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How to put aluminum foil in airfryer
How to put aluminum foil in airfryer

Want to be whipping up scrumptious dishes like a pro chef in no time?  Also, want to wow your taste buds and leave them begging for more with your air frying? Here comes the aluminum foil in the scene.  Wondering; How & Why? You get all the answers in this post. 

Because we’ve covered…

  1. Cooking Aluminum Foil Overview 
  2. How To Select The Right Aluminum Foil
  3. What To Avoid (While Choosing Foil)
  4. How To Put Aluminum Foil In Airfryer & Cook With It 
  5. Insights On Using Aluminum Foil Creatively In Your Airfryer 
  6. FAQs

Sounds good! 

Yeah, We want you to be a BOSS of your air fryer. So, without more words. Let’s cut to the chase and start the aluminum foil air fryer party 

Is there one kind of aluminum foil in the market?

No way. You find different kinds of aluminum foil in the market. And all of these aren’t good for cooking in the air fryer.

That means to win your air fryer game with aluminum foil, the first task is to get the right one.

Got it.

Here’s a short overview of suitable types of aluminum foil for your air fryer.

Based On Types

Four kinds of aluminum foil are based on types: Standard, Heavy-Duty, Non-Stick, and Pre-Cut sheet.

When the standard is versatile, readily available, and classic. The Heavy-Duty is sturdy and fit for heavy-duty cooking. The Non-Stick prevents food stickiness for easy cleaning. And the Pre-Cut sheet is time-saving and convenient for shortcut cooking.

Based On Thickness

But, if you consider the thickness of the foil. Then, there are 3 kinds of Aluminum Foil.

  1. Thin foil (18 microns or less)
  2. Medium Foil (between 18-30 microns) and
  3. Thick Foil (30 microns or more).

When the thin foil is good for food wrapping, the medium is suitable for strength and flexibility. And the thick one is perfect for excellent durability withstanding high temperatures.

How To Select The Right Aluminum Foil

So, you get the basic idea of aluminum foil for your air fryer. Now it’s time to know the other factors to choose the foil.

Size & Thickness

Opt for a foil size that fits your air fryer tray or basket with no overlapping. And choose the thickness based on your cooking needs from thin, medium, and thick.

Parchment-Lined Foil

You should choose this type of foil for delicate foods to prevent stickiness, allowing proper air circulation.

What To Avoid (While Choosing Foil)

  • It’s a must to avoid foil paper with non-food-safe coatings. Because the coating is risky for human health.
  • You should also avoid colored or decorative foil for the same reason why you avoid non-food safe coatings foil.
  • Avoid fragile foil unless you want to make a mess in your air fryer. Because that may tear in the middle of cooking or create uneven cooking results in the air fryer.
  • Don’t pick any wrinkled or creased foil. Rather, choose one that is easy to lay on the air fryer evenly and flatly and ensure proper air circulation.

How To Put Aluminum Foil In Airfryer & Cook With It

Alright, now you are prepared with your foil paper and the air fryer. So, let’s start the evening cooking show to enjoy crispy, mouthwatering, and healthy snacks. 

Step 1: Prepare the Air Fryer

Do you keep your air fryer with the daytime launch stuck on gunk? In that case, cleaning is the first task to make it ready to rumble. Wipe it down with a clean damp cloth. It makes the air fryer good to go.

Step 2: Choose the Right Size of Aluminum Foil

Here’s the food-making or breaking deal. That means choosing suitable types, sizes, and thick aluminum foil. As there is no one-size-fits-all situation. (That we covered above)

Pick the foil and your air fryer. Measure the foil based on the air fryer, and cut it. However, if you purchase the pre-cut foil according to your air fryer. Then you are rock to avoid this task.

Step 3: Place the Aluminum Foil Correctly

Place the foil in the air fryer basket onboard. Not overboard, as you’re wrapping a giant gift. Yet, you should keep it tailored and snug for the perfect fitting.

After that, it’s time to smooth the foil like a pro. No weird wrinkles, no crinkles, and no overlapping. Because you love even cooking food, not end up like a rollercoaster ride. Do you?

Step 4: Ensure Proper Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is the golden rule for evenly cooked food with an air fryer.

You should free the air fryer vents to leave space for hot air to dance around your food. Because the air fryer does its magic

with the airflow dance. Simply, It’s like having the time of your life.

Step 5: Monitor the Cooking Process

Monitoring the cooking process means keeping your eagle eye on your food. There’s no ‘snoozing’ on this job.

The result?

The perfect crispness, without a burnt disaster of your food.

While it is needed, take a peek, and flip the food. That’s all.

Step 6: Safety Assurance During and After Cooking

Safety first, you all, folks. The foil gets too hot in the air fryer, just like a sizzling summer day. So, before handling the hot air fryer, put on mitts or use tongs.

It makes you feel like a pro chef and saves you from burning your fingers. After the feast, let it cool off before cleaning up.

Step 7: Cleaning Is a Breeze

The final step is to keep the air fryer spick and span after your fast aluminum foil adventure. Cleaning is a piece of cake to make your airfryer last for ages.

Remove the foil paper and toss it into the waste bin. Drain excess oil from the air fryer basket and tray. After that, wipe them with a tissue that absorbs the rest of the oil. Wash them with warm mild soapy water. And then rinse with clean water.

Insights On Using Aluminum Foil Creatively In Your Airfryer

We can bet; the trusty aluminum foil and your creativity can turn your air fryer into a culinary powerhouse.

  • You can be creative with the foil pouch. Just seal your veggies, protein, and other food items for seasonings in a foil pouch. And get ready for fuss-free and delicious food.
  • Adding fresh herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary) to your foil packets can infuse your food with aromatic goodness. That elevates your dish to a whole new level.
  • Using the foil dividers, you can create separate sections in your air fryer basket. That helps you cook different foods at a time in the air fryer without mingling. This means, No more flavor clashes.
  • Craving to have a smoky grill taste but no extra time to use your grill? No worries. Just pick a cedar or hickory wood and wrap it with a piece of foil as you wrap a gift. Then leave it on the bottom of your air fryer, and see the magic. The foil covered wood infuses your food with smoke of outdoor BBQ goodness.


You can cook almost everything with aluminum foil in the air fryer. The list goes on with veggies, meats, fish, and desserts. Just, you should ensure proper wrapping for your best taste buds.

Around 18-30 microns, medium to heavy-duty aluminum foil is the best thickness for air frying. Because it offers a balance between flexibility and strength, also, it ensures no tears and even cooked food. 

Yes, for specific cooking tasks. If the foil remains intact and clean with no food residue. But if that is punctured, damaged, or dirty. You should toss it and use a new one.

Though there are different models of the air fryer, but, still, you can use aluminum foil for all the models. Here, you must choose the right foil for the right model.

Sure, Aluminum foil is effective and handy for reheating leftover foods in the air fryer. The foil prevents foods from becoming dry,  retaining their moisture.


When putting aluminum foil in your air fryer, you must…

  • Read the manual like it’s a juicy novel to fit the foil. Not to be like last year’s fashion.
  • Go for the Goldilocks thickness (not too thin or thick) for even cooking.
  • No fancy colors or coatings for food safety.
  • Make darn sure the foil doesn’t block air-flowing vents, which is a big deal for making your food crispy.
  • Don’t be a daredevil with your air fryer while using aluminum foil. Because hot foil can be a double-edged sword. That can make any kitchen calamities on our watch.

So be smart, be safe, play by the rules, and avoid nasty surprises. And let your air fryer work its magic with aluminum foil following our step-by-step guide.

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