How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan: Easy Tips and Tricks

How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan
How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is the ideal solution to remove steam, smoke, smell and grease from the kitchen. But these substances gradually accumulate inside the exhaust fan filter.

The efficiency of the exhaust fan decreases due to the accumulation of smoke, steam and grease. Even sometimes, the exhaust fan may clog and cause serious fire hazards. So, regular cleaning is essential. But how to clean the kitchen exhaust fan?

You can clean your kitchen-exhausted fan with soapy baking soda and vinegar solutions. In this guide, we will explain easy steps to clean your kitchen exhaust fan. Also, you will know the exact time of cleaning an exhaust fan. So, let’s start!

Here, we explain the whole process in three main parts. In the first part you will know the considering things before cleaning an exhaust fan. In the second part, you will know the entire cleaning process. And lastly, you will know the reassembling process of the exhaust fan.

Part 1: Precaution

Turn off the switch of the exhaust fan:

It is highly recommended to turn off and unplug the exhaust fan switch. Otherwise, you may fall into the risk of electric shocks.

Locate the exhaust fan:

Exhaust fan location may vary based on different models. You can look at the user manual to know the exact position of the filter. Generally, the exhaust fan filter is rectangular and made from metal mesh. The common position of the filter mesh is under the exhaust fan.

Removes the filter:

Remove the levers to the apart filter from the location. If there is any stubborn sticky grease, then it might be tricky to remove the filter. But a butter knife can help you to remove the sticky grease build up around the filter.

Place the filter on a larger box:

Using a larger container to clean the filter is a safe process. It will protect your exhaust fan filter from falling and breaking down. Make sure that the pan has enough depth to submerge the filter.

Part 2: Cleaning Process

Arrange essential things:

Here are the essential things you need to effectively clean an exhaust fan filter.

  • Hot water
  • A large and deep sheet pan or container
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • A non-abrasive sponge or bristle brush
  • Clean cloths

Make a solution:

Make this solution with dish soap and baking soda per our mentioned quantity. Many homeowners often ask how to clean kitchen exhaust fan grease that stubborn? Well, a combined dish soap and baking soda solution removes stubborn kitchen grease.

Heat the prepared mixture:

Hot water easily removes the build-up grease. So, make some boiled water and mix your prepared solution with the boiled water. Don’t let it overflow. Otherwise, it can wet your stove. Remember to Keep a cup of solution that will require later to clean the oven, exhaust fan hood and blades.

Pour the hot water solution:

Now, pour the water solution on the pre-set exhaust fan filter. Pour the solution slowly so that it can’t splash back to you. Make sure that the filter is completely submerged in the solution. Then, leave it for 15-30 minutes.

Wait sometime:

The greasy filter will slowly dissolve into the hot water solution. So, it would help if you soaked it into solution per the grease condition. If you clean the filter after a long time, it might take around 1 hour. However, cleaning the kitchen exhaust fan regularly takes 15 to 30 minutes.

Scrub the filter:

Soaking in water for sufficient time has softened and loosened the grease. Now, it’s time to scrub the filter with a soft bristle brush. Rub the filter surface sparingly to prevent damage. Repeat the hot water soaking process if you notice any leftover grease.

Rinse the filter:

Now rinse the filter with clean hot water for few times. Make sure there is no accumulated grease. Then leave it for air drying.

Dry properly:

Be sure to dry the filter thoroughly before reassembly. Reassembling the wet filter will reduce exhaust fan performance. Please do not use a blow dryer because it is powerful enough to damage the filter. Usually, a filter can take 2 hours to dry in the air.

Part 3: Reassembling

Clean the surrounding place:

Must clean the places around the kitchen exhaust fan before reassembling the filter. Take a spray bottle of the previously set aside solution and spray around the outside of the filter position. Be careful so that any water can’t enter into the inside components.

Clean all visible parts:

Try to clean the blades because clean blades can improve the exhaust fan performance. Air circulation in the kitchen and the lifespan of the blower unit. Also, clean the hood wall with a previously preserved solution. Use a strong degreaser if there is stubborn grease at the hood wall. Add one more teaspoon of baking soda with the previous solution to make a powerful degreaser.

Reassemble the filter:

Have you already completed cleaning the inside and outside of the exhaust fan? Now it’s time to reassemble in the way you apart it. So, insert it at the place and use a lever or screw to attach to the hood. 

How often is it important to clean the kitchen exhaust fan?

It is recommended to clean a kitchen exhaust fan once every six months or every three months for regular and heavier cooking. However, you still need to clean the charcoal filter of the exhaust fan.

How To Clean Kitchen Exhaust Fan with Vinegar?

Firstly, apart from the exhaust fan filter from under the hood. Then boil some water and put it in a larger pan. Mix a dish soap and white vinegar solution in the hot water. Soak the exhaust filter into the hot water for 30 minutes. Lastly, scrub the filter and rinse with clean hot water.

Tips to Make Your Exhaust Fan Cleaning Easier

  • Please search on the internet for the user manual of your exhaust fan models because most home appliance brands keep their manuals available online.
  • Use a disposable aluminium pan with enough depth when soaking the filter in a container.
  • Remember to unplug the exhaust fan switch and main electric line to make sure about safety.
  • Use hand gloves and eye protector before cleaning with chemicals.

Final Words:

We hope you have learned how to clean the kitchen exhaust fan. Follow our guide to clean a kitchen exhaust properly. Must remember to maintain the precautions before starting cleaning. And also read the special tips we have shared to make your exhaust fan cleaning easier.

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