5 Best Meat Slicer Under $100 Without Compromising Quality

Best meat slicer under 100
Best meat slicer under 100

Tired of finding a meat slicer that fits your tight budget? What if we suggest the 5 best meat slicers under $100 without compromising quality, speed, and capacity to handle large batches?

Feel Excited.

So why late? Scroll the page and know what they are…

Let’s be honest and transparent. Whether owning a meat slicer under $100 is worthwhile or not. We point down meat slicers’ worthiness from 3 angles so that you can easily justify it.

Investment Worthiness

Slicing each pound of chicken breast, ham, and beef at the deli can cost about $8. That means if you need at least 2 pounds of deli-purchased meat per week, you have to spend (2 pounds*4 weeks*8 dollars) $64 per month. The cost will reach ($64*12 month) $768 per year. Too Much Money Drainer. 🥺

Whereas, if you can use a $100 meat slicer just for 2 months, (2 pounds*8 weeks*8 dollars) $128. That is enough to be worth your investment.

On a logical basis, it’s worth owning a $100 meat slicer without any confusion.

Time-Saving Worthiness

You can slice 2 pounds of meat and other foods within 5 minutes with the slicer, which takes at least 30 minutes to cut manually with a chopping board and knife.

That means it saves 700% of your food preparation time. It’s awesome!

Versatility Worthiness

A meat slicer isn’t just a tool to use to slice meat. Instead, it’s a real workhorse, perfect for slicing meat, veggies, fruits, cheese, and bread.

So, you won’t need different cutting tools to cut different food items. And, of course, with no risk of food contamination.

The list goes on and on. But these 3 unbeatable benefits are enough to justify buying a $100 meat slicer worthiness and making a place in your kitchen.

Which Are The Best Meat Slicer Under $100 Comparison Table

Best All-rounder PickBest Safety PickBest Time Saver PickBest Home Use PickBest Budget Pick
Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat SlicerOSTBA Electric Meat SlicerElite Gourmet EMT-625B Electric Deli Meat SlicerNESCO Food SlicerKitchood Meat Grinder Attachment For KitchenAid
Stainless Steel
180 Watt motor
Cast Iron
150 watt motor
180 watts motor
Stainless Steel
180 Watt motor
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Plastic
150 watts motor
1. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer
Best All-rounder Pick Stainless Steel
180 Watt motor Fast slicing with enough torque of blade

2. Using procedure is simple with its power button

3. Thickness adjustability from deli thin to half inches coarse 9.46 pounds
1. BPA-free food pusher ensure no food contamination

2. Child lock safety button ensure toddler and pet safety

3. Dishwasher safe accessories makes cleaning a breeze
1. Solid build with shiny, glazy, and durability assurance

2. 20+ lbs of beef slicing requires highest 10 minutes

3. Slice thickeess adjustablity from 0 mm to 15mm to get your preferred size
1. Automatic
gear lubricity offer flawless operation for faster cutting

2. 8.7 inches larger blade handles large quantities of food

3. Non-slip suction cups for feet to boot
1. Slicing 7 smoked briskets is a 2-minute job

2. 1/32 inch to 3/5 inch thickness adjustablity

3. Multipurpose use for meat, veggies, and fruits
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Best Meat Slicer Under $100 Reviews

From the above comparison table, you already know what the top-rated meat slicers below $100 are and what the benefits they offer you. Now it’s time to check the details about them.

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer
Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat Slicer

Slicing semi-frozen or dried Meat, raw Veggies to hard Cheese, fresh seasonal Fruits to all-time bread is quite easy and fast with this Chefman Die-Cast Electric Meat & Deli Slicer. So, it’s our first choice as the all-around slicer for your home use.

Build & Design

Like any other kitchen gadget, construction and design are the main factors that make or break the deal at first glance. Chefman’s designers will combine your pain points and desire with this meat slicer.

It is built with stainless steel material to make it rust-resistant. Its 9″ x 12″ compact and sleek design is mind-blowing to use within a little space.

Easy Using Mechanism

It comes with a 180 watts AC motor, fast-pushing food carriage, stainless steel 7.5″ razor-sharp serrated blade, and simple on/off switch. All of these make slicing easy, even for a novice cook.

Slice thickness adjustability (deli thin to half inches coarse) is excellent for preparing food according to your culinary requirements. So, there are almost 100% chances to get your desired food slice each time you use it.

Safety Assurance

Handling a kitchen tool, especially a sharp blade, aligns with injury risk. But, Chefman assured safety with its blade housing pan, food pusher, and legs’ suction cups. The food pusher helps you push food with it, so you never need to deal directly with the sharp blade.

On the other hand, the entire slicer will remain stable when running its motor. Though the motor generates a little noise and vibration, the machine won’t wobble for that. As a result, you can confidently slice food with proper safety.

Fast Cleaning

Just completed slicing your food?

Now, it’s time to clean.

You can clean the food pusher, and blade with soapy water. If there are cravings in the corners, use a toothbrush to remove them.

Wiping the other space with wet tissues is enough to clean meat fat and rejuvenate its shine.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Slicer?

Solid construction, design, easy use, and pocket-friendly price makes it worthy to  pick this Chefman slicer for your weekly home use. Once you own it, you can prepare fresh food, even at midnight.

What We Like

  1. Great to slice 1 lb of food per minute to save time
  2. Incredible thickness adjustability with its knob for precise cut
  3. Sturdy and non-slip feet keep it stable to avoid movement
  4. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to use and store

What We Don't Like

  1. It needs to cool down after every 10 minutes
OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer
OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer

Are you a busy mom with toddlers?

Or do you have pets?

In that case, safety is the first priority to choose an electric meat slicer, as your toddlers or pets also hang with you even in the kitchen.

Thinking so, Ostba brings its meat slicer with kid’s safety features to ensure your, your kids, and your pet’s safety.

Excellent design

This slicer is designed mindfully for what you need to faster your food slicing time instead of a chopping board and knife. There is no food contamination chance because of its BPA-free food pusher. So you can taste delicious food without any health risks.

The compact and lightweight size firmly sets on the counter. Even the non-slip rubber suction cups hold the machine in place to use it comfortably.

Easy To Use

Its 150 watts powerful motor with 7.5 inches stainless steel serrated blade makes it a perfect workhorse. So, whatever you push towards its blade, it’ll cut them instantly but precisely.

On top, pressing the power button and safety lock simultaneously ensures complete safety to prevent mistaken operation. That’s why you can use it when your kids are beside you.

Thickness adjustability

You can easily control slice thickness from 0 mm to 15 mm with its adjustable slice thickness control knob. Where 5 mm thickness is good for salami and hard cheese, 10 mm for ham and bread, and 15 mm for steak or cooked meat. That means it will help you to be a pro home chef spending less time, energy, and effort.

Simple Cleaning

Since its blade, extension rod, food pusher, and food carriage are all removable. So, removing those accessories from the main body of the slicer allows you to clean them with no chance of water inserting into the motor. These take a couple of minutes to clean in the sink.

You can sensitize the rest of the body with wet tissues. If more gunk makes it grease, using a non-toxic grease removal cleanser is a good option. Overall, the cleaning procedure takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Slicer?

It is a bomb of accumulating professional-grade meat-slicing features for home use. You can’t imagine these countless benefits from a slicer that is under $100. So, you should grab it to handle kitchen work and kids like a champion mom.

What We Like

  1. Child safety lock ensures top-notch safety
  2. Offer consistent but sharp cuts for continuous 10 minutes
  3. No food contamination due to food-grade material
  4. Easy accessories installation and uninstallation system

What We Don't Like

  1. It may be a little noisy, but not unbearable

If you are a serious BBQ guy and frequently need a large batch of sliced thin, vac seal roast beef, hams, tri-tips, and jerky. Processing these meats manually requires a lot of preservatives. On the other hand, it’s too expensive to slice them in Grocery stores.

Here, Elite Gourmet EMT-625B Electric Deli Meat Slicer is a nice choice to avoid the these hassle to throw a BBQ party. Because within 10 minutes, you can slice around 20+ lbs of beef, turkey, chicken, or any other food.

Solid Craftsmanship

It’s built with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum that makes it shiny, glazy, and the durable year-round same performance as the first day. So, this one gadget for your kitchen will be worthwhile to taste every dish that needs food slices.

The powerful 180 watts motor can produce 0.25 horsepower force, and a 7.5″ razor-sharp blade speeds up your cutting and limits wasting time, which is a blessing to slicing large batches of meats.

Great Portability

Arranging a BBQ party means outdoor cooking activities to enjoy delicious food with fresh air to refresh your mind. This slicer wins the race even in this criteria. The 13.8 x 10.8 x 9.2 inches dimensional slicer is only 10.58 pounds, so you can easily move it to your backyard without any hand fatigue.

Unparalleled Versatility

It cuts meats, vegetables, fruits, hard cheese, bread, cake, and other food items. Even maintaining slice thickness is in your control with its 0-15mm adjustable thickness controlling knob.

There is written 0 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, and 15 mm over the pad. You can set the slice thickness by rotating the knob based on your dish requirements.

So preparing a lunchbox for your beloved one with delicious sandwiches or burgers is a one-minute job.

Zero Effort Cleaning

Cleaning is the most disgusting chore for the guys. But hygiene is a must.

What if you can maintain hygiene but with zero effort?


Yes, having this slicer means cleaning needs a minimal effort than manual food slicing. Remove the blade, food guard, and other accessories. Submerge them in soapy water, scrub them with a toothbrush and rinse. That’s a 5-minute task.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Slicer?

You must love this slicer for slicing lots of meat at a time to feed your guests at a small get-together. As it’s good enough to handle large quantities of food, there is no need to spend 300+ bucks for a home-use meat slicer.

What We Like

  1. Offer cutting meat, even surgical precision
  2. Great time and money saver to slice bulk meat
  3. Quality and durable slicer but with a tiny pricetag
  4. Easy to set up, control, use, and clean

What We Don't Like

  1. The blade can’t be sharpened due to its serrated edge.

Our next choice is NESCO Food Slicer for your everyday home use to cut the ham into breakfast steaks and bottom round roast beef into deli slices for dinner. The strong and professional appearance of the machine makes your whole kitchen look sharp.

Construction & Design

It’s a solid machine built with stainless steel metal. So most users like you find a huge plus beyond its durability. Because you will need stability to finely cut meats, beef, turkey, and cheeses safely. It isn’t heavy, only 11 pounds, but it has suction cups for feet to boot.

In terms of thoughtful design, the food carriage, extension rod, and food pusher are easily removable. Even their installation and uninstallation are absolutely tool-free, which promotes your fast slicing and cleaning. 

Powerful Motor & Fast Speed

Its high-quality, strong, and powerful 180-gear motor produces ample torque yet enough cutting speed. It helps you cut the food without getting dangerously fast.

Moreover, nylon-filled plastic-made gear gives strength and lubricity to make it long-lasting with flawless operation.

Large Knife & Customize Thickness

Where most meat slicers have 7.5 inches of blade, it comes with 8.7 inches. The larger blade will handle a wider range of food than other slicers, which promotes your food-slicing efficiency. You don’t need to sharpen the serrated blade like serrated knives frequently.

On the other hand, through its thickness setting knob, you can customize your food slice thickness from paper-thin to 9/16″. That is why you will get the food slice how you want it to look.

Easy To Use

It’s easy and fun to slice food with this machine without prior experience. Because the recessed on/off switch prevents accidental operation.

Heavy duty and premium quality slicing guards ensure safety. And non-slip feet prevent movement while using the machine.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Slicer?

Heavy-duty built, nice design, sharp blade, and simple using mechanism make you impressed and more than satisfied with NESCO Slicer performance. We recommend this slicer for new users who need a home-use slicer.

What We Like

  1. The big and sharp blade spins fast to prevent yanking the meat around
  2. Perfectly sliced wafer thin and without any crumbling
  3. Everything remains under control with its spiked metal pusher
  4. The thickness control knob remains as set supporting plaque doesn’t bend

What We Don't Like

  1. Maximum 10 minutes running time at a time

Being a student, or a corporate officer living alone, you never need to spend many bucks to own a meat slicer. Yes, we keep you in our mind and can understand your pain wishing to eat a mouthwatering sandwich, or burger in the busy morning. But forget that for not having a meat slicer due to a tight budget.

None but SUPER DEAL Premium Electric Meat Slicer will be your right choice because any other slicer in the market isn’t as budget-friendly as it is.

Sturdy Built & Time Saver

At first glance, it may seem to you not that solid and durable due to its price tag. But, the combination of stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and plastic makes it sturdy enough to last long, even with no performance problems.

Its 150 watts motor will smoothly drive the 7.5″ round stainless steel blade to precisely and constantly cut meat with no further issues. So slicing 7 smoked briskets is a 2-minute job that requires around 10 minutes for hand cut.

Thickness Customization

Each culinary style won’t require the same-sized food.

Who cares about it when having this slicer?

It offers you complete freedom to customize your food thickness with its adjustable knob. You are ready to set its knob from 1/32 inch to 3/5 inch to get paper-thin meat slices to coarse bread.

Easy To Use & Clean

You don’t need to have prior experience, as using and cleaning both tasks are easy, simple, and fast. Its blade, ring-guard cover, food carriage, and pusher are all removable.

Once you set them, you need to place food on its carriage. Plug the cord into a power socket, fix the slice thickness, and push the switch. You will get your required thicked slice by sliding the food carriage towards the blade.

After completing food processing, you need to remove and clean them. After that, Wipe them with a dry towel, and store the unit. That’s all

What To Cut & Prepare

There is no limit to food items that can be cut with this slicer.

Slicing beef, meat brisket, hams, ribeye, turkey, and chicken breast are great to taste juicy, deli-style sandwiches, burgers or tender, and smoky BBQ.

Slicing veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, and eggplant is nice to eat fresh salad or spices cutlets.

Slicing fruits like apples, pineapple, lemon, and watermelon is effortless for making juice.

Why Should You Buy This Meat Slicer?

It wins the race if you consider its price against its quality, versatility, and durability. It can be a great new addition to your kitchen setup for your own cold cuts.

What We Like

  1. Premier quality and rust-proof steel enhance its lifespan
  2. Heavy-duty motor is great to produce enough power
  3. The smooth operation offers fast slicing than others
  4. Blade cover guard and rubber suction cups ensure safety

What We Don't Like

  1. A tad bit noisy, but that isn’t considerable for its price

How To Choose The Best Meat Slicer Under $100?

It doesn’t matter; your budget is less than $100. Instead, it matters a lot how much quality slicer you can choose within these bucks. So, you must be smarter enough to pick the right one that meets your needs.

This buying guide will help you understand what features you should check before selecting a meat slicer.


A meat slicer works through electric power. Here motor quality, wattage, and horsepower are important. The faster it torques, the quicker it slices your food.

You must choose a slicer with at least a 150-watt gear motor. Because less than the watts, the motor won’t be as powerful as you need to speed your slicing.

However, if you need to use it daily to make breakfast or dinner, we recommend choosing a 180 watts motor over 150 watts. The more robust the motor, the better its speed.


The next feature is its blade size, shape, and sharpness. Most meat slicers come with 7 inches to 10 inches shattered razor-sharp blades.

However, you should choose an 8.7″ if you mostly slice a chunk of plain meat and vegetables. Conversely, a 7.5″ blade is great for cutting narrow slices of meat.

However, if your slicer blade becomes dull for relentless use, you can easily sharpen it by hand.  To know how, check this post. After sharpening, the slicer will work like before.

Size Flexibility

Yes, when it comes to meat slicers, size matters. You have to check how many sizes the slicer offers. The more, the better.

In most cases, you need paper thin, to deli size slices for prosciutto, or hard cheese, a medium thickness for ham, bread, or veggies, and thick coarse slices for cake, steak, or cooked meat.

The slicer that allows you to set your food thickness according to your need will be better for you.


A meat slicer is an investment to improve your kitchen experience and faster food processing. So, you must love to use your slicer for at least a year. The longer, the greater.

The slicer, built with high-quality materials like aluminum, or stainless steel, should be your top priority to ensure durability.


Using a meat slicer may injure you (especially when you are in a hurry) unless any safety feature is involved. Even food contamination is also a common issue of health risk.

You should check some special features like a child safety lock, blade guard housing cover, non-slip rubber feet, and food-safe material to ensure safety.

Easy Using

If all those facilities you want are occupied with the slicer, but it’s not that easy to use. In that case, all the facilities won’t make any sense.

Effortless handling capacity is a must for your slicer. Fast accessories assembly and disassembly, smooth blade rotation, straightforward food pusher movement, and a one-press power button are some of the mentionable features that make the machine easy to use.

Compact Design

For home use, there is no need to buy a large-sized slicer that needs more space to use and store. Rather, a compact meat slicer less than 15″ long is enough. This design will help you fit it on your small countertop and leave enough space to use it.

Fast Cleaning

It would be best if the slicer accessories were Dishwasher safe. But, if that’s not. Simple hand washing with mild soap is great for cleaning grease and fat from them.


Stainless steel blades are the best for meat slicers. Because

  • It ensures highly precise cut boneless meat, and other foods
  • Rust-resistant, so there is no chance of food contamination
  • Always shine like a new one and easy to clean

Yes, you can slice raw meat with a meat slicer. But it’s not recommended to cut raw meat immediately after cutting cooked meat. To avoid the germ transition between cooked and raw meat, you should clean the blade and food pusher before that.

There isn’t a fixed food item that you can cut with the meat slicer. Turkey, roast beef, ham, cheese, soppressata, mortadella, salami, prosciutto, onion, cucumber, tomato, watermelon, apple, pineapple, bread, and cake, are all on the list.

Pushing food with bare hands isn’t recommended when operating a meat slicer. Preventing finger cutting is the thought behind this recommendation. Instead, you should always use the food pusher to push food toward the blade for slicing.

Slice Food As You Like

Having a small budget isn’t a big deal when mini electric meat slicers in the market work like a champ.

All of these slicers are full of features that big-budgeted slicers have. So, you can confidently choose a meat slicer within 100 dollars that you prefer more and meet your expectations.

However, if you would love to get our opinion, Elite Gourmet EMT-625B Electric Deli Meat Slicer is good to go. It is well-built, compact, durable, flexible, and versatile.

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