Can You Use Traeger Pellets in a Pit Boss Smoker?

Can You Use Traeger Pellets in a Pit Boss Smoker
Can You Use Traeger Pellets in a Pit Boss Smoker

When it comes to choosing the pellet grills for your smoker, people often ask if they can use other brands of pellets for different reasons. But the pellet grill smokers brands always refuse to provide the warranty in case they find out you are not using their pellets. Never get confused by it, if you have a pit boss pellet grill, you can use traeger pellets in the hopper. Because both pit boss and traeger pellets are made of hardwood and one of the best in the pellet grill industry for pellet smokers.

So the question arises, can you use traeger pellets in a pit boss smoker? Surely you can, but can you use any pellet smoker in the pit boss grill? The answer should be yes, yet we suggest you use pellets made of hardwood.

Here, we will let you have an idea about both pit boss and traeger pellets and you’ll learn about the facts for choosing pellet grill for your pit boss smoker. So sit tight and let’s begin.

Choosing the pellets for the smokers is not tough if you use the same brand of the smoker, but when it comes about having a random pellet for your smoker, you must keep a few things in mind. Like the quality of the pellet, is it going to gum up your smoker or is it going to cause any inconvenience, will it create a lot of ash and will it feed properly. So these are the examining factors which pellets may work well in your pit boss grill.

Also pellets play a huge role in producing a certain flavor. So check the pellet’s flavor and availability, otherwise for the next cook you will have to look for another new pellet. Also never take the pellets under drizzle or rain, if any moisture gets to the pellets, they will get softer and clog the auger.

Pit Boss Pellets vs Traeger Pellets

Here, you’ll go through the Pit Boss pellets in Traeger pellets and how efficient they are for your pit boss pellet smoker. Both pit boss and Traeger pellets act as fuel and flavor enhancer. So here we’ll discuss their heat generating availability and flavors.

Pit Boss Pellets

Quality wise pit boss pellets can generate such a good heat and with the electric auger the pit boss pellets ensure consistent cooking temperature. They are always popular for providing what they offer. Also pit boss provides 100% natural hardwood pellets with least additives. So it gives consistent heat and pretty low ash.

Pit Boss pellets are popular for offering many flavors. You must choose the right flavor for your meat and expected taste. Classic hardwood blend, hickory blend, competition blend, charcoal, apple , cherry etc.

Traeger Pellets

Traeger grill pellets use innovative technology to make their pellets suitable for outdoor cooking even during cold weather. They always maintain a standard and that’s why people are more likely to have traeger pellets. Traeger uses 100% natural hardwood and unlike pitboss they don’t use any additives or filters.

People who like pure hard wood smell from pellets, traeger pellets are heaven for them. Give the meats a raw wood hardwood burning flavor, burn cleanly and generate minimal ash.

Moreover, people who love to try different flavors of pellets, traeger offers quite a few flavors for them, still the raw hardwood flavor never gets missed from any pellets and always ensures the bold smokers.

Features Pitboss and Traeger Grill Pellets

Pit Boss PelletTraeger Grill Pellet
  1. Pitboss adds a long list of products and additives in their pellets.
  2. All of their hardwood comes from North America.
  3. Pitboss doesn’t use any glue or fillers to make the pellets strong by chemical application.
  4. Pit boss covers so many flavors of  pellets.
  1. Traeger turns the hard dried wood into sawdust. But they don’t use additives
  2. Traeger doesn’t depend on one region. They collect hardwood from different regions according to their best hardwood list.
  3. Also traeger doesn’t use any glue and fillers too.
  4. Traeger has less than 10 flavors available.

Can You Use Other Brand Pellets in Pit Boss Grill

So from the discussion between Pit Boss and Traeger grill pellets we already have got the idea that you can use Traeger pellets in a Pitboss smoker. There are very few differences between them and those differences don’t make any significant quality difference.

Now can you use other brand pellets? Well the brands don’t use any cheap additives, glue and fillers we recommend you to try them in your Pit Boss smoker. Like Lumber Jack pellets and Bear mountain pellets. If you like gourmet blends, then try Lumber Jack and for a bold BBQ try Bear Mountain pellets. Both of them are good for Pit Boss smokers.


– We always recommend using the same pellets for the same brand of smoker to ensure the quality of cooking. But TRaeger, Bear Mountain, Lumberjack all of the hardwood made pellets and the pellets free from glue and fillers are good for a Pit Boss smoker.

– no real differences between them and even the production method is pretty same. Pit Boss uses additives and Traeger doesn’t use any. But for having the BBQm both pellets work good in any wood pellet smoker.


For your Pit Boss smoker, traeger pellets work the same as Pit Boss pellets. Even vice versa for Traeger smokers. You can use pit boss pellets there. If your smoker is specialized on one type of pellets, then try the same type of pellets from other brands. Always try to stay between a few good brands, because only brand pellets maintain a certain quality and don’t use any glue and fillers. Hopefully you have got the mental strength to use Traeger and other good hardwood pellets in your Pit Boss smoker.

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