5 Best Vented Range Hood For Your Healthy Kitchen Environment

Best Vented Range Hood
Best Vented Range Hood

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, when you are cooking food in the kitchen with much love and care, but your beloved persons are coughing with water in their eyes? It isn’t because of your cooking. Rather, it’s because of the cooking smoke, smells and steam that are accumulated in the kitchen. In this case, installing a vented range hood can be the solution of your balanced cooking with refreshing air in the entire home.

Because it can suck up smoke, smell, steam, and other airborne pollutants that are generated during cooking. So the kitchen and home will rey free from odors and smoke even during cooking.

If you want to transform your kitchen, just invest in a high-quality range hood. And here, we discuss 5 best vented range hoods for your every-size kitchen. Keep reading to know more…

Best For Heavy-duty CookingBest For BudgetBest For ConvenientBest For Top VentBest For Small Kitchen
Hauslane PS18 Range HoodCOSMO 668ICS750 Range HoodVesta Arlington Range HoodBroan-NuTone 423004 Range HoodWinflo Convertible Range Hood
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 6,
No of Control button: 5,
LED lamps: 2*3-watt,
Dimensions: ‎30 x 22 x 7 inches,
Installation Type: Under-Cabinet,
Noise Level: 1.5 to 3.8 Sones‎ or 50 dB
Hood size: 36-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 2,
No of Control button: 2,
LED lamps: 1,
Dimensions: 6"D x 17.5"W x 36"H,
Installation Type: Under Cabinet,
Noise Level: 6 Sones
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 4,
LED lamps: 4*2-watt,
Dimensions: 23.6"D x 29.2"W x 47"H,
Installation Type: Island Mount,
Noise Level: 45 dB
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 5,
LED lamps: 2,
Dimensions: 20"D x 29.75"W x 6.2"H,
Installation Type: Under-Cabinet,
Noise Level: 65 dB
Hood size: 30-Inch,
Exhaust fan Speed Setting: 3,
No of Control button: 5,
LED lamps: 2,
Dimensions: 19.21"D x 29.5"W x 36.22"H,
Installation Type: Wall mount,
Noise Level: ‎5 Sones
*Strong enough to pull 800+ CFM smoke from 20 feet away

*Prevent harmful and toxic chemicals to breathe fresh air

*Filter's deep grooves ensure no more grease dripping when cooking

*Easy to use, clean, and maintain even for beginner cooks
*It can suck up to 230 cubic feet of air per minute

*Easy to adjust fan speed and light with its 2-rocker switch

*Right size to perfectly fit your cabinet with ease

*A shiny appearance and no sharp edges ensure safety with a decorative outlook
*Exclusive suction power will pull around 380 cubic feet of air per minute

*Variable speeds and quiet operation will satisfy you

*Included 3 prong plug will make installation easier

*Setting a digital clock ensures proper vent, but the low energy cost
*Powerful and efficient suction will displace 850 CFM air

*Mindful and compact design will fit your kitchen for remodeling

*Dual turbo motors remove cooking smell at ease

*Good choice for a large kitchen and apartment
*Ducted and non-ducted convertible attaching charcoal filter

*Displacing a maximum of 400 CFM air at high speed

*Easy to install for its hardware kits and lightweight

*Snugly fit and blend with your kitchen decoration
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1. Hauslane PS18 Range Hood - Best For Heavy-duty Cooking

Heavy-duty cooking means creating too much fumes, smoke, and odors. Because the more oily food you cook, the more your kitchen produces food odor, grease, and contaminated indoor air.

In that case, is it possible to suck these fumes from your kitchen for a typical kitchen range hood?

Absolutely, not.

Here, you’ll need a professional-grade range hood with excellent suction power to vent the polluted air. And to serve your purpose, none other than Hauslane PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood will be the right option.

It comes with 3 venting systems with 6″ round vertical, 3¼”x10″ rectangular vertical, and 3¼”x10 horizontal. All of the venting ways work with powerful 266W dual motors. As a result, it can pull all the smell and smoke from your large 2900+ square feet house.

You’ll find it easy to use with its touch screen on/off button, six fan speeds, and 2 LED lights. So, you can set the suction power based on your cooking needs.

The baffle filter grove is deep enough to tap grease from the kitchen to ensure better air quality. Even, due to the dishwasher-safe materials, you can easily clean the filter with your dishwasher.

However, it is a little bit heavy for its powerful motor and quality materials construction. You’ll need some engineering sense and muscle strength to install it.

What We Like

  1. Sturdy-made, professional-looking, and versatile
  2. Excellent fan to exhaust cooking smoke and fumes
  3. Commercial-grade fixtures for home use to last longer
  4. Versatile colors that matches your kitchen decor and enhance its beauty

What We Don't Like

  1. It’s a bit louder

2. Broan 423604 Range Hood - Best For Budget

When most vented range hoods come with a higher price tag for their quality build, smart design, and best ventilation power. You find yourself helpless with your limited budget.

Broan can understand your inner pain and to resolve the issue, it brings its 423604 model range hood at a very economical price.

Can you imagine that?

Let me help you, it’s less than 125 bucks. So, just kick out the helplessness and fear of having a vented hood within your limited budget.

However, it won’t compromise quality, design, and other features that you desire to get with a range hood for this small price tag. Rather, Broan follows its philosophy to provide you with a comfortable, and easy life improving indoor air quality.

This 36-inch stainless steel hood is great to fit under the cabinet to cover your large kitchen smoke and odors. The 2-speed fan settings and energy-efficient light will be convenient. So you can adjust the fan speed to remove smoke and turn on the light to brighten up your cooktop based on your needs.

Moreover, you can install the hood above 18 inches from your cooktop to reach it with ease, even for a short lady. And on average, the installation process may take around 30 minutes to complete because of its right fitted 7″ round ductwork. 

What We Like

  1. 75W incandescent bulb bright enough to illuminate your cooking space
  2. Aluminum filter will capture optimal grease to keep kitchen clean
  3. Offer your fresh air to inhale with peace of mind
  4. Lightweight for one man easy installation

What We Don't Like

  1. Somebody finds it difficult to install to the rear for its short wires

3. COSMO 668ICS750 Range Hood - Best For Convenient

Would you like to get an island range hood with maximum venting power and top-notch customization options?

But, are you concerned about the fan’s rigidity hanging from the ceiling?

No worries, you will love this COSMO 668ICS750 Range Hood from both cases. Because as soon as you bolt the hood together on the struts, you find it extremely solid and firm to the touch.

You can even install the hood, keeping it down 36″ above your stove from the higher 10′ ceilingsAnd if the ceiling is 9′, you can keep it 24″ above your cooktop. That means you find it excellent to reach for both high and little short ceilings.

Now let’s talk about its construction, design, and use process.

It is made with high-quality stainless steel, following cutting-edge technology. The compact design will perfectly fit and the sharp color will be blended with your exacting décor. So after installing the hood, your kitchen will get an elegant outlook.

You’ll find it easy to operate with its multiple responsive touchscreens. Just touching the on/off switch, you can start it. The fan, light, and timer icons will be visible after that. By touching the icon you can select fan speed (high, medium, and low), turn on the 2 watts 4 LED lights, and set the timer.

The baffle filters will catch the cooking fumes and grease to keep your kitchen smoke-free. Moreover, if you want, you can attach charcoal filters with the hood to improve your kitchen air quality.

What We Like

  1. Installation hardware is included in the package
  2. Fantastic fit and finish to enhance kitchen appearance
  3. Excellent responsive touchscreen works well whenever you touch
  4. 3 years of warranty work as proof of quality and performance

What We Don't Like

  1. It’d be better if it came with two parts (front and back) chimney for simplifying installation

4. Vesta Arlington Range Hood - Best For Top Vent

Finding a unique combination of high suction power and a relatively compact design is a nightmare when it’s time to choose a range hood for your kitchen.

What if we introduce to you a magical solution to this nightmare?

That’s great, right?

Vesta Arlington 30-inch range hood comes with a 6″ top round vent to simply connect the exhaust pipe and save all the hassle of finding vent adapters.

Even its two baffle filters and stainless steel long oil tray will catch cooking fumes, smells, steam, and grease with ease. As the filter and top vent work together, the hood can refresh 850 CFM of air.

Its use and cleaning process is also a breeze for most home cooks. Because the simple touch screen buttons are well-functional to adapt your commands in a second.

You can activate or deactivate the hood, and operate the 3-speed exhaust fan, and 2-lights by touching their icon. On top, it offers you a 1-minute auto shut-off for warming food.

As the filters are dishwasher-safe, you won’t need to manually clean them. Rather, throwing them in your machine will clean them as glazy as new.

What We Like

  1. Easy to on/off, switch speed, flashlights with touchscreen
  2. Baffle filters are machine washable and reusable
  3. Relatively quiet than many other range hoods
  4. Sharp color brings an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen

What We Don't Like

  1. The electrical cable should be quite a bit longer

5. Winflo Convertible Range Hood - Best For Small Kitchen

Want a hood with a vented outside, variable speed fan, and ducted and non-ducted conversion for your small kitchen? Winflo combines all of these things in its 30-inch convertible range hood.

It comes with complete flexible ductwork, a package of mounting hardware kits, a power cord, and a plug. It’s incredibly lightweight than many other hoods, which makes it easy to install for a person.

The telescoping chimney will adjustably fit from 7.5 to 8.5 feet ceiling. If your ceiling is perfectly even, you can easily connect its square section vent pipe to bypass the contaminated air from your kitchen.

And on average, the hood can suck 284 to 400 CFM of air at its lower to higher exhaust speed. This is why it could be a good choice for your small kitchen.

However, the hood’s 5 push buttons also allow you to control it as you like. With the button, you can operate the hood, switch its fan speed, and turn it on/off the light.

When the fan pulls out the cooking smoke and smells, the light will brighten up your cooktop. So, you can enjoy cooking day and night.

The 2 aluminum mesh or buffet filters are removable and dishwashable. So, you won’t face any challenge to keep the filter clean, even, all the kitchen space will remain clean and shiny.

What We Like

  1. Modern and upscale design looks sharp and sturdy
  2. Awesome ventilation within around half the price of other range hoods
  3. Well functionality and easy to use for novice cooks
  4. Ensure a healthy and enjoyable cooking experience

What We Don't Like

  1. The blue color will remain on filter

How Do I Choose The Best Vented Range Hood?

You have to consider many factors to ensure getting the best-vented range hood that meets your needs. Because lots of options are available in the market. And unless you are well-informed before purchasing, there is a high chance you may choose the wrong one.

We’ll go over the most important factors in choosing a vented range hood with this buying guide. So, you can effortlessly make the right decision.

Know Your Requirements

First thing first, and it’s knowing your personal preferences and your requirements. As it’s completely up to you, we can here just help you to define your needs at ease. Such as

Determine whether you need a hood for your new kitchen or for remodeling your old kitchen.

If it’s for a new kitchen, you can talk with the kitchen decoration conductor to get an idea of which hood will be a good fit for it.

If it’s for remodeling, observe your kitchen decor, size, and other related things. Try to visualize which hood will be the best fit for your kitchen.

Measure your main cooktop and cabinet size. It’ll help you to select a hood that fits with the exacting décor.

Hood Size & CFM Rating

Now, you know your kitchen size. To get adequate ventilation, you should choose a hood at least the same size as the cooktop or a larger one.

Once, you are satisfied with its size. Check how much air it can displace, which is typically known as the cubic feet per minute (CFM) level.

If your kitchen is larger, you should choose a hood with a higher CFM level. Because it can effectively remove smoke, smells, and other airborne pollutants from the kitchen. For a small kitchen, it can be between 200 to 400 CFM level.

However, as a general rule, you can choose the hood with a CFM rating, at least as high as your stove’s BTU rating. 

Ventilation Types

As you are looking for the best-vented range hood, the next considerable criterion is to select its type of ventilation. Ducted and ductless are the two types of range hood ventilation.

When ducted, range hoods vent the air outside to effectively remove smoke and pollutants. The ductless hoods filter air through the charcoal filter and then recirculate it into your kitchen.

However, you can also choose a convertible range hood. That means you can convert the hood to ducted or ductless based on your needs.

Installation Types

Under cabinet, wall mounted, and Island are some of the most range hood installation types. You can choose any of them that you find appropriate for your kitchen and easy to install.

However, regarding installation, you have to consider your DIY skill level. Because, if it’s heavy and difficult to install, you must take help from a professional. Otherwise, it may be risky for you and the hood itself when you try to install it without having proper knowledge.

Design, Style & Weight

You’ll find various designs, styles, and weighted range hoods on the market. Some are sleek and modern in design, whereas some are with traditional looks. Some are light in weight, whereas some are bulky. You should keep in mind each thing when choosing a hood to complement your kitchen decor.

Using & Cleaning

Filter types, (charcoal or aluminum mesh) no. of lighting, no. of adjustable exhaust fan speed level, and on/off switch are equally important to make the hood easy to use. You should also consider a touch screen or push button control system. The more flexible the features are, the better, and more comfortably you can use them.

Dishwasher-safe filters are worthwhile to ensure easy and fast cleaning. So, you can do it within minutes.

Noise Level

No matter which hood you choose, its motor will create some noise during operation. Now, the considerable fact is the level of noise. The lower the noise, the quieter, and the more peaceful cooking time. As the powerful motor will create more noise, you can’t ignore it. However, you can choose a hood below 6 sones of noise rating.

Fix Your Budget

Range hoods’ price will vary depending on many things, and in general, its price range is $100 to $1,000+. So, it’s better to fix a budget for the hood and pick the best one without breaking the bank. But, most homeowners suggest choosing a hood between $300 to $500 to get better ventilation.


Consequences Of Not Using a Vented Range Hood In Your Kitchen?

There are some bad and harmful consequences you have to face unless you use a vented range hood. Such as

  • You can’t enjoy your cooking time, though you love to cook. At that time, cooking or preparing meals for your beloved one will become a chore.
  • Not having a range hood in the kitchen means breathing polluted air with smoke and odors. When you inhale the air, it can cause headaches, dizziness, coughing, many respiratory issues, and health problems.
  • You may also feel suffocating during cooking because of the lack of fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vented range hood will work with a duct or exhaust fan. When you turn on the fan, it’ll pull air, smoke, and other pollutants out of your kitchen. This is how it offers you a smoke and odors-free healthy kitchen environment.

Yes, the powerful and higher CFM vented range hoods are a little bit noisy. Because, its fan will create much speed to pass heavy-duty cooking fumes, smells, steam, and grease. However, the lower CFM hoods are quieter than the higher CFM.

Every 2-3 months is the general time range to clean your vented range hood. But if you find the filter of the hood fails to catch grease and smoke like before. That means, it becomes dirty, and you should clean it as soon as possible. However, it’s better to practice wiping down the hood’s exterior with stainless steel spray and a damp rug after each time you cook.

Purify Your Kitchen Air With Ducted Range Hood

Whoever you are, a home chef or an enthusiast baker, having a meat and clean kitchen with fresh air is your top notch wish. And the best vented range hoods can fulfill your wish like a genie.

So, don’t waste any time, yet buy the hood that you find best fit for you from our list. After installation, enjoy healthy cooking experiences each time you enter the kitchen to cook.

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