5 Best Range Hood For Chinese Cooking To Remove Heavy Grease & Smoke

Range Hood For Chinese Cooking
Range Hood For Chinese Cooking

Do you love to cook and taste Chinese cuisine at home? Or do you want to change your taste buds with bold and spicy flavors of Chinese food? But suffering from the heavy smell, smoke, and grease like Chinese restaurants in your home kitchen. Well, no worries, as we have devised a unique solution for your issue. What’s that? Yes, installing a powerful range hood with powerful suction and efficient filtration. Because it’ll help you say goodbye to your smelly kitchen and inviting fresh air. Thinking about which to choose when there are countless hoods available. Let me put on your shoes and walk together into the world of the best range hoods for Chinese cooking. 

Here, I’ll share 5 hoods for your culinary adventures with a practical buying guide and some FAQs. So let’s get started

Before diving into the deep discussion on the range hoods, it’s essential to inform you why you need the best hood. Though there are many reasons, I will highlight some main points.

Some popular forms of Chinese cuisine are stir-frying, red-cooking, steaming, roasting, braising, and boiling. Most of these need high heat to cook, that will create heavy smoke, a pungent smell, and grease during cooking.

Even some Chinese foods like Lo Mein, Chow Mein, Ma Po Tofu, Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, or Sweet and Sour Chicken require more sauces and oils for spicy flavors. The extra sauces and oils might produce more smoke and grease.

Here, you need to install a range hood with a powerful motor, adequate ventilation, and a filtration system. All those together work to capture and remove these pollutants from the indoor air.

So you will find your kitchen comfortable with fresh air to inhale because the hood will filter carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and volatile organic compounds from the air.

Moreover, the proper ventilation system improves indoor air quality and maintains a comfortable, neat, and clean kitchen environment. So, to get appreciation from your health and your kitchen, you must install a range hood.

What Is CFM Needed For Chinese Cooking?

Another important thing is to know the minimum CFM of the hood for your Chinese cooking. But, there is no hard and fast rule to consider hood’s minimum CFM. It depends on many factors, including your kitchen layout, size, cooking frequency, habit, etc.

However, the shortcut idea is to select the range hood’s CFM; consider 100 CFM for every 10k British thermal units or (BTUs) that your stove produces when cooking.

Comparison Table On Best Range Hood For Chinese Cooking

Best Overall PickBest Four Burners PickBest Budget PickBest Higher Suction PickBest Convertible Pick
IKTCH Under Cabinet Range HoodFOTILE JQG7502.G Range HoodCOSMO 668WRCS75 Range HoodProline PLJW 109 Range HoodMCBON ‎IE71-BLACK Range Hood
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Motor: 150 watts,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 4,
No of Control button: 4,
No of LED lamps: 2,
Dimensions: 19.68"D x 29.5"W x 5.9"H,
Installation Type: Under-Cabinet,
Noise Level: 35 and 65 DB,
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 4,
LED lamps: 500 LUX,
Dimensions: 18.25"D x 29.88"W x 17.44"H,
Installation Type: Wall/Under-Cabinet,
Noise Level: 39 dB to 54dB,
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Motor: 192.99 Watts,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 4,
LED lamps: 2-watt,
Dimensions: 18.5"D x 30"W x 39.2"H,
Installation Type: Wall Mount,
Noise Level: 50dB
Hood size: 42-Inch,
Motor: 175 Watts,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 4,
No of Control button: 4,
No of LED lamps: 3,
Dimensions: 24"D x 41.75"W x 18"H,
Installation Type: Wall/Under-Cabinet,
Noise Level: 1.4, 3.5, 5.6, and 7.0 Sones‎
Hood size: 30-Inch
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 4,
No of LED lamps: 2×3w,
Dimensions: 11.8"D x 27.8"W x 10.8"H,
Installation Type: Built-in/Insert,
Noise Level: 35-62 db
*Adjustable delay off timer from 1 to 15 minutes for your convenience

*Lights and fans are adjustable to incorporate your cooking needs

*Dishwasher-safe baffle filters for easy cleaning and maintenance

*Dual squirrel cage ultra-quiet motors for peaceful cooking
*Smartly handle your most smoke cooking with its 850 CFM suction

*Excellent balance between power and quiet operation

*The removable filter and oil tray make it easy to clean

*Innovative, bright, and sleek LED lighting illuminates the Cooktop
*380 CFM suction power is efficient in handling small kitchen smoke

*Flexible fan speed setting and bright light for better visibility

*Comfortable and soft touch digital control panel

*Customizing option with carbon filter attachment as a ducted hood

*Well craftsmanship and relatively quiet operation except for the highest speed

*1000 CFM suction can handle your most intense Chinese cooking

*Great ventilation systems filter to keep the air home clean

*Simple yet elegant design will blend your decoration
*600 CFM suction power leave your kitchen contaminated air free

*Compact design to perfectly fit to your kitchen cabinet

*Quiet operation for comfortable cooking even with kids

*Simple conversation as ducted or ductless how you like
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Best Range Hood For Chinese Cooking Review

Chinese cooking involves using a variety of spices and ingredients that can create strong, lingering odors in your kitchen. A range hood designed specifically for Chinese cooking can help eliminate those odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Check out our review of the best range hoods for Chinese cooking to find the perfect model for your kitchen. Our top picks are tested and reviewed by experts, ensuring high quality and efficient performance. Don’t let the smell of Chinese cooking linger in your home – invest in a quality range hood that will keep your kitchen fresh and comfortable. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, our guide has got you covered with the best range hoods for Chinese cooking on the market.

1. IKTCH Under Cabinet Range Hood - Best Overall Pick

Once you install the IKTCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood in your kitchen. You must be impressed with its performance to explore Chinese cooking adventures. Because it’ll meet all your expectations bringing noticeable difference before and after the kitchen’s air quality.

But, how does the hood do it?

Yes, with its incredible 900 CFM suction power. So when you stir or deep fry with high heat, creating lots of grease and smoke. The baffle filter of the hood will immediately trap the grease to keep the kitchen clean. And the fan will pull the contaminated air outside to improve the indoor air quality.

A responsive touchscreen control panel makes it super easy to use. Its gesture sensing effectively controls speed even when your hands are dirty and not ready to touch the hood.

A versatile fan’s speed setting, adjustable 2 LED lights, and low noise level make it a game-changer for your enjoyable Chinese cooking experience. So, you won’t find your kitchen anymore a boring, tedious, and suffocating place.

The High-quality 19-gauge stainless steel material ensures durability and longevity to get back your money. Even its sleek design with stainless steel finish gives it a modern outlook you love as asthenic décor.

However, this hood is relatively easy to install for its lightweight and interchangeable rear vent options. With little DIY skill, effort, and time you can install it taking your partner’s help.

For Whom This Is Best For?

If you are looking for the best Chinese cooking hood in a mid range price tag, yet powerful suction, IKTCH 30 Inch Under Cabinet Range Hood will be the best fit.

What We Like

  1. Detail and exquisite artistry, finish and looking
  2. Trigger the cooking fume and odor instantly to improve air quality
  3. Excellent motion sensor to use as you like and need
  4. No jarring light or noise, and it is very soothing for your eyes and ear

What We Don't Like

  1. The manual description should be more accurate and easy to understand

2. FOTILE JQG7502.G Range Hood - Best Four Burners Pick

If you are looking for a hood for your four burner cooktop with at least 20000 BTU. We’ll suggest you pick the FOTILE JQG7502.G Range Hood. Because it’s an actual kitchen superhero to keep your Chinese cooking enjoyable experience and take it to the next level.

It’ll trap oil at around 95% and food odors at around 97% with its baffle filters and 850 CFM suction power. The AC Dual-centrifugal powerful motor and unique side-draft design offer this unparalleled suction experience. So you find your kitchen smelling fresh, looking neat and clean.

No matter which Chinese foods you want to cook, the smokiest or greasy. You are free from the worry of unhealthy air in your home environment that creates rosy eyes with water, and nose with coughing.

However, the stainless steel and tempered glass canopy finish ensure its sleek and modern design. So you find installing and covering your large 6 square feet cooking zone effortless. That means if you parallelly cook your gas stove and produce too much smoke and smell. This hood can efficiently handle it.

What about using and cleaning the hood?

Using the hood is a breeze because of its 3-speed exhaust fan settings, LED light, and 4 mechanical controlling buttons. Cleaning is also simple and easy with its detachable and dishwasher-safe baffle.

So to be a Chinese culinary master, feeling healthy in the kitchen even during smokey cooking, you must grab this powerful and playful range hood.

For Whom This Is Best For?

Have a previous record of choking, or allergy issues. But, at the same time, need to cook Chinese food for your loved ones. Go with FOTILE JQG7502.G Range Hood, for its premium quality, high suction power, and filter.

What We Like

  1. Extra vast ventilation system to cover heavy cooking smoke
  2. Adjustable 3 levels of suction work efficiently at their level
  3. No smoke inhalation, and no grease coming into skin contact
  4. Simple yet 4 types of installation techniques to fit your kitchen

What We Don't Like

  1. Some people complain about its color

3. COSMO 668WRCS75 Range Hood - Best Budget Pick

The COSMO 668WRCS75 Range Hood will be the perfect addition to modernize, remodel, and give an ironic style to your kitchen at a reasonable price. Though it comes with an affordable cost range than many other hoods, it does its job as you desire.

Its impressive suction capacity will whip up the food smell and smoke. As a result, the kitchen remains pollutant-free even during Chinese cooking time for your enjoyment and comfortable food preparation experience.

You find operating the hood simple and fast with its digital touchscreen control panel, flexible 3-speed ventilation, and LED light settings. This is why you can use the hood, as your need to minimize your energy bills without compromising a healthy cooking environment.

Durable, detachable, and machine washable permanent ARC-FLOW filters make your life easier with quick-cut cleaning. Even attaching a carbon filter can transform it into a ducted range hood. That’s also great for convenient installation.

These are just two things to keep in mind when deciding to purchase it. One is, it’s not appropriate to tackle heavy cooking smoke and grease, yet appropriate for handling small family cooking. And the second is noisy but not too loud. If you are ok with these two things, buy the hood because there is only one hood as practical at this price tag.

For Whom This Is Best For?

A mid range suction power is ok for you. If so, there is no need to invest too much bucks for your kitchen hood. Just grab COSMO 668WRCS75 and enjoy your Chinese cooking time with fresh air and a clean environment.

What We Like

  1. Perfectly fit as ductless or ducted range hood in your kitchen decor
  2. Sophisticated looking with its glass and stainless steel finish
  3. Digital clock with delayed auto shut-off timer for your convenience
  4. 3 years of warranty ensure top-notch quality

What We Don't Like

  1. Noisy than other hoods in this CFM suction power

4. Proline PLJW 109 Range Hood - Best Higher Suction Pick

Our next pick is for your large kitchen, where you frequently cook smoky-flavored Chinese foods. The smoky foods mean the more smelly and greasy your kitchen, right?

In that case, you’ll need a restaurant-style range hood to work as a true workhorse. When there is a 42″ Proline PLJW 109 Range Hood, there is no more concern about smoke and steam in your large kitchen. It’ll clear the smoke and food odors with its powerful 1000 CFM suction capacity in no time.

Besides maximum suction, it’s also efficient and quiet as it creates 1.4 Sones of noise at its lowest speed, 3.5 Sones at its medium speed, 5.6 Sones at its seconds’ high speed, and 7.0 Sones at its highest speed.

That means you can customize its four-speed fan based on your dish requirements. Apart from that, the 3 LED lights are excellent for brightening your Cooktop for nighttime cooking.

It is easy to use with its 4 push-button control panels. And the professional-style baffle filters are easy to clean in your dishwasher machine.

Its innovative design with stainless steel construction makes it durable and decorative for your kitchen. On top, 3 years of warranty against its purchase will be worth your high investment.

Just one thing to keep in mind, don’t go to install it alone. Though it has an 8-inch round outlet and 2 sockets for heat lamps for installation, it’s heavyweight. So, you can only handle it with professional help.

For Whom This Is Best For?

This Proline PLJW 109 Range Hood will be the right pick for those, who cook restaurant style Chinese food at home. Though it’s pricey, it’s highest suction power can handle your heavy cooking smoke, smells, and steam.

What We Like

  1. No grease remain in the kitchen due to proper ventilation system
  2. Smooth round edge ensures no risk of cutting fingers
  3. Perfectly fit for your kitchen, even for remodeling
  4. Flexible and straightforward using techniques for Chinese culinary arts

What We Don't Like

  1. It’s too expensive

5. MCBON ‎IE71-BLACK Range Hood - Best Convertible Pick

Want to install a convertible kitchen range hood for your Chinese cooking needs? But want to spend a little bit of money on this.

No worries, as the MCBON Range Hood comes here for less than $400, yet maintains all qualities and features. This ducted or ductless hood can be a game-changer for your leftover life cooking experience.

Its baffle filters will instantly trap the cooking grease and oil, leaving the environment clean. You can convert it ducted with its 6 inches vent and attach a charcoal filter. So removing the fumes can make the kitchen fire risk-free, and clean.

However, as the filter is removable and dishwashable, you find them easy to clean. That will save your cost and avoid frequent filter buying hassle.

The three-speed fan is flexible to use based on your dish requirements. Even its highest speed will offer you a maximum of 600 CFM suction power to handle a storm of smell and smoke. So, you won’t need to be concerned about your heavy cooking smoke production. 

It comes with the most installation-required hardware in the package and a lightweight design. You can install it with ease by investing 30-60 minutes. No need to call a professional and spend some more bucks for it. Rather, treat your favorite food with those bucks, boosting your confidence. ☺️

The hood is also excellent in durability, reliability, and appearance. Where it’s 1.0 mm thick rustproof and food-grade stainless steel material ensures longevity. Perfect size and brushed finishing will seamlessly blend into your kitchen. So, after installing, it’ll enhance the beauty of your cooking zone.

For Whom This Is Best For?

The home cooks, who prefer ducted or ductless convertible range hoods for their kitchen. They find this MCBON Hood the right fit. So, they can use it as their preference.

What We Like

  1. Convenient operation with its remote control setting timer
  2. Built-in prominent oil collectors help to avoid frequent cleaning
  3. Adjustable fan speed and bright LED bulb to use based on your needs
  4. No more choking during cooking even oily and smokey foods

What We Don't Like

  1. Some people complain about a little manufacturing imperfections

How To Choose The Best Range Hood For Chinese Cooking

To handle your culinary masterpieces of Chinese cooking adventures, randomly picking range hood won’t be worthwhile. Chinese cooking creates more smoke, smell, and grease than other cooking styles.

So a powerful suction hood with adjustable fan speed should be your choice. And here, you must keep in mind some specific criteria when choosing. Such as

Suction Power & Filter Types

Range hoods’ suction power, and filter types are interrelated to improve indoor air quality and keep the environment clean. That’s why you have to first check out these two factors.

In range hood, suction power is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute. The higher your range hood’s CFM, the better it can remove smoke, steam, and food odors. In general, you have to choose at least 300 CFM hoods for a small kitchen. But for a large kitchen, the CFM should be 800-1000.

Most range hoods come with two types of filters, aluminum mesh/baffle filter or charcoal filter. The filter will trap the grease and make the kitchen neat. Since, Baffle filters require less maintenance, yet most effective in catching grease. You should choose a baffle filter hood for Chinese cuisine.

Kitchen Size, Layout & Decoration

Everyone’s kitchen size, layout, and decoration are different. Because their preference, needs, and taste are unique. But, in one aspect, they all are the same.

Do you know where?

Yes, their purposes. They all want to install a hood that fits their kitchen decoration to look aesthetic besides improving the air.

So, observe your kitchen to know its cooktop size, décor style, and other relevant things. If needed, measure the Cooktop with a measuring tape.

Generally, you should choose a hood at least 6 inches wider than your Cooktop for stir-frying and other Chinese cooking. Choose one that blends with your exacting decoration in terms of style and color.

Ducted vs. Ductless

Ducted and ductless are the standard two types of the range hood. Though both are good at service, one is still better.

A ducted range hood comes with baffle filters and vented outside to pass contaminated air. So, you should choose a ducted range hood for Chinese cooking to leave the kitchen smoke-free. 

Mounting Style

Under-cabinet, wall-mount, and island-mount are the three styles of range hood installation or mounting. And there is no fixed type as the best to choose. You are free from any dilemma and can choose what you find easy to install according to your kitchen design.

However, most users prefer wall-mount or under-cabinet hoods due to their simple installation process. If you want to follow their footprint, go with under-cabinet hoods.

Flexibility, Adjustability & Using Mechanism

A range hood must-have some features, like; no. of adjustable fan speed level, no. of LED lamps & wattage, on/off switch, etc.

The more flexible they are, the more comfortable you find them. In most cases, the fan speed level will be 3 to 4, and the light will be 2-3 with 3 wattages for your convenience.

Even their use process can be push buttons or responsive touch screen control. However, whatever the system is, as long as they are easy to use, that will be alright for you.

Quieter Vs. Louder

As your kitchen range hood will work with a powerful motor, it’ll generate noise during operation.

Now, what’s the level of noise?

Yes, it can be quietest in the lowest mode below 35 dB or 1.4 sones. But that can be more than 60 DB at the highest speed level. If you consider the noise with a blending machine, that’s not too loud.

And you will only sometimes run the hood at the highest speed, right?

So, you can choose a hood with 60-70 decibels for the highest speed level. But, more than that, it’s a louder hood. You should avoid that, cooking with peace of mind.

Quality Vs. Cost

The range hoods’ cost range is $200+ to $1000+ depending on its quality, brand, and features. The more qualified hoods are pricey, and the average hoods are budget-friendly.

You won’t need to break the bank to own a hood for your kitchen. You will find more than average hoods within $500 bucks with 2-3 years of warranty. So you can choose any range hood in your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use, as there is no fixed rule to choose a range hood. But, as you want the hood for Chinese cooking, you must consider its effectiveness in fighting against your cooking smoke, smells, and steam. The ductless range hood is less effective for heavy cooking.

Considering all those things, you should better choose a ducted range hood because of its more powerful suction and easy maintenance.

There is nothing ideal, as no one size fits all. Instead, you should consider the size of your stove, and that matches the stove is the right choice. And to be in a safe zone, you should buy a hood at least 6″ wider than your stove to accommodate Chinese cooking’s higher heat and smoke.

Yes, some range hoods with professional-grade powerful motors can be noisy. But not all. Reading the label of the hood, you can quickly determine its noise level. No hoods are entirely noise free. So, you should choose the hood that is lower in noise but higher in performance.

The baffle filter is the best for a Chinese cooking range hood due to its adequate grease-trapping power, ease of cleaning, and maintenance.

Enjoy Your Chinese Cooking With Fresh Air

So, by installing the best range hood in your kitchen, you can enjoy the Chinese foods at home. And of course without compromising your health, peaceful cooking environment, and also kitchen decoration.

But, does that need a huge investment?

If you choose a mid range hood, like IKTCH, you never need huge investment. Also get the maximum suction power and filtration.

But, if you choose a giant hood like,  Proline PLJW 109. Yes, it needs a good investment.

However, check your wallet and your kitchen. Then combine them to choose the right hood for you.

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