Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game – Deer, Elk, Bison, & Moose

Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game
Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game

Have you shot deer, bison, elk, and turkey during hunting? Undoubtedly, it is thrilling and exciting. However, processing your own meat is more thrilling, exciting, and rewarding to taste fresh, healthy, and delicious hamburgers, sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, kubbe, pizza, etc. In that case, you need a powerful meat grinder to grind large batches of meat with soft bones and connective tissue within a few minutes. But what to choose? Here are the 5 best meat grinders for wild game with incredible power, versatile accessories, and an easy operating system.

Even, we have altogether different prices of grinder considering your budget and need. Trust me, you’ll get the suggestion market’s top notch meat grinder. 

You may think to yourself, I have a KitchenAid Mixer and its meat grinder attachment or another branded meat grinder. It performs well to ground my meat. So, what’s the necessity of again buying another one for the wild game?

Let’s justify your thinking logically.

  • You are right, my friend, and there is no confusion. But the thing is, the grinder you have is not designed to process large quantities of meat at a time. If you do that, its motor will overheat. And for that consequence, the grinder may damage permanently.

Hope you don’t want that. Do you?

  • The second important factor is, the grinder that you have will take several hours to process a large batch of meat. In contrast, the meat grinder with a powerful motor and large meat pan allows you to process around 10+ pounds of meat a minute.

If you compare it with your grinder, you’ll find it’s absolutely inefficient for processing venison or bison meat.

  • Some meat grinders that come with powerful motors also come with an automatic air cooling system.

So the system protects the motor from overheating to perform better for a longer time and secure your investment.

These are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in a top meat grinder for wild game that is worthwhile to grind large meat. 

Comparison Table On Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game

Best Quality PickBest Passionate Hunters PickBest Professional Pick Best Budget PickBest Portable Pick
STX International TurboForce Electric Meat GrinderLem Big Bite Electric Meat GrinderWeston Pro Series Meat GrinderLOVIMELA Electric Meat GrinderLOVIMELA Electric Meat Grinder
*Produce 3000 RPM speed to faster grinding

*Operate and control the machine is easy with its 4 operation buttons (On/Pause, Low, Medium, High)

*Its foot pedal is convenient to use without hand touch
*Permanent lubricated motor offers quite and smooth operation

*Grinding efficiency is 11 pounds per minute with soft bones

*The spacious hopper won't be clogged due to meat during grinding

*Permanently lubricated and air-cooled powerful motor

*Innovative design with 2 knife sharpeners to sharpen knife

*Efficient to process up to 14 lbs per minute
*Easy to us with its on, off, or reverse button

*Process 3 pounds of meat per minute

*Versatile and multiple meat processing to taste meatballs, meat loafs, meat sauce etc
*Permanently lubricated to motor ensures smooth operation

*Heavy-duty handle helps to carry it place to place

*It can process
3 pounds of meat per minute
304 Grade Stainless Steel

800 Watts & 1200 Watts

19 accessories.
Stainless steel

0.75 HP 550 watts

13 accessories.

1.5 HP 1120 watts

13 accessories.
420-grade stainless steel

2600 watts

15 pieces
Aluminum & stainless steel

1.20 HP 1000 watts

13 accessories.
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1. STX International TurboForce Electric Meat Grinder - Best Quality Pick

Do you need a meat grinder to grind your hunting venison, elk, or bison? Heavy-duty, versatile, and flexible STX International TurboForce 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder can be the first choice. Users find this monster a ROCK even after the first time use.

High Power

In terms of electric machines, a powerful motor is the first thing that makes or breaks the deal. It has an 800 to 1200 watts motor to efficiently produce 3000 rpm speed to drive and cut the meat as fast as you desire. So, grinding 180 and 240 pounds of deer or beef meat is a maximum 1 hour job.

Accessories & Construction

Heavy-duty stainless steel materials make each of the accessories shiny and durable. Smooth finishing ensures easy handling with no risk of cutting your fingers.

A big #12-sized grinding head and 3-pound large meat tray allow you to pass a lot of meat to promote faster grinding.

To get dedicated-sized ground meat, it comes with various blades and plates. And 3 different sizes (1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″) sausage stuffer tubes help you effortlessly make lots of sausage at home.

Simple Assemble

Assembling the accessories requires the highest of 2 minutes. You need to decide the tools you use based on the ground meat size you want.

Attach the grinder heat with the main body, and insert the meat auger. Next, add a grinding blade and plate into the head, and secure it with the front locker. Attach the tray, and you are ready to go.

Easy Operation

The fast, simple, and straightforward operation procedure is excellent for every home guy or hunter. There are 4 buttons to operate and control its speed. You can start or stop the machine by pressing the On/Pause button, the level 1 button for high speed, level 2 is for medium speed, and level 3 is for low speed.

The foot pedal is also great because you won’t need to touch the operation buttons with your dirty hands while grinding.


Though the accessories aren’t dishwasher safe, hand cleaning is easy. After grinding the meat, remove and soak them in the sink’s lukewarm water. Add 2-3 drops of mild soap, scrub with a brush, rinse, and towel dry.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Grinder?

To grind many pounds of wild meat frequently, STX TurboForce machine will be a very useful gadget for time-saving. High-quality components, a powerful motor, and a thoughtful design will be worth your investment.

What We Like

  1. A strong motor, and lots of goodies make grinding easy
  2. Grind 3-4 pounds per minute
  3. Quiet operation won’t irritate you and others
  4. The machine won’t become hot for continuous grinding

What We Don't Like

  1. It would be better if it came with a sausage stuffing cleaning brush

2. Lem Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder - Best Passionate Hunters Pick

Are you a passionate hunter looking for a meat grinder for your deer camp just before this year’s hunting season? This Butcher-approved Lem Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder will fit your purposes and for making food preparation fun and easy.

Solid build

At first appearance, you’ll fall in love with it due to its professional quality-built with various equipment. Each accessory is made from stainless steel and designed for versatile use. The 110V (550 watts) motor is permanently lubricated to smoothly and quietly rotate during running.

It is ELT (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified, and LEM has a gut to its product quality. So it offers you a 5 years warranty and lifetime customer support for this grinder. That means you can confidently rely on this grinder to process your hunting or farming deer and beef.

No of accessories

Like any other meat grinder, it comes with multiple accessories for hassle-free grinding. It includes a big bite grabs auger, 2 different sizes (⅜” for coarse and 3/16″ for fine) meat grinding plates, (⅝”, 1″, & 1⅜”) 3 stuffing tubes, and 11½” long, 8½” wide and 2¼” deep meat pan.

The different sizes of sausage cones are also great for making your sausage. The razor-sharp knife cuts the meat precisely but maintains quality. So you can taste flavorful dishes that you’ll cook with the meat.

Faster Operation & Processing of bones

In most cases, meat grinders won’t allow you to grind meat with bones. But, the surprising fact is it can grind whole chicken with leg bones in less than 2 minutes. And obviously, without breaking a sweat.

Another top-notch benefit of this machine is the grinder can grind around 11 pounds of meat per minute because of its 12-size head, large-size pan, and powerful motor. Even the meat will go through this without a hitch.

Smart cleaning

After processing lots of meat, now it’s time for cleaning, and most people won’t like this chore. However, you can clean the grinding accessories with warm soapy water and a toothbrush that becomes greasy for meat and fat. Wiping the machine with wet tissue is enough to rejuvenate its shine like before.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Grinder?

Though you need to pay more, you’ll get what you pay for. Considering all ins and outs of the meat grinder, Lem Big Bite is the best meat grinder for deer hunters and worth the money for a lifetime investment to taste delicious hamburgerssausage, meat sauce, etc.

What We Like

  1. Quality construction offers excellent durable
  2. Easy to assemble, use, and clean, even for novice
  3. Stable and quieter operation than other grinders
  4. Circuit breaker building prevent immature motor burning

What We Don't Like

  1. It should come with a set of cleaning brushes

3. Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder - Best Professional Pick

Our next choice is Weston Pro Series Meat Grinder for those who love to eat field-to-table or farm-to-table foods. So, you must check this grinder to grind your hunting venison, Water Buffalo, or other wild animals.

Intensely powerful motor

It comes with an 1120-watt, 1.5-hp motor, the most powerful on our list. More power means faster processing and saving time. Moreover, the motor is permanently lubricated and air-cooled. So it won’t get hot when even grinding tougher meats with lots of connective tissue and dealing with large batches.

Innovative Design

Did your hunting knife get dull?

But you need to strip the meat to feed the grinder pan for grinding.

No problem, as you’ll find 2 knife sharpeners on top of the machine for your convenience.

Apart from that, the grinder and each accessory are designed mindfully and using innovative ideas. Its rifled-head design with a tapered throat allows you to push large scales of meat at a time.

Excellent combination of motor and thoughtful design faster the meat processing, up to 14 lbs per minute. And, of course, without clogging the auger or head.


Different shapes and sizes of accessories make the grinder versatile for preparing meat for multiple dishes. One razor-sharp grinding blade, 7mm and 4.5 mm coarse and fine grinding plates, 4 sized (10, 20, 30 & 40 mm) sausage stuffer kits and tubes are worthwhile to use the machine as your recipe requires. 

On top, the patented storage tray is excellent for keeping the accessories organized for future use. So there is less chance to lose anything. 


Heavy-duty stainless steel metal is used to build the grinder’s accessories, which makes them rust-resistant. That’s why they look shiny and glazy and ensure maximum protection to last longer.

Grinding more than 100 lbs of meat weekly won’t make it fragile if you properly clean it after use.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Grinder?

This Weston Pro Series powerhouse unit  must satisfy you with its quality construction, mindful design, and well finished accessories. You can consider it as a year round investment for increasing hunting thrills with tasty food.

What We Like

  1. A true workhorse to grind meats with bones and connective tissue
  2. Easy to operate and control speed with forward reverse options
  3. Saves time to focus on cooking instead of processing meat
  4. Simple and fast cleaning is a task of 5 minutes

What We Don't Like

  1. Extremely expensive

4. LOVIMELA Electric Meat Grinder - Best Budget Pick

The LOVIMELA Electric Meat Grinder will be the right choice for those who rarely go hunting and hunt Duck, Guinea Fowl, Partridge, or Elk. This quality constructed meat grinder comes with an extremely pocket-friendly price, less than $100. So it won’t break your bank, but it offers a highly satisfying performance with grinding 3 lbs of meat per minute.

Motor & Materials

For an electric meat grinder’s two most important things are motor and material. The more powerful the motor and high-quality materials the gadget has, the faster it grinds meats and lasts longer. And here, LOVIMELA wins the game. A maximum 1000-wattage motor and 420-grade stainless steel are great for uplifting its faster grinding and durability.

No of accessories

Though it won’t come with many accessories like our first choice, it comes with various components that you need for a typical electric meat grinder. A razor-sharp blade and 3 sized grinding plates are worth enough to prepare meat for different dishes.

The 2 mm grinding plate is good for fine ground meat, 5mm for medium ground meat, and 7mm for coarse ground meat. However, the 3 sausage stuffers & kubbe makers are also great at making sausage. The large food tray and long food pusher are helpful to provide lots of meat at a time.

Time Saver

It saves time as you can process 3 pounds of meat, beef, turkey, and hard cheese per minute. So whatever ground and how many quantities of ingredients you need to prepare your food, it’s a breeze when having this meat grinder. As it won’t become hot for continuous grinding, its motor is nothing to worry about.

Easy To Use & Clean

There is an easy-to-use button on the main body of the grinder. You can turn the button on, off, or reverse as per your requirement to grind the meat. Once you complete grinding, reassemble them for hand washing with 122°F warm water and mild soap.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Grinder?

The hobbyist hunters find it great to process their wild game meats to taste juicy burgers, Italian sausage, salami, and many other mouthwatering dishes.

What We Like

  1. Rust resistant materials ensure durability and longevity
  2. Food-grade accessories prevent germ contamination
  3. Effortless and large food-handling capacity
  4. Affordable price, but unbeatable quality

What We Don't Like

  1. It’s a bit louder but not unbearable

5. LEM Mighty Bite Aluminum Electric Meat Grinder - Best Portable Pick

Hunting is the alternate name for visiting various areas. So, having a portable meat grinder is a worthwhile pick for you. So you can effortlessly move and set it on any small space to grind hunting Goat, Wild Boar, chicken, or other animals. For easy movability, choosing LEM Mighty Bite Aluminum Electric Meat Grinder is a good option.

Quality Construction

This meat grinder by LEM comes with a 500 and 1000 watts motor and stainless steel accessories. Running the motor at 500 watts will produce 0.67 HP and 1000 watts at 1.20 HP speed. On top, the motor is permanently lubricated to ensure smooth rotation.

Each accessory is oil coated to protect them from rust and corrosion. So meat grease, fat, or hand washing won’t make them fragile.

Portable design

On a hunting trip, you must carry almost everything for a night camp and meat processing. Here, a portable design grinder is great to carry from one place to another. It is exclusively designed to easily carry with its heavy-duty handle, use with its power button, and clean with warm water and mild soap.

On top, it is only 16.53 lbs, whereas other professional hunter meat grinders are more than 50 lbs. You won’t face any hand fatigue moving it with its handle.

Safety assurance

Grainger’s four legs with rubber grip pads snuggly hold it in the same space you set it to use. So, it won’t get slippery even for the vibrations while running its motor. Though it has a heavy-duty motor, it won’t generate too much unbearable noise. So, the peace of mind you want in the jungle is never threatened.

Tons of Time Saver

The 9⅞” long 7½” wide, and 2″ deep large meat pan is spacious enough to hold a large quantity of meat. The wider hopper gobbles the meat chunks like a starved pit bull. So that you can grind large batches like almost 200 pounds an hour.

Though the company itself claims 3 lbs per minute. And believe it isn’t a load of overinflated advertising hype. Instead, that’s a realistic figure triggered from users’ reviews.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Grinder?

Solid build, intuitive controls, countertop footprint, and low weight make it ideal for grinding your venison like a champion. It’s great for home/light, commercial, or hunter to enjoy burgers and sausages.

What We Like

  1. It can handle even the toughest tissues with no bogging down
  2. Plenty of power can grind multiple large batches
  3. The motor stays fairly cool even after a long time of running
  4. Flawless functionality to taste delicious foods

What We Don't Like

  1. The chassis is plastic made

What To Look For Choosing The Best Meat Grinder For Wild Game?

Knowing your wild game or hunting animal size and amounts of meat processing scale can make your meat grinding machine choice easier or more challenging.

There are also many factors to consider, as it requires a huge investment to own. So you can’t randomly pick one without checking the benefits you wish to get.

In this buying guide, we shortly describe 8 fundamental points to reduce your toil.


The first thing you should check is the power of the motor. Because less than a 500-watt motor isn’t worth it to grind large batch meats. You have to select a grinder with a 500 to 1000 watt motor that can produce more than 0.5 horsepower for efficient and fast grinding.

If the motor is more than 1000 watts, that’s great for faster handling 10+ lbs of meat a minute. It will even help you process meat with bones. So, you won’t be concerned about meats with connective tissue or bones.

Operating Process

The simpler but versatile operational process the grinder has, the superior that will be. Low, medium, high, and even reverse options are best based on your needs. So, you just press the button and the motor will produce that much speed to grind meat.

Size & Weight

The bulky size and weighted grinder will be excellent for processing large animals like deer, elk, bison, etc. On the other hand, a small-sized and lightweight grinder will be the right option for chicken, turkey, semi-frozen brisket, whole rabbit, etc.

Materials & Durability

The heavy-duty materials used to make the grinder, the more durable it will be, and vice versa. Most meat grinders built to handle wild game meats are made with aluminum and stainless steel. So, there is nothing to worry about regarding durability. But, taking care of the machine will undoubtedly enhance its longevity.


A meat grinder isn’t just a piece of machine. Instead, it’s a complete package of equipment. Hopper, drill, grinding blade, grinding plates, sausage kit, cones, food tray, and food pusher are some of the most important accessories you need to prepare your wild game meats to cook. Check how many accessories the package includes.

Cooling System

As the grinder is an electronic gadget, it’s natural the machine becomes hotter due to the motor’s heat. If the machine comes with an automatic air cooling system, that will be better. It helps keep the motor cool even after processing lots of meat.

Easy Assembling & Disassembling

Assembling the grinder accessories with the main body is the precondition to using the machine. Whereas disassembling the accessories is a must to clean them.

If the assembling and the disassembling process is tougher, it not only brings a negative impression about the grinder but also reduces its grinding efficiency.

So, check the attachment installation and uninstallation system before selecting the product.


Since the machine has lots of uninstalled tools and all of them are important. Once you use them, you have to store them securely for further use. Here, having a storage cabinet is a nice addition to safely storing them.

Tips To Maintain Your Wild Game Meat Grinder

The more you care for your grinder, the more it cares for your meat to taste healthy food. Caring enhances its performing ability and longevity. So how to care?

  • Each time you use the grinder to process meat, instantly unplug the electric cord.
  • Then reinstall the accessories for cleaning.
  • Use 122° F lukewarm water and mild dishwashing liquid to clean them.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean grinding blades, plates, drill, housing, food pan, and front collar. Bottle brushes will be worthy of cleaning sausage stuff cones.
  • Don’t rub the accessories forcefully when cleaning to avoid scratching.
  • Wipe the accessories with a dry towel to soak the water and dry them. Air drying isn’t a good option for this.
  • Clean the main body part of the grinder with a wet tissue or paper towel to remove the meat’s grease from that.
  • After that, insert the accessories into the store cabinet (if it comes one) to prepare them for storage.
  • Store the whole grinder in a space out of kid’s and pet’s reach.


The grinder with more than 500 watts of the motor is a good option for deer. If the deer is large, above 100 pounds, you can choose a 1000 watts grinder. Because the more watts, the more powerful the grinder will be.

The meat grinder comes with a high quality 1000 watts motor that can grind meat with chicken, rabbit, duck’s soft bones. But these grinder can’t grind deer, elk, bison bones. Because these aren’t that much soft to process with the machine horsepower.

The meat grinder comes with a high quality 1000 watts motor that can grind meat with chicken, rabbit, duck’s soft bones. But these grinder can’t grind deer, elk, bison bones. Because these aren’t that much soft to process with the machine horsepower.

Have venison ground meat within minutes

You must need a quality, and powerful meat grinder to enjoy your seasonal harvested meats as you like.

The more wisely you choose the right grinder for your wild game, the more quickly and efficiently you can process them.

Though it’s up to your preference and needs, which meat grinder you choose from our list. However, if you love to get our opinion, we recommend Lem Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder because of its quality, versatility, and durability.

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