Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood For Convenient Cooking

Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood
Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

Are you a cooking enthusiast and also tired of the smoke storm? Do unwanted food odors take over your kitchen each time you cook? You don’t want to ruin your delicious dishes with lingering smells in the foggy kitchen. Need a solution to this. Nothing but a kitchen hood can be the best partner in the kitchen to tackle all those. The excellent news is that we are introducing the 5 best ductless under-cabinet range hoods. Of course, they are stylish, look sleek, and efficiently filter out smoke, steam, and food odors.

So, you get a fresh-smelling and clean kitchen. That’ll make your cooking experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and fun. Let’s walk with me to discover the right kitchen hood in your budget.

Choosing the perfect range hood is a crucial decision to make. But it’s become challenging when you are a novice. As you don’t know what would be fit for you. In that case, one of the biggest questions pops up in your mind.

“What to choose; ducted or ductless? Under-cabinet, or wall mount, or Island mount.”

Both hood types and the three mounting types have advantages and disadvantages on their own.

Yet, there are certain situations where a ductless under-cabinet range hood might be your better choice.

Here are the factors when a ductless hood is better than ducted

  • Living in an apartment or a condo makes it challenging to install a ducted hood. Because it needs ductwork, ductless is your best option to avoid ductwork but install the kitchen hood.
  • A ductless hood is more efficient in trapping grease, steam, and smoke than a ducted hood as it won’t recirculate the air in the kitchen. This is why you get fresh inhaling air that won’t feel you suffocating anymore.
  • When a ducted range hood needs too much power to move contaminated air through the ducts. The power consumption will increase and that will increase your electricity bill over time. But, the ductless hood saves energy costs with less power consumption. Because it won’t push air out of your kitchen.
  • Quieter operation of the ductless range hood will ensure your peace of mind even during cooking when the ducted hood is a bit louder.
  • The modern ductless hood is convenient due to its easily removable, washable, and re-attachable filters. So you find maintaining the hood is a breeze.


Here are the factors when under cabinet hood is better than the wall and Island mount

  • As the under-cabinet hoods are designed to fit beneath your kitchen cabinet. It can be the best space-saving hood for a small kitchen where both wall and Island mount hoods need more space. They will need to be an excellent choice for the limited-space kitchen.
  • The under cabinet hoods have small smoke capture vents on top and are closer to your cooking zone. So, they can offer you a more powerful ventilation system than the other two mounted hoods.
  • Under-cabinet range hoods have the aesthetics yet stylish design. So they perfectly fit in your contemporary and modern kitchen interior. But, wall and Island mount hoods visually dominate the kitchen for their size and shape. Sometimes those won’t go with your kitchen outlook.
  • Due to installing the under cabinet hood beneath your kitchen cabinets, you can quickly get access to it. So, you find the hood easy to reach (even for your short height) for changing filters and wiping down. On the other hand, the other two types of hoods need more effort and energy for cleaning and maintenance.
  • In terms of investment, under-cabinet hoods are more affordable than others. They also need less skill to install, which reduces installation costs.

Comparison Table For Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood

BrandBest Popular Choice Best For EconomicBest For Heavy CookingBest For Quietest OperationBest For Small Kitchen
Broan-NuTone 413604 Ductless Range HoodCOSMO COS-5MU36 Ductless Range HoodJ.Polaris Ductless Range HoodKOBE Brillia Ductless Under Cabinet Range HoodCIARRA Under Cabinet Range Hood
Hood: 36-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 2,
Lamps: 75W LED,
Noise: 64 db,
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Aluminum Mesh,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 3W,
Noise: 50 dB
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 2*2W LED,
Noise: 65 dB
Hood: 36-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 2*3W LED,
Noise: 1.2 sone
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 2*3W LED,
Noise: 6.5 sone
*Simple controls with push buttons

*Quiet yet plenty of suction work

*Super fast and easy installation

*Lightweight but durable
*Quality craftsmanship, yet reasons price

*The right choice for condos and apartments

*Adjustable 3-fan speed level

*Quiet operation in high settings
*Powerful motor removes 760 CFM air

*Showcase airspeed on a digital display

*Dishwasher-safe, convenient cleaning

*No lingering odors and aromas remain
*Smartly remove 400 CFM polluted air

*Flawless and shiny appearance

*Mechanical push-button control panel

*Energy-saving motor and bulbs
*200 CFM suction for light cooking

*Easy-to-use features for home cooks

*20000 hours of lifetime LED lights

*3 adjustable fan speed level
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Does your entire house smell horrible during your cooking?

Does your old ventilation system fail to fix it?

You need to replace the old system. If so, you should go with the Broan-NuTone Ductless Range Hood. It’s one of the popular ductless range hoods built with heavy-duty stainless steel. Even the detailing design will grab your attention to blend your exacting kitchen décor.

The low and high non-ducted suction power will trap the grease. So, you find your kitchen and home free from foggy smoke and food odors.

Its 75-watt bulb is positioned in a way over your cooktop that functions well. When you turn on the light, its shine will light up your entire stove surface. That means you can bring your food’s perfect color and texture even at night.

Two push buttons for control are at the right top of the hood. Installing the hood 18″ above your cooktop makes it easy to reach the button. So you can comfortably control the hood as you require.

The dishwasher-safe replaceable charcoal filter is easy to clean and maintain. As a result, there is nothing to worry about cleaning. Instead, you can focus on advancing your culinary styles with a fresh-smelling kitchen.

Whom Will It Be Fit For?

This hood will be the right choice to say goodbye suffocating in the kitchen, and welcome fresh breathing. A shiny design will also please your kitchen décor.

What We Like

  1. Large size covers large kitchen and house
  2. Remove grease, smoke, and food odors
  3. Comfortable cooking space with no suffocation
  4. Comes with screws that make it ready to install

What We Don't Like

  1. Need mindful packaging to avoid shipping scratching

You can rely on the COSMO range hood to protect your health in the kitchen and make life easier. You love its pocket-friendly price with a sleek design and shiny outlook. Its 30-inch size will adequately fit your vintage home.

No matter if you cook light or heavy dishes like boiling or frying. The 3 suction powers are always ready to handle the contaminated air. And the LED light will evenly illuminate your cooktop.

Adjusting the exhaust fan speed with the easy push-button control panel takes seconds. However, it will be quiet even at the highest speed. So, you can speak over the phone and enjoy your favorite program on TV while cooking.

The 2 aluminum mesh filters of the hood will trap cooking grease and oil immediately after production. The kitchen will remain clean and fresh with no stubborn rusty surfaces.

In terms of installation, there is no need for high DIY skills. You can do it alone within 30 to 60 minutes due to its 3 prong plugs. 

Whom Will It Be Fit For?

This hood can be a good choice for those home cooks who want to upgrade their kitchen on a small budget. Durably built, excellent design and versatility will offer you satisfying year-round performance.

What We Like

  1. Looks professional and is easy to install
  2. Efficient and practical to remove contaminated air
  3. Exact dimensions to fit your exacting kitchen
  4. Energy-saving motors reduce electric bill

What We Don't Like

  1. Poor lighting design

You must need an efficient ventilation system to tackle foggy smoke for your everyday heavy cooking. Though it’s tough to get a powerful hood in ductless and under cabinet mounting models. But we got one for you, and that is J.Polaris Ductless Range Hood.

There are countless reasons to choose it for your heavy-duty cooking kitchen. First, it can remove 760 cubic feet of air per minute. That is absolutely necessary to handle the smoke, smell, and grease of oily cooking.

Next, the 3-speed fan settings with gesture-sensing touch control are very convenient. The 2 watts and 2 LED lights are positioned in the two corners of the hood. So they will ensure ample lighting on your gas stove.

However, the 2 charcoal filters will catch food grease. So, you find your kitchen as clean as before cooking. That means your kitchen will always remain ready if your guests suddenly want to look.

The stainless steel build assures the best quality. In contrast, the perfect size with the oil-rubbed finish helps you easily install the hood without ductwork. This hood will be your kitchen’s hero, leaving it fresh, smelling, and clean.

Whom Will It Be Fit For?

It’ll be an ideal fit for homeowners with busy kitchens. Its efficient ventilation can handle the heavy smoke and odors of regular heavy cooking.

What We Like

  1. Well-built makes it sturdy and durable
  2. Efficient in removing smoke, smell, and odors
  3. Kitchen complementary stylish and sleek design
  4. Easy to use and intuitive controlling panel

What We Don't Like

  1. Highest setting noisy operation

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If you can’t bear the horrible noise of range hood yet need one for your kitchen. We recommend the KOBE Brillia Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood as it’ll run at its highest speed with a minimum of 1.2 sones of sound.

It’ll even perform its best to remove food odors, fumes, and grease. Here, its powerful motor does the magic with the baffle filters. The adjustable 3-speed fan setup will pull the contaminated air. And the filter will suck grease with no delay.

To remove the darkness of nighttime cooking, it comes with 2 LED lights. Once you push the button to turn on the lights, you’ll discover a bright cooking zone for delicious dish preparation.

The 18-gauge commercial-grade stainless steel material will ensure top-notch quality. So, it’ll last many years with no hassle of repairing that is worth your investment.

Whom Will It Be Fit For?

Since it’s a 36-inch hood, it can accommodate your ample kitchen space. You should grab it to maintain your peace of mind and manage a large kitchen.

What We Like

  1. Sturdy built to last longer with rough use
  2. Powerful ventilation system to pass smoke
  3. QuietMode technology will reduce noise
  4. The suction will get the job done as you desire

What We Don't Like

  1. Crappy instructions, it’d be better for more detail to understand easily

Want to get a reliable under-cabinet range hood for your small kitchen? There is no need for high suction, as you mostly cook light dishes. But, your only demand is to blend seamlessly with your kitchen decoration.

The CIARRA combines all of your desires with its convertible under cabinet range hood. Yes, you can use it as ducted or ductless that suits for your kitchen cabinet and its exacting wiring.

The hood can provide up to 200 CFM of air removal with its 3-speed exhaust fan level. This power is enough to handle the kitchen fumes in light cooking (boiling, steaming, sautéing, baking, etc.). 

The hood’s 5 layers of aluminum mesh filtration system will handle grease and other airborne particles. However, the dishwashable cleaning system makes cleaning a breeze for moms with kids.

The bright LED lights will illuminate the cooking space to increase food visibility. So that you can present appealing dishes to your beloved people each time you cook.

Whom Will It Be Fit For?

Moms with few family members find it worthwhile for their tiny kitchen. In terms of ventilation, filtration, use, and cleaning, it’s 100 on 100.

What We Like

  1. Versatile to adapt to your cooking needs
  2. Space-saving design to fit your small kitchen
  3. High-quality aluminum filter trap grease
  4. Dishwasher safe and advanced convenient cleaning

What We Don't Like

  1. Bit louder than other hoods

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hood?

Having a checklist noted down some features must help to choose the right ductless under cabinet range hood for your kitchen. And here comes the importance of a well-researched buying guide.

Now, I’ll discuss 7 crucial things you should consider before buying your kitchen hoods.

Be Mindful About Your kitchen & Hood Size

First, measure your kitchen size to determine the size of your ductless range hood. The larger your kitchen, the larger the range hood should be. And vice versa.

However, you should also consider your cooking habit, frequency, and style to select the hood. Because the greasy and oily food (stir fry, deep fry) you cook, the more influential the hood you need. 

As a thumb rule, choose a hood at least 10 inches wider than your main cooktop.

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute)

CFM is the terms of air purification capabilities of the range hood. You can know about the CFM of the hood by reading its label. The more CFM you find on the label of the hood, the more efficient it is to purify the kitchen’s contaminated air.

Generally, you should choose a hood with at least 1 CFM of ventilation per 100 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of cooking power.

For a typical guideline, you can use a 30-inch range hood to tackle a 30,000 BTUs cooktop. A 36-inch hood can handle 60,000 BTUs of cooking power. And the CFM range can be 200 to 800.

Types of Filters

Charcoal and aluminum mesh are the two available filter types for ductless range hoods. When the charcoal filter is good at removing food smells. The mesh filter is excellent at trapping smoke and grease.

To stay safe, you can choose the hood with both filters. As a result, you can switch the filter based on your needs.

Adjustable Fan & Lighting

The fan speed and lighting adjustability make your life easier as you can use them depending on your dish requirements.

Here, you should remember two things. 3 fan speed set up (low, medium, or high-speed). And the lights are excellently positioned in a way as they can offer better illumination over your cooking area.

Control Panel

Push buttons and touch controls are the two systems of the hood controlling panel. Whatever the system is, it should be easy to understand, read, and use.

Moreover, some hoods also come with remote control. If you frequently need to adjust its settings or control the hood from a distance. The remote-controlling hood can be your convenient option.

Noise Level

A hood is an electric gadget with a powerful motor to suck grease and ventilation. So, it’s apparent that it generates some sound.

Now the matter is, what’s the level of sound?

Sonic rating or decibel is the term that determines the hood’s noise level.

For sonic rating, a hood within 1.5 to 4 is suitable for quiet and loud operation for low and high-speed levels.

For decibel rating, a hood within 35 to 60 is suitable for quiet and loud operation for low and high-speed levels.

Define Your Budget

You can consider a budget-friendly hood for remodeling or reinventing your kitchen. On the other hand, for new kitchen decoration, it’s better to go with a quality hood asiding price tag.

Because it’s a long-term investment, you won’t get the chance to change shortly. If you do that, that brings too much hassle into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular cleaning is essential for your ductless range hood to maintain its effectiveness. Otherwise, it can lose its power to trap grease and ventilate polluted air. For general cooking frequency, you can clean the filter every 3 to 6 months. And for best practice, wipe down the hood with a kitchen towel after each time you cook.

A ductless range hood can remove most food odors from the kitchen. However, you must occasionally clean the filter to get the best result.

Final Verdict

You can enjoy a clean and odor-free cooking environment with an effective range hood. It also adds a stylish and functional element to your kitchen decor. So, there is no reason to ignore using a hood in your kitchen.

You can choose any good from our list as they all are geniuses in their own zone. However, if you want to get our suggestion, Broan-NuTone will be the best option. As it is good in quality, performance, and price.

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