Purelux KF3003 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Purelux KF3003 Pull-Down Kitchen

Above the course of this review, have examined a wide diversity of kitchen faucets (Purelux KF3003 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet ) and selected several that we consider to be the best in terms of their outer shell,  functionality, and value for money.

If  you are looking for stylish appearance , great performer and Powerful sprayer Faucet. Most of the users will definitely suggest you to consider  Purelux KF3003 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.
Excellent pressure and Elegant look with mixing. It has the Instructions mention “putty plate” for 3-hole style base install. The faucet is pretty dang finicky for the price. The chrome shines. The nozzle easily comes off. The water pressure is amazing. The handle and controls move very effortlessly.

Key Features-

Weight4.2 pounds
Product dimension8.4 x 2 x 15.7  inches
ColorNickel Brushed
Flow Rate1.8GPM
Number of Holes3
Spout Height20.4″
Spout Reach8.3″
Hose Length20 Inches


Key Features to consider-

How we found the best one ? Question is easy but the world of kitchen faucets is enormous. When we dipped into examine, we  discovered how complicated it is to navigate.
After consideration of the full variety of kitchen faucets presently on the market, we have arrived at the ending that the best overall model is the Purelux Tulip Single Handle.
 Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet is a really terrific faucet, with a classy , elegant, appearance and excellent functionality and features. Above all at its current price, this faucet is an absolute bargain.
Spray: 3 setting spray pull down shower head: Pause, Spray Jet, Stream.


Cozy and effortless installation makes it trendy the users as it has the deck plate, 1 or 3 hole installation and quick installation tool integrated.

Technically Sound-

User friendly technical supporting mechanism makes it separate among the thousands faucets in current market place.  Swivel Spout, Quick Connector Hose, flow rate is no more than 1.8 GPM. Verified and tested Ceramic cartridge ,  Lead free water way, Certified, protect family health. Water saving technology can help you to consider it as your best buying list.

Specialized pick of faucet-

Within the choices of kitchen faucets on the market, specialized design is limited, as kitchen faucets usually serve the similar function and tend not to differ fundamentally in construction. However, Purelux Tulip Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet has some extra developments and specialized features to be considered.

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Lets see pros and cons-



  • Well built and very striking appearance.
  • Weight is just right, great price, easy install.
  • Quality works and metal
  • Water spots tend to show very easily


Important Question And Answer-

1.QuestionDoes the spray/stream switch stay put after you set it, or does it reset to stream each time you turn it on/off?
AnswerHi, I just tried, it will stay on the last position you chose. That means if you prefer spray function, you may keep the switch on the same position and every time you turn it on, it is spray mode you preferred.
2.QuestionDo i have to use the plate?
AnswerNO, you don’t have to. We have two options to install, you may install with the deck plate you already saw that, or with the flange only, you may go to the chrome version there are photos presented how the faucet install with flange only. You will receive all components for these two options in the box.
3.QuestionAre the supply lines 1/2″ or 3/8″?
AnswerThe lines are 3/8″ compression fittings.
4.QuestionDoes the pause button need to be held down to keep the water off or can I just press the button and use it as an off button?
AnswerIt needs to be held to pause. It is not an on-off button.
5.QuestionWhat size hole in the granite should I drill? Ia the standard 1 3/8″ hole work?
AnswerI did not have to drill any holes my faucet fit in the three holes already there

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