Finish Vibrant Stainless

Installation and operation-

The faucet has an trouble-free installation process with everything you need. For a single hole function, you just plunge the faucet in, turn on the base ring and make tighter the two set twists with a long screwdriver. The majority sinks are deep and thus from the bottom you will require a long Phillips Screw Driver. The hoses are functional finger tight and the pull out faucet hose has a basically just a click design to connect it to the faucet. Total you may need maximum 10 minutes to complete the installation.

The faucet is amazingly effortless to operate and very soft. The head drags out slowly and with a good feel to the biased return. The sprayer top has the two locations  and a provisional hold switch as well.

 Good Quality and Beautiful convenience-

Besides from being functional, its stunning faucet that has really cut down on the amount of time that you expend on dishes. The “sweep” spray utility is overwhelming- totally cuts through hard grime and grease. The pullout pipe stays good and fixed &  there is no sagging.


Whatever the looks, before decide to buy you must notice the function of faucet Kohler K-560-VS Bellera allows you to go round the water on/off from any temperature.  you can go the handle set at the temperature as you like, turn the water off, and next time you turn the water on you are at the temperature you like. The high arch means that there is bounty of space to accommodate large pots and pans all while reducing splashing. There are so many great features that can remove all of your stress fulfilling your requirements.

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Lets see pros and cons-



  • High and professional quality
  • It has a superb Sweep spray function
  • Well built with easy installation that works great.
  • It’s a tiny bit splatter, in general – or misty in the sink area

Important Question and Answer-

1.Question Does this come with the new “DockNetik” feature which magnetically secures the sprayhead to the spout? This is mentioned on the Kohler website.
Answer I don’t recall seeing the word DockNetik on the packaging or other materials. The faucet head does magnetically secure, and that feature works well.
2.Question How does the handle on/off operates: back to front or right to left?
Answer this depends on the way you install the faucet. I had mine installed with the handle on the front side to make it easily accessible for right or left handed people in my household. With this installed this way the on /off would be front to back or pulling handle towards myself and hot/ cold controlled by turning handle left or right. ( the way the picture shows with handle on right side the on/off would mean the handle would pull to the right to turn on and hot/cold operation being front to back. hope this helps
3.Question is the spout/shower head plastic or metal?
Answer Metal with black rubber buttons.
4.Question how far does the hose pull out?
Answer There is a “stop” on the line. I had it set so that the hose extends about 2 feet. It looks like it could be set to extend an additional foot
5.Question Are the supply hot and cold water tubes metal or plastic?
Answer Hello James, excellent question. The interactive parts diagram on KOHLER’s Website sure looks like they may be plastic. I cross referenced with a K-560-2BZ which we had in our inventory, and based on my visual inspection, they are a finely woven braided stainless steel. So I would say that they are braided stainless steel, at least what I can visibly see on the outside. I hope this information helps.


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