Best Food Processor For Emulsifying Meat With Buying Guide

Best Food Processor For Emulsifying Meat
Best Food Processor For Emulsifying Meat

Want to be a kitchen master to taste the tender, juicy, and delicious sausage and hotdogs each time? Emulsifying meat in the right way and at the right proportion is a must. Here, owning a quality food processor helps you grind meat and process other foods for your versatile recipe. But choosing the best food processor for emulsifying meat is a tough job, especially for novices who won’t bought one before.

What to do? Here, we are at your service. After long days and hours of brainstorming, researching, and reading users’ positive and negative feedback, we have together 5 food processors that can grind meat. Apart from that, a helpful buying guide, and  meat grinding steps with the food process description will be worth 3 minutes of time investment to read the post. Without any further ado, let’s dive deep.

Best Quality PickBest Reliable PickBest Portable PickBest Versatile Pick Best Durable Pick
Breville Sous Chef Pro Food ProcessorCuisinart FP-14DCN Food ProcessorKitchenAid 5 Cup Food ChopperHamilton Beach Food ProcessorGE Food Processor
Die-Cast Metal, BPA-Free plastic, & Stainless Steel
1200 watts motor
Die-Cast Metal, BPA-Free plastic, & Stainless Steel
1300 watts motor
Die-Cast Metal, BPA-Free plastic, & Stainless Steel
240 watts motor
Die-Cast Metal, BPA-Free plastic, & Stainless Steel
450 watts motor
Die-Cast Metal, BPA-Free plastic, & Stainless Steel
550 watts motor
*It can process 3.6 liters liquid or 2 pounds of solid food at a time.

*Versetile to slice food, make dough, or emulsify meat

*Adjustable time setting & LCD display allow you complete control over food processing
*Comes with 9 multi-purpose accessories to explore culinary style

*Flawless performance impress you with its mincing, shredding, grading, or mixing with no extra time consumption

*It won't migrate across the countertop due to its rubber feet
*Efficient to handle ½ pounds of meat with its 5 cups bowl

*Compact design, lightweight & portable

*2 speed set for coarse or fine grinding
*10-cup plastic bowl can process 1.5 pounds of food

*2 (1 and 2 levels) and pulse speed control system

*0.600 horsepower ensure fast processing
*Fits your desire in terms of quality, durability, and price tag

*10 different size accessories are thoughtfully designed

*You will get exact minced, chopped, ground, or sliced food for right horsepower
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Best Food Processor For Emulsifying Meat

Let’s discuss the market’s top 5 food processors for emulsifying meat. 

You’ll be delighted and most satisfied with Breville Sous Chef Pro Food Processor due to its perfect end result every time you try to emulsify meat. Its superior quality, versatility, and top-notch durability ensure the service that you pay for.

Construction & Motor

This food processor is built from ins to outs with quality assurance. At first glance, you will find it compact, lucrative, and well-finished. But, what you can’t see, that’s the motor.

No matter whether you can see it or not, its 1200-watt motor is efficient enough to handle around 3.6 liters of liquid food or 2 pounds of meat at a time.

That’s why you can confidently process large batches of food without difficulty.

12 Essential Accessories

It comes with 12 accessories that you’ll need for slicing food, making dough, or emulsifying meat. Whatever you want. The multifunctional 5-slicing discs and 5.5″ wide feed chute are worth getting your required size food slice within a few seconds.

BPA-free 16-cup and 12-cup bowls are excellent for mixing dry and wet ingredients. And 3 stainless steel blades are razor sharp to cut or shred food as you require.

Last but not the list, it comes with a plastic spatula that allows you smoothly stir wet processed food into the bowl.

Easy To Use

Each accessory that comes with the processor is designed keeping in mind your convenience. All of them will be well-fitted with the main body of the processor.

The using mechanism of this machine is easy with its simple on/off button, time set button, and LCD display. Once you set its timer, no matter, count up or down. You can show the remaining time with its LCD. That’s absolutely amazing!


It ensures your expensive machine and food safety from 4 layers. Such as

It allows you to adjust its slicer blade in a storage position when it isn’t in use. So, there is no chance of cutting your finger when you handle it. 

The processor’s motor won’t run unless you properly lock the food bowl and lid due to the feed chute safety mechanism. On the other hand, a silicone rubber seal is attached to its food bowls. The seal ensures no food, especially liquid leakage, when you process large volumes.

The machine’s four feet have non-skid rubber that ensures stability when it operates, even producing a little vibration.

Why Should You Buy This Food Processor?

Breville will be the right choice in terms of handling large amounts of food, safety assurance, easy use and dishwasher safe  accessories.

What We Like

  1. Solid build metal base and all other accessories
  2. Easy installation and uninstallation systems promote saving time
  3. 24 versatile slice thickness adjustability from 0.3 mm to 8.0 mm
  4. Space-saving and easy storage box houses accommodate all accessories

What We Don't Like

  1. Pricey, and big. Not worthy for small family use

What if, I said, many users love the old version of the Cuisinart food processor from the 80s? By continuously improving, it now offers its FP-14DCN Elite Collection Food Processor. It is better, faster, and smarter than before.

Decent Extra Attachments

It’s a versatile machine and comes with lots of accessories. 2 food processing (14 and 4.5 cups) bowls, 3 sized S-shaped sharp blades, 2 slicing and reversible shredding discs, a wide-mouth feed tube, and a spatula.

That means you get everything at your hand side to process food, explore your culinary arts, and feed delicious food to your beloved persons. Of course, with little effort and time.

Flawless functionality

Its flawless functionality will impress you with its chopping, shredding, grading, or mixing with no extra time consumption. You have complete control over your food processing through the one-click on, off, dough, or pause button.

Additionally, slicing adjustable from paper-thin to 10 mm course is great. It helps you to set the slice thickness based on your requirements.

The blue LED light indicates the food processing remaining time. So, you can avoid running the motor that drains its power extra time.

Mind Grabbing Build & Design

Its outlook, motor, assembly, using, disassembly, cleaning, and safety system, all are in the product designer’s mind. So, each section is designed from the point of the users’ view.

It looks small-sized but power packed with the 1300-watt peak performed motor. So it can hold power for a long time to process large quantities of meat, veggies, cheese, etc.

When you turn on the processor to work, it won’t migrate across the countertop. So, you feel confident about its performance because it is firmly rooted in the same space.

Fast Cleaning

It not only saves your time just processing your raw food but also saves cleaning time. Since the machine accessories are dishwasher safe, by uninstalling, put them in your dishwasher; within a minute, all will be at their pristine look.

Why Should You Buy This Food Processor?

Once you use this food  processor for emulsifying meat, or other food. You’ll wonder if it was one of the smart investments for your kitchen. Because, it cuts your kitchen time, and hassle. 

What We Like

  1. Robust motor offer faster operation to save time
  2. The blade spinning is brilliant to grind or shred meat
  3. It operates quiet though a lot of power
  4. No big chunks left behind after completing chopping

What We Don't Like

  1. It minces everything too fine, but not that much good at chopping

Are you a single guy, a college student, or a travel lover? In that case, it’s nice to choose a food processor that is budget friendly and lightweight to handle.

Considering your needs, we have included KitchenAid 5 Cup Food Chopper as it fits even in your too-tight budget, worths grinding small amounts of meat, and is portable.

Quality Built

Don’t think that the food chopper is fragile because of its reasonable price and small size. Instead, you can consider it as a bomb in a small package.

Stainless steel blade and heavy-duty plastic materials make it sturdy enough to offer excellent year-round performance.

However, it offers you 1 year warranty against its price. So, you can rely on its durability to use it longer.

Small Yet Powerful Motor

Its 240 watts motor looks small, but much more powerful to grind, chop, whisk, and stir various ingredients including meat, nuts, beans, ice cubes, and other food items. So you won’t need to be concerned about its operational speed. Thirty seconds of several runtimes will emulsify meat, as you require.

Pretty Design

Shiny, compact, and lightweight design allow you to set, use, and store it within a tight space. Its lid has a drizzle basin in its middle. So, you can add any liquid ingredients in the food bowl for dressing the food, even when running the motor.

Easy To Use

The super fast and easy-to-use mechanism is convenient for any cook, even beginners. You need to install the food bowl, and a multi-purpose blade. Pour food into the bowl and attach the lid.

Then choose a coarse or fine speed set, and push the button down with your thumb. Your machine starts to generate enough rpm to chop them. 

Why Should You Buy This Food Processor?

Like any other KitchenAid product, it is well-built, well-designed, and well-works as it promises. So, you can grab it if you require to process ½ pound to 1 pound of food at a time.

What We Like

  1. Versatility for chopping and grinding veggies to meats
  2. Compact to look at, yet powerful to faster food processing
  3. Lightweight offers portability from place to place
  4. A little champ to handle small amount of food

What We Don't Like

  1. It’s not the right choice to process a large amount of food

Enjoying too many benefits with a food processor makes your busy life easy, as you won’t need to pre-cut, pre-slice, or pre-grind your food before cooking. Hamilton Beach Food Processor is one kitchen machine that does all the tasks as a champ.

Unbeatable Quality & Design

The stainless steel blades, die-cast base, and durable 10-cup plastic bowl all ensure better quality for a longer time. You can use them as you like, as many times as you need, and as many food items as you require to process.

It has a cute bowl scraper attachment to scrape the bowl side food ingredients. It’s a better version than a spatula.

Multipurpose Jobs

It works as a food chopper, mincer, mixer, and dough maker. That means what types of food you need to process, and how it’ll be the right option to meet all the purposes.

The 2 speeds (1 and 2 levels) and pulse helps you to control the speed according to recipe variations. So, you can confidently emulsify meat with it.

Motor Wattage

It works with a 450 watts powered motor that can generate 0.600 horsepower to crush or mince soft or hard food. However, its reversible disc ensures the perfect size for shredding or slicing with the motor’s power.

Simple Operation

There is no hard and fast rule to use, and you don’t have to have prior experience.

It comes with an easy-to-understand user manual; all accessories are easy to set up or remove. The adjustable speed setting knob is easy to rotate, and the speed number is written over the knob, which helps you easily define the speed level.

So, overall the operating system of this machine is as simple as boiling an egg.

Why Should You Buy This Food Processor?

This food processor is good at equally processing black bean brownies, hummus, meats, and soup. If you suffer from imbalanced cooking, get this.

What We Like

  1. Ensure safety with its safety lock, and it won’t start until the lid is fully closed.
  2. Its quality and price beat the better $300 ones.
  3. The feet’s suction cups keep it stabilizes when running the motor
  4. Do its work as it advertised to better user experience

What We Don't Like

  1. Annoyingly short electric cord. Just reach the socket if you set it on the kitchen countertop.

If you want to get a ninja food processor but aren’t willing to pay too much price for that. We recommend the GE Food Processor that fits your desire in terms of quality, durability, and price tag. No other large-size food processor is as affordable as it is.

Sturdy Construction & Design

As we specified it for a durable pick, first, let’s talk about its construction and design.

The die-cast base, heavy-duty plastic bowl, and stainless steel blades make it as strong as to last longer even for regular use. 

However, all the accessories (12 cup bowls, 3 slicing discs, 3 blades, and 3 food pusher tubes) are thoughtfully designed to set them well on the base to use conveniently.

Strong Motor & Using Mechanism

It comes with a 550 watts motor that is efficient in producing enough blade torque to process large quantities of food. So, the blade never starts flopping or slipping while processing. Due to the right amount of horsepower, you will get exact minced, chopped, ground, or sliced food. 

You don’t need the same amount of speed to process soft and hard food items. Considering your needs, it comes with 3 speeds: low, pulse, and high. These 3-speed settings help you control the speed based on your food requirements.

What To Process

It allows you to process whatever you need to cook different dishes. From shredding zucchini, broccoli, and cucumber to grinding meat, beef, turkey, and steak cubes. Or from mincing cloves, ginger, and garlic, to slicing hard cheese, pumpkin, etc.

It’s an all-rounder to process everything how you desire. So, once you have this gadget on your kitchen countertop, you won’t need to look for other tools.

Fast Cleaning

Since all the accessories are dishwasher safe, there is nothing to worry about cleaning. Using a mild dishwashing liquid and leaving them in the dishwasher is the best way to clean all those dirty accessories quickly.

However, using a few drops of non-toxic grease removal cleanser is worth cleaning the base. That’s all.

Why Should You Buy This Food Processor?

Looks good, is easy to use, and is effective for faster cooking. If your priority is all of these alongside durability and price, you should go with GE Food Processor.

What We Like

  1. Build quality and design simplicity grabs mind at first glance
  2. Suction cup feet keep the stationary on the counter
  3. Adjustable speed rotating knob ensures easy speed settings
  4. Reasonable price and friendly customer service

What We Don't Like

  1. It takes a bit of storage space. It would be better if it came with an accessories storage box.

How To Choose The Best Food Processor For Emulsifying Meat

If your target is to emulsify meat along with chopping vegetables, spices, or fruits with your food processor. It’s a must to consider special features in your food processor to serve your purpose.

What are these special features?

Wait, let us help you in this matter. Just scroll down and read. 

1. The Combination Of Powerful Motor & Processing Speed

The food processor operates with electricity. So, the motor is an integral but internal component of the processor that transfers electricity into power. 

The more robust and powerful the motor will be, the maximum power it can produce. And more power means more speed.

A food processor with a 1200-1400 watt motor can produce a speed range of 2000 to 6000 rotations per minute (RPM). That is huge to grind meat fastly, efficiently, and accurately.

Another important factor in the motor is built with quality wire, and all of these are well connected. Otherwise, there may be a chance of firing the motor due to short-circuit.

2. Razor-Sharp Multiple Blade

The next important feature is to check the blade size, shape, and quality. You can’t see the motor’s power, but you can see the blade rotation to grind meat.

If the blade isn’t vigorously sharp, it can’t incorporate the motor power and grind meat as you desire.

The food processor’s blade with stainless steel built and S-shaped is worthwhile for your purpose because the blade with any other material or any shape isn’t as effective as it is.

3. No Of Bowl & Their Capacity

Most food processors come with multiple bowls with it. So that you can use any one according to your food quantity, but you should check the bowl size.

A small bowl isn’t supportive if you have to grind large batches of meat. On the other hand, if you want to grind a small amount of meat, you may face trouble handling a large bowl.

You can grind 2 pounds of chopped meat with the 14 cups capacity bowl at a time. In contrast, ½ pound is with a 5 cups capacity bowl.

So the larger the bowl size, the larger the capacity of fresh meat you can grind, which saves your time, energy, and cost.

4. Safety & Stability System (SSS)

Hopefully, you know the phrase “Safety First.” So why not consider it when choosing a food processor? Many people suffer from various injuries when using a food processor in the kitchen.

There are five safety features you should check in your food processor.

  • Safety internal lock to ensure the accessories are well fitted.
  • Long and well-finished power cord.
  • Well maintained and updated on/off or pause button.
  • Attached rubber ring in the bowl’s lid to ensure no food spills or escapes from the container while operating the machine.
  • Rubber suction feet keep the machine stable even when running at its highest speed.

5. Versatile Accessories

A food processor is a versatile tool as your kitchen workhorse. So, the multiple types and sizes of accessories it has, the more versatile and efficient it will be. Some of the accessories you must look for

A. Wide Feed Chute

You’ll need a chute to feed food towards the bowl to chop or crush them as per your recipe requirements. Here, the wider the chute, the larger food you can feed.

B. Slicing discs

You won’t need the same size slices to cook each type of food. So, if the processor has different sizes (fine, medium, or coarse) of slicing discs, the more convenient it’ll be for you.

C. Multiple blades

The blade, which is good for grinding meat, isn’t required for chopping vegetables and making pizza dough. That means, different blades are required for different needs. So, you should check the blade types.

6. Using & Cleaning Convenience

You invest your bucks against having a food processor to speed the food processing procedure. Here, using and cleaning convenience of the tool is the precondition to ensure it. Some features are worthy to look at. Such as

  • One-click operational process (on/off, pause)
  • Having an easy-to-read LCD display let you inform food processing remaining time
  • Faster and simpler accessories assembly and disassembly.
  • BPA-free, hygienic, and dishwasher-safe accessories.

7. Durability & Quite

It would be most fascinating of a meat-emulsifying food processor that is durable and quiet. Because durability ensures your device’s long-lasting performance and quiet operation won’t irritate you while using it.

You can check the material it is built with for durability and how many dbs sounds it generates when running.

How To Emulsify Meat With A Food Processor?

It’s not a big deal to emulsify meat with a food processor if your tool has a powerful motor and sharp blade. Here are short but effective step-by-step instructions to emulsify meat.

Step 1: Ingredients Preparation

  • First, determine which meat you emulsify and what to make. (Chicken, venison, beef, steak, boneless turkey, etc.)
  • Cut the meat into a 1-inch cube with a sharp butcher knife.
  • Wrap them with kitchen wrapping paper and leave them in the freezer for 20 minutes.
  • Define what you mix with your meat to maintain good fat, as it helps to get juicer and flavorful grinding meat.

If you are willing to know more about your grinding meat’s exact fat and meat ratio to get a gamey taste and smell. We invite you to check out another dedicated article on What To Mix With Venison When Grinding. We assure you we’ll get valuable and to-the-point info that will improve your grinding and cooking experience.

Step 2: Grind The Meat

  • Assemble the right bowl and blade.
  • Put your required meat in the bowl.
  • Plug on the processor.
  • Click the on button, run for 10 seconds, and then release the button.
  • Do it several times until the meat is half-grind.

Step 3: Add Extra Ingredients

  • Now it’s time to add meat tallow, boiled potatoes, and other ingredients to the meat to maintain the fat and meat ratio.
  • You can also add baking soda, maintaining the right proportion to avoid non-tender or dry meat.
  • You can add them to the feed chute.

Is It Worth Using Food Processors For Meat Emulsifying?

We are giving you all information about the food processor for emulsifying meat. It’s also our responsibility to inform you whether it is worth it.

Yes, it’s 100% worth using a food processor for emulsifying meat as long as you use enough lean meat. Because lean meat contains myosin, more myosin is extracted from the meat.

Let’s justify the answer logically.

  • You have complete control over your meat types, amount, and cut so that you can grind the meat how you want.
  • There is less chance of over-grinding meat with a food processor as you are the operator.
  • You can taste fresh sausage more than store-bought when grinding meat yourself.
  • You can also use the food processor to chop, grate, or slice vegetables and other food items. So you can process everything with one gadget. Worth your investment.


Can You Use Food Processor Instead Of Meat Grinder?

Yes, you can confidently and comfortably use a food processor instead of a meat grinder to grind meat. Because if you consider their build quality, working mechanism, and accessories. They are almost similar.

So, there is no binding in using a food processor to grind meat instead of a meat grinder. But you should choose a decent-quality food processor rather than an average one.

However, if you have to grind large amounts of meat frequently, we recommend you own a dedicated meat grinder. On top, if you can choose a wild game meat grinder to process large batches of meat.

Enjoy Tasty & Juicy Sausage

Culinary accessories like a food processor, meat grinder, or meat slicer all assist you in making your kitchen experience far better than before. They even transform tedious food preparation chores into fun and enjoyable moments. 

You can choose any of the food processors mentioned above to emulsify meat, fish, or liver and taste bologna sausages, liver sausages, or meatloaf.

However,we suggest you to go with Breville if you don’t have any budget issues. If you have budget issues, go with GE Food Processor as it’s great even for low cost.

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