5 Best Ceiling Mount Range Hood For Your Kitchen

Best Ceiling Mount Range Hoods
Best Ceiling Mount Range Hoods

Love to cook delicious meals and try out new recipes? But, cooking smoke and steam linger in the air. That makes the kitchen suffocating and uncomfortable. Looking for a solution? A ceiling mount range hood is here to solve your problem. It removes smoke and smell from the kitchen and saves space.

After market analysis and reading reviews, we have narrowed down the 5 best ceiling mount range hoods. You can feel the difference after installing the hood in your kitchen.

Clean air. Clean kitchen. No uncomfortable feeling. No rosy eyes. Enjoyable cooking experience. Many more.

So, let me put on your shoes and walk together to choose the right ceiling mount range hood for you.

There are three mounting types of range hoods; wall mount, under cabinet mount, and ceiling or Island mount. So, you may think;

Are there any specific reasons to choose a ceiling mount over the other two?

Absolutely, yes. Consider buying a ceiling mount range hood in some unique situations. Such as

  • If you don’t have a kitchen cabinet over your stove. Under-cabinet range hood won’t be a suitable choice for you.
  • If you still need to get ductwork in the wall. Installation of a wall-mounted range hood is tricky as it needs further ducting work.
  • Is your kitchen small? Isn’t there any space to use a cabinet? A ceiling mount range hood can be the best space-saving ventilation system in both cases.
  • If your ceiling is low or high or between 8-10 feet. A ceiling mount range hood will adequately fit in your kitchen over your stove with easy reaching. Because of the flexibility, you can even use a ceiling mount range hood in your wooden or cement ceiling.

Comparison Table For Best Ceiling Mount Range Hood

Best For OverallBest For Flexible InstallationBest For Popular ChoiceBest For Heavy Cooking Kitchen Best For European Style
AKDY Island Mount Range HoodFIREGAS Kitchen Island Range HoodCOSMO 668ICS750 Island Mount Range HoodTieasy Island Mount Range HoodCOSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood
Hood: 36-Inch,
Filter: Baffle,
Exhaust fan speed level: 4,
Lamps: 4*2W,
Noise: ‎65 dB
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4*1.5W,
Noise: 58dB
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4*2W,
Noise: ‎45 dB
Hood: 36-Inch,
Filter: Mesh,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4*2W,
Noise: ‎65 dB
Hood: 36-Inch,
Filter: Baffle,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4*2W,
Noise: ‎65 dB
*Robust build and perfect-fitting design

*Remove 335 CFM harmful odors from the air

*Ensure efficient ventilation and a fresh smell

*Easy to install, use, clean, and maintain
*The efficient motor will suck 450 CFM of air

*Remove harmful odors and steams

*Convertible to use as ducted or ductless

*Intuitive touch screen to control the hood
*Purify the air 380 cubic feet per minute

*Auto shut off time setting in digital screen

*Lights will evenly brighten your cooktop

*Extremely durable and dishwasher-safe filter
*Purify heavy cooked smoke at 700 CFM

*Despite great suction, it's quiet in operation

*Adjustable fan speed better visible lights

*Bring a professional outlook in your kitchen
*Compatible for large but light cooking kitchen

*Purify 380 CFM polluted air pulling outside

*Easier operation with soft touch screen

*Catch grease, smoke to keep kitchen clean
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1. AKDY Island Mount Range Hood - Best For Overall

Do you want to keep your kitchen no longer lingering odors, small, and smoke from cooking foods? You have to remove these from the kitchen to keep the air clean.

Here comes the AKDY Island Mount Range Hood with a professional touch. That means you can keep your kitchen smoke-free, grease-free, and clean. Because the hood’s 186W powerful motor will suck them instantly after origin.

However, it comes with 4 levels of speed to save energy and maintain the right level of suction power. So you can purify the kitchen air based on your culinary styles (Stir fry, deep fry, smearing, etc.)

4 lights in its 4 corners ensure better visibility. So you can efficiently bring the perfect texture and color to your delicious food.

Its 2 dishwasher-safe baffle filters catch the grease to keep the kitchen clean. And you can wash them in your dishwasher machine when they get dirty.

In terms of use, you find it effortless and responsive. The on/off switch, fan, light, and timer icon all will work as you touch. You can control the hood with the buttons as you like.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

The hood will be one of the integral parts of your kitchen for everyday cooking. Enjoying a fresh-smelling kitchen will increase your comfortable cooking experience.

What We Like

  1. High-quality stainless steel will last longer
  2. The sharp design will fit all types of kitchen
  3. Multiple speed control to save energy
  4. Black and gorgeous outlook for black lover

What We Don't Like

  1. Little bit heavier

2. FIREGAS Kitchen Island Range Hood - Best For Flexible Installation

No matter if your kitchen ceiling is made from wood or cement. This FIREGAS Kitchen Island Range Hood would be up to 10 feet compatible. Because it is easily installable for both of these. So you won’t need to be concerned about it.

You can use it as a ducted hood for more flexibility. Even the 44-inch cord length with a 3-prong plug makes it a breeze to access your power socket. So, you find it good to use for remodeling or renovating your kitchen.

Its highly efficient motor will offer 450 CFM suction power with a 3-speed control. The 4 corners 1.5 watts LED lights will ensure better visibility during cooking in the evening and night. The charcoal filter will catch the smoke and grease for a comfortable cooking environment.

The sensible touch screen makes the hood super easy to use. You can make fan, light, and timer adjustments through the buttons. So no more energy waste.

The shiny stainless steel outlook will perfectly blend with your kitchen decor. It looks great, even increasing the kitchen appearance.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

You should choose this hood for 6 reasons. Quality built with flexible installation. Efficient and easy to use. Good looking and environment friendly.

What We Like

  1. Sturdy and solid craftsmanship to ensure quality
  2. Rust-proof stainless steel filter to prolong the lifespan
  3. No flicker and no glare make it eco-friendly
  4. Massive improvement to upscale your apartment value

What We Don't Like

  1. Need at least 2 persons to install

3. COSMO 668ICS750 Island Mount Range Hood - Best For Popular Choice

This range hood from Cosmo has the most positive reviews in the ceiling mount range hoods industry. So, you can choose it because of its popularity.

Why do home cooks love it more than any other range hoods?

Of course, there are many valid and worthy reasons. Let me explain them one by one for your understanding.

First, you can install the hood in your 10 to 8 feet ceiling above your cooktop’s 2 to 3 feet height. And you face fewer difficulties while installing due to its 6-inch top vent duct and 3-Prong Plug. With moderate DIY skills, you can perform the job.

Then, you can use the hood with no core skills for the responsive touch screen. To run the hood, touch and hold the power button for 2 seconds. At this time, the light, fan, and adjustable timer icon will turn on.

By touching each button, you can control the hood. You can adjust the fan speed to a high, medium, or low level and lighting. Even set the auto shut-off timer based on your cooking needs.

When the exhaust fan purifies your kitchen air, the charcoal filter will trap the grease. That means the hood will leave your kitchen as comfortable as you desire.

Why Should You Buy This Hood? 

The powerful suction will catch the grease, and the fan will remove the air. It’ll look beautiful over your gas stove and counter. To get the best deal, you should install it in the kitchen.

What We Like

  1. Instant responsive touchscreen to work well
  2. The quiet operation, even in a high-speed setup
  3. Protect your health and make life easier
  4. Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting performance

What We Don't Like

  1. Moderate installation, it’d be better if it is simplified

4. Tieasy Island Mount Range Hood - Best For Heavy Cooking Kitchen

Does your husband or kids love to taste spicy foods?

Do they frequently request you to cook fish fry, chili chicken, or grilled beef?

That means you produce too much smoke, smell, and grease during cooking. It must make an uncomfortable, unpleasant, and unhealthy home environment.

To handle all those, enjoy your cooking time, and feed your beloved person tasty food. You must install a powerful ceiling range hood for proper ventilation. That can purify the air, suck the grease, and smoke.

Considering everything, we pick the 36-inch Tieasy Island Mount Range Hood. It can cover your 2000 square feet large home and heavy cooking smoke. Because it can remove 700 CFM, that is efficient enough for your entire home.

Adjustable 3-speed fan settings, light, and mesh filter make it a real workhorse for your kitchen. You can use the hood with its push buttons controlling the panel. And for cleaning the filter, use your dishwasher.

It’ll fit your 7.5 to 9.5 feet ceiling, maintaining reachability. The 6 Inch round duct helps to install and ensure ventilation. Since the hood is built with rust-resistant stainless steel and tempered glass, it’s sturdy, solid, and worth your investment. Just, you need to maintain it periodically.

Why Should You Buy This Hood? 

This Tieasy hood will be an excellent choice to tackle the foggy fumes, and excessive grease. Even the affordable price against its quality is another reason to buy it.

What We Like

  1. ETL certified that ensures quality and durability
  2. Highly effective in removing cooking steam/smoke
  3. Filter grease in 5 layers to keep the kitchen clean
  4. Offer a comfortable and better cooking environment

What We Don't Like

  1. A little hard to install

5. COSMO COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood - Best For European Style

Love European-style range hoods more than traditional style? If so, the COSMO 36-inch COS-63ISS90 Island Range Hood is for you. You can use it for your mid-sized kitchen for its 380 CFM ventilation ability.

It removes cooking fumes, odors, and other airborne particles with its ‎196-watt motor. And the baffle filters will immediately trap grease and oils. This ensures a fresh-smelling, well-ventilated, and well-maintained kitchen.

There is a soft touchscreen control panel on the hood for use. You can start and shut down the hood by touching the on/off power icon. You must touch their icon to adjust the fan speed or turn the light on. You can even set a time based on your needs, touching the timer icon.

To ensure the durability of the hood, it is made with heavy-duty stainless steel. Because of rust resistance, there is no chance of catching rust and being fragile within some years. It can offer year-round performance to make your life comfortable and easier.

The shiny and glassy surface will effectively blend with your kitchen appearance. So, installing the hood over your gas stove will increase your kitchen’s beauty and your home’s value.

Why Should You Buy This Hood? 

This is the hood basically designed for European style lovers bringing all other facilities. Means, flexible fan speed control, lighting, digital display, powerful suction etc.

What We Like

  1. Correct dimension to properly fit above your stove
  2. Powerful motor and fan speed but not too much loud
  3. Versatile to use with its 3 speed fan and light
  4. Easy to install with some DIY hardware tools

What We Don't Like

  1. Hard to remove blue protective cover

Hard to remove blue protective cover Buying Guide On The Best Ceiling Mount Range Hood

Now, you know the market’s best island mount range hoods. Unless you know the criteria that meet your needs. There is a high chance of being misled, which causes a catastrophe in your kitchen and won’t fulfill your requirements.

So, a concrete checklist of your requirements is the best practice for picking the fitting hood. And according to most home cooks’ demands, we made this buying guide. Hopefully, it’ll help you in your journey.

Know Your Cuisine Styles & Frequency

First thing is first. Before thinking about anything else. Make a list of your culinary styles and frequency. That can be

  • I love to cook Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean, Indian, and Mexican cuisine food.
  • I also frequently cook foods such as boiling, frying, baking, grilling, roasting, etc.
  • Each day I have to cook 3 meals. So I have to spend around 3 hours in the kitchen.

Hope you get my point. The more specific you can be, the more suitable hood you can choose.

Check Out Your Medical History

It may sound funny to you. You should check your medical history to buy a range hood. But be serious about it.


Because if you have previous experience with shortness of breath, allergy issues, or burning sensation in the nose and eyes for smoke and odors.

When you cook in the kitchen, the smoke can be dangerous for you because of the lack of ventilation.

In that case, you need a more powerful hood than others who don’t have such issues.

Consider Your Kitchen Size, Layout, Decoration & Organic Ventilation

Next, you should check out the four major things in your kitchen.

The first one is its size. Is your kitchen large or small? For a large kitchen, you need a widened and powerful hood. For a small kitchen,  a mid-sized and powered hood is ok.

The second one is its layout. Is the kitchen square or rectangular? Considering that you need to choose the hood that will be good to look at.

The third one is its organic ventilation system. If your kitchen has windows, natural air can enter the kitchen. Which you can consider as organic ventilation. In that case, you can choose a mid-power hood.

But if there is no organic ventilation, you should only rely on the hood to purify the air. So now you need a more powerful hood.

And the fourth one is the existing kitchen décor. If your hood’s color doesn’t blend with your kitchen decoration, that’ll look odd. So, you should choose a ceiling mount hood that will increase the beauty of your kitchen instead of lowering it.

CFM of The Range Hood

I’ve talked many times about powerful hoods. But how to measure the power of the hood?

Yes, that is CFM or cubic feet per minute. Reading the packaging label of the hood, you can quickly get the CFM. The more the CFM number, the more influential the hood is.

However, if your kitchen is large and you frequently cook food. You should choose a hood from 500-700 CFM. On the other hand, you can choose a 300-500 CFM hood for a small kitchen.

Filtration Type

Filtering types mean how the hood will trap the cooking grease to keep the space clean. Most ceiling hoods come with aluminum mesh, Baffle, or carbon filter. The combination of Baffle and carbon filter is the best choice to get the most intensive cleaning.

Exhaust Fan & Light Adjustment

To get flexible use, it’s better if the hood has a fan and light adjustability. And fortunately, most hoods have, considering your convenience.

You can choose a hood with 2 to 4 adjustments by pressing the button or touching the screen. Yes, you have to spend a little more for more flexible use. But it’s ok when you think about the long run.

Noise Level

Finally, it’s time to check out the noise level of the hood. Typically, a hood with 35-65  decidable noise (low to high operation) is considered as quiet. Because that’s not harmful to humans.

However, you can also talk over the phone, listen to your favorite podcast, or watch TV with this sound. That means you can thoroughly enjoy your cooking time instead of getting bored.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose a baffle or mesh filter hood to trap oil and grease efficiently. But for trapping smoke, steam, and odors, choose a carbon filter hood.

Cleaning a ceiling mount range hood isn’t tricky. It’s just a 4 step process.

  • Remove the filter from the hood.
  • Throw them into your dishwasher, and wash them. (For dishwasher-safe filter)
  • Wash them in your kitchen sink with warm water and mild soap. (For not dishwasher safe filter)
  • Leave them to air dry and reattach them in the hood.
  • Wipe down the outside of the hood with disinfectant wipes.

Final Verdict

A ceiling mount hood is not only a kitchen appliance but also helps you make happy stories. How? Protect your and your family member’s health. Make enjoyable cooking experiences.

Make memorable moments with beloved people feeding delicious food.

So, be mindful of choosing your kitchen partner. Again check our recommendations for ceiling mount range hoods, and choose the one that suits you.

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