How to choose the right size grill for my outdoor space?

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Need a grill for your outdoor space? Looking for How to choose the right size grill for my outdoor space? But first of all, you need to know the actual size to measure. Actually, grill production levels determine the burner count and cooking surface width, crucial factors in selecting the right grill for your needs.

Further, low-production grills typically feature 1 to 5 burners with cooking surface widths ranging from 19 to 74 inches.

And, medium production grills offer 2 to 8 burners, providing a broader cooking surface width of 54 to 76 inches.

Meanwhile, high-production grills boast 6 to 10 burners, with cooking surface widths extending from 56  to 81 inches. So, understanding these distinctions helps tailor your choice to your grilling requirements, whether you seek compact functionality, ample cooking space, or enhanced performance for larger gatherings and culinary endeavors.

Let’s dive into it.

Charcoal, gas, smoker and electric grills would be the best used for outdoor cooking. That’s why we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of those. Let’s do that.

Charcoal grills

A charcoal grill for outdoor spaces offers a traditional and flavorful way to cook food in the open air. The distinct taste produced by charcoal grills is unmatched, adding a smoky flavor to meats, vegetables, and more. With proper technique, you can sear steaks, grill veggies, smoke ribs, and even bake pizzas on a charcoal grill.

Moreover, it is versatile and allows you precise cooking control, making them popular among grill enthusiasts. Besides, it is relatively inexpensive compared to gas or electric grills.

You should should keep in mind that, lighting and maintaining the fire can be time-consuming and require patience and skill. So, if you don’t have any previous experience in maintaining a charcoal grill, you need to go for an electric or gas grill while enjoying the party.

Whether grilling in the outdoor space, at a campsite, or on the beach, a charcoal grill is a timeless and rewarding tool for outdoor cooking.

Gas Grill

Another one is gas grill, if you aren’t feeling better in charcoal grill. So, it offers convenience and efficiency in cooking food outdoors.

On the other hand, gas grills ignite quickly with the push of a button, providing instant heat for cooking. They are ideal for those who prefer a hassle-free grilling experience.

Further, it offers precise temperature control, allowing you to adjust heat levels with precision for different cooking methods. In addition, it’d be easier for you to control the heat levels as required and It helps consistent results and prevents overcooking or undercooking of food.

Additionally, gas grills typically have multiple burners, enabling you to cook different foods simultaneously at varying temperatures.

Keep that thing in mind, gas grills are generally more expensive upfront compared to charcoal grills.

Moreover, the ongoing cost of propane or natural gas can add up over time, making gas grilling more expensive in the long run.

However, gas grills remain a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts due to their convenience, efficiency, and precise temperature control.

Electric grill

You already know about charcoal and gas grills for outdoor spaces. Now it’s turn to electric gas.

An electric grill offers convenience and ease of use without the need for charcoal or gas. Also, it heats up quickly and evenly, providing consistent cooking temperatures. I personally think it is ideal for small outdoor spaces where open flame grilling may not be allowed.

It is also environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions and requiring less fuel to operate. Additionally, electric grills can be used indoors or outdoors, making them versatile for year-round grilling.

Happy to know that, it requires no messy charcoal or propane tanks, making them easy to start and use.

On the other hand, electric grills may not provide the same smoky flavor as charcoal or gas grills. Even though it is more demanded grill for outdoor enthusiasts.


Choosing a smoker for your outdoor spaces is the ability to customize your dishes with various wood chips and seasonings. You have the freedom to experiment, tailoring the flavor profile of your meats and vegetables to your liking.

Furthermore, smokers are excellent for handling larger cuts of meat, making them perfect for hosting gatherings where generous portions are a must.

That’s why I’d be one of the best use for your outdoor space. In addition, the chances you have that, size don’t matter for outdoor cooking games.

How to choose the right size grill for my outdoor space

Choosing the right and actual size grill for your outdoor space isn’t crucial, but you need to keep that thing in mind that, the number for members whom you’re going to cooking for is important to choose.

Grill Size and Dimension for Outdoor Space

If you want to set up your grill outdoors spaces for enjoying the party, you need to know the  right size.

The actual size of grills varies, depends on types and categories, such as, electric, gas, built-in grills, falling within the range of 34 to 40 inches.

Most people opt for this size because it aligns with what they’re accustomed to in freestanding grills. At the smaller end of the spectrum, you’ll have three burners, while the larger end can accommodate four to five burners.

If your outdoor space is limited to 10 feet, you’ll need to be strategic about grill size.

Keep in mind that a 36-inch grill spans approximately three feet in width, which constitutes a significant portion of your counter space.

Additionally, the grill cannot be placed right at the edge of the island; it should be a few inches inward for stability.

Allow 4-6 inches of space between the 36-inch grill and other appliances. This ensures practical functionality and prevents overcrowding.

Moreover, consider the depth of your outdoor space or kitchen. To accommodate the grill hood, leave at least 3.75 inches behind the grill’s surface. This prevents any interference when opening the hood.

Remember, a well-chosen grill enhances both functionality and aesthetics, making your outdoor cooking area a true delight!

Weather Condition

When you’re planning an outdoor cooking adventure, you need to consider the weather for a successful grilling experience. Before firing up the grill, take a moment to assess the current weather forecast in your area.

However, if the forecast calls for rain or strong winds, you might need to rethink your grilling plans or make adjustments to accommodate the weather.

Additionally, windy conditions can affect the temperature and evenness of your grill, so be prepared to adjust your cooking methods accordingly.

Family Members

For a small family of 2 or 3, a compact grill with a cooking surface of 200-300 square inches is perfect. Without any bad experience, you can cook easily to make an enjoyable party.

If your family is larger, say 4 to 6 members, consider opting for a grill with a larger cooking surface, ranging from 300 to 500 square inches.


First of all, you need to research different grill options within your budget range, considering factors like size, fuel type, and features.

Keep in mind that while charcoal grills tend to be more affordable upfront, gas and electric options may offer long-term savings on fuel costs.

So, you need to consider the overall value and durability of the grill to ensure it meets your expectations and provides a solid return on investment.

Final Words

Now, choosing the right size grill for your outdoor space is easy to go. So, in that situation, you don’t have the question of how to choose the right size grill for my outdoor space, right?

Actually, it depends on your budget and the spaces where you want to install your grill. It requires nothing more than your desire and love. But overall, an electric grill is better than anything for easy to use. 

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