Convertible Vs Ducted Range Hood | Which To Choose

convertible vs ducted range hood
convertible vs ducted range hood

Want to upgrade your kitchen by installing a new range hood? But feeling overwhelmed with the available options, especially between convertible vs. ducted range hood. Can’t make an informed decision that meets your requirements. Here’s a quick trick…

Convertible range hoods are flexible, convenient, and easy to use in ducted and ductless styles. At the same time, ducted range hoods offer a fixed ventilation system.

That’s the gist difference between these two types of kitchen range hoods. Apart from that, they differ in many other aspects.

Curious to know their detailed differential points to choose the right one for your kitchen. Let me put on your shoes and walk together to discover their differences.

Understanding the whole point of the difference between the hoods is convenient. Isn’t it?

So, here’s the comparison table that shows you the fundamental differences in a quick view.

Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood
Area of ComparisonConvertible Range Hood Ducted Range Hood
Ventilation flexibility Flexible to use as ducted or ductless No flexibility
Size Various sizes available. Such as 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 and 48 inches. Various sizes available. Such as 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 and 48 inches.
EfficiencyEfficient at ducted mode than ductless modeAlways efficient due to outside vents
NoiseLouder for recirculating fanQuieter for large & more powerful fan in external venting
FilterCome with charcoal filter for recirculation modeSome hoods come with both aluminium mesh and charcoal filters
ConvenientMore convenientLess convenient
MaintenanceEasier to maintain with replacing filter periodicallyComparatively difficult to maintain for occasional filter and duct cleaning
Installation TypesIsland, wall mount, under cabinet Island, wall mount, under cabinet
Installation requirements No specific requirements. Can be installed with ductwork or without ductwork Comparatively complex as need ductwork
Installation CostLess installation cost for flexibility Expensive installation due to ductwork
Styles Come with more stylish design Not too much stylish as convertible
Kitchen CompatibilityGreat to use in apartments or condosSuitable for the kitchens that already has ductwork
PriceA bit pricey Comparatively reasonable

So, from the above table, you can grasp the top-notch differences between them.

But is the information adequate to invest in a home/kitchen/air improvement product?

Absolutely not. Here comes the importance of getting deep about the hoods. That ensures a better and healthier cooking environment.

In that case, you should clearly know the types of kitchen range hoods. So, let’s first discuss it before going to the detailed comparison.

Types of Range Hoods

Generally, there are 6 types of range hoods in 2 categories. One category is based on the ventilation system, and the other is based on installation style. Such as

Category 1: Ventilation Wise Range Hoods

How the hood improves your kitchen air quality is called the ventilation process. Depending on the range hoods’ working system, there are 3 types of range hoods.

Ducted Range Hood

Ducted range hoods need ductwork to vent smoked air and steam. These hoods will entirely make your home free from smoke and pollution by passing the air outside.

Ductless Range Hoods

This type of range hood will recirculate the air back into your home after filtering. Basically, the filter will suck the pollution out of the air and make it fresh to inhale.

Convertible range hoods

These hoods will offer you both the ducted and ductless hoods benefits simultaneously. Because they are designed keeping in mind to use in both venting systems.

Category 2: Installation Wise Range Hoods

However, there are also 3 types of range hoods depending on installation style. Such as

Under cabinet

Having cabinets is one of the popular decorating ideas for most small and medium-sized kitchens. Because it helps home cooks organize and store their cooking appliances within tight spaces. The range hoods designed to install under the kitchen cabinets are called under-cabinet range hoods.

Wall mount

There are many apartments in the USA without cabinet-style kitchens. Only the kitchen walls are the ultimate way to install any range hood there. The range hoods are designed to install with walls called wall mount range hoods.

Island mount

Some home cooks love to decorate their kitchens in pyramid style. The hoods designed to install in these kitchens are known as island mount range hoods.

[  Important Note: Both convertible and ducted range hoods are available in these three installation styles ]

Convertible vs. Ducted Range Hood Detailed discussion

Now, analyzing the detailed comparison between both range hoods will help you to choose the best one for your kitchen.

1. Ventilation Flexibility

First, you should be conscious of the ventilation requirements of your kitchen. Because the prime reason to choose a hood is to improve air quality.

  • Convertible Range Hood

The convertible range hood will offer you both ducted and ductless venting flexibility. So, you can use the hood based on your culinary style, cooking frequency, and other needs.

  • Ducted Range Hood

This hood is fixed in ventilation and has no scope to explore the venting system, so you can not set it as your requirement.

Winner: Convertible Range Hood

2. Installation Flexibility

Every kitchen is unique because of its layout, size, and decorating style. And all home cooks want to choose a hood that fits their existing kitchen. As a result, they need less installation cost, energy, and effort. It is even great to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

  • Convertible range hood

This hood is easier, simpler, and faster to install than a ducted range hood. That means you can install the hood for upgrading your kitchen with no extra hassle.

  • Ducted Range Hood

As this hood requires ductwork to install. So if your kitchen doesn’t have previous ductwork, installing it needs more time, cost, and hassle. But if the kitchen has prior ductwork, installing this hood is okay.

Winner: Convertible Range Hood

3. Efficiency & Effectiveness

The efficiency and effectiveness of the hood depend on the motor, fan speed, and filter. The more powerful the engine is. The more versatile the fan speed settings are. And the more convenient the filters are. The better the hood will be. And CFM (cubic feet per minute) is how you can quickly check the hood’s efficiency.

  • Convertible Range Hood

Since different branded, like broan convertible range hoods are available in the market, this hood can provide 100 to 900 CFM of suction power to handle heavy cooking kitchen smoke and odors efficiently.

  • Ducted Range Hood

This range hood also comes in various models to keep your kitchen smoke and grease free. Because the CFM of the hood may vary from 300 to 1000 to cover a small to large size kitchen.

Winner: Tie

4. Noise

As the kitchen range hood works with an electrical motor. So when you start the hood, it will generate sounds. That’s why you must consider the sound level for your peaceful cooking environment.

In general, there are two terms by which you can determine the sound level of the hood. One is the decibel, and the other is Sone.

  • Convertible range hood

Since this hood can be used in two ways, the noise level will vary in each mode.

The noise level can range from 40 to 60 decibels (dB) in ductless mode, equivalent to a regular, bearable office conversation.

But, in a ducted manner, the noise level may go up to 70 dB for large hoods.

  • Ducted Range Hood

The sound may be quieter or higher based on size, CFM, and many other factors. The average sound level of this range hood is between 50 dB to 70 dB, equivalent to the humming noise of a refrigerator or a hair dryer/blender.

Winner: Tie

5. When Choosing Which Range Hood/Kitchen Compatibility

You don’t like to change your kitchen hood within a few years. And you have to use it almost every day. It also relates to your healthy cooking experience, kitchen outlook, etc. Considering all those, you have to check the compatibility of the hood before selection.

  • Convertible range hood

The kitchen doesn’t have any venting system in place. And there is no room to do any ductwork because of its decorations.

Or you live in a rental condo or small apartment where you can’t do any ductwork.

At that time, installing a convertible range hood is the ultimate option for you.

  • Ducted Range Hood

If you live in your own house or apartment and already have kitchen ductwork. Then, it’s the best way to choose a ducted range hood. Because, due to prior ductwork, you don’t need to do further ducting details.

Winner: Tie

Convertible Range Hood

Ducted Range Hood

Final Verdicts

There is nothing right or wrong choosing the kitchen range hood. It utterly depends on your kitchen size, cooking frequency, your health conditions, and budget. So, hopefully now you can pick one between the convertible and ducted hood. Just consider the factors that I describe to get a better range hood.

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