Best BBQ Temperature Controller

Best BBQ Temperature Controller
Best BBQ Temperature Controller

For your charcoal or pellet smoker, it’s very tiring when you keep taking the pit open and close to know the temperature of the meat. But it’s possible to control the temperature using a BBQ temperature controller. So here we are going to show you the Best BBQ temperature controller and they work by regulating a smoker fan kit and maintain the temperature you want.

We’ll cover popular  BBQ temperature controllers among people and the data we will provide will help you to understand which one you need. Furthermore, there’ll be a buying guide to make you understand the things you must look for in the temperature controller features.

Top 5 BBQ Temperature Controller Reviews

Here we’ll review a few temperature controllers and their features. Also there will be a section about the limitations and advantages of the specific temperature controller. Also there will be a short discussion about the review section form verified users, so hopefully you find it trustable enough to rely on.

1. FireBoard 2 Drive Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer

FireBoard 2 Drive Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer

This temperature controller works well on almost all the cooking units and is pretty easy to set up. Also it has  device control mood that you can manage from a mobile phone. It can easily ram up your coal heat for 15-20 minutes without getting them over heated. Also the Fireboard 2 Drive is incorporated with a smart variable speed for 12V fans and blowers that controls the temperature precisely.


Power source: Battery (Lithium Ion)/4000mAh

Temperature Range: -94 °F – 752 °F

Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.8 x 1.1 inches

Weight: 226.8g

Features to Look at

Integrated Drive Technology : The integrated drive technology maintains the precise temperature inside the pit. If you connect it with your 12v fan inside your smoker and set the cooking temperature to 250 °F, it will monitor and maintain the temperature by using the 12v fan or blower.

Multiple Probe Channels: It helps to connect 6 probe channels with the temperature controller and assists you by providing multiple channel’s temperature data at the same time. And all the temperature data will be stored in the FireBoard cloud account, even you can see the previous cooking data.

Remote Monitoring System: It is one of the best kamado temperature controllers because it sends temperature and time alarms via app, email and sms. Totally Wi-Fi enabled,  Bluetooth enabled, all weather resistant , so it doesn’t stop working suddenly.

 Temperature Accuracy: Definitely temperature accuracy should be the first thing we all want. The temperature probes they use have a ±0.7°F temperature diversion. But for better accuracy, we suggest you use an ambient probe for having the internal kamado temperature and the other probes for the meat.

Why Should You Buy This?

Most of the verified users never complained about the build quality and performance. It can control the fan. But definitely you shouldn’t keep the temperature probe in direct fire flame heat. Otherwise, absolutely a game changer for BBQ cooking.

What We Like

  1. The app has a very intuitive interface and is easy to roam.
  2. Temperature accuracy is commendable.
  3. The large display helps you understand your cooking progress from the graph.
  4. It supports third party fans.

What We Don't Like

  1. The temperature probe can’t handle more than 500-550 7°F. Anything beyond that will burn up the temperature probe.
  2. Doesn’t have a speaker alarm. So you will get the alarm on the phone only.

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2. BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer

BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller

The BBQ Guru DigiQ thermometer is one of the most reliable to track the internal temperature of the meat. The fan system allows the grills to have the correct amount of oxygen to maintain the ideal temperature. It automatically adjusts with the oscillating fan blade system and controls the intensity of the charcoal’s heat.


Color: Black

Material: Ceramic

Maximum Temperature: 450 °F

Weight: 2.29 pounds

Features to Look at

Easy to Set Up: The unit will always track the internal temperature and wall. You need to connect the unit with a pit viper medium fan and keep it under the grill and then set the temperature probe.

2 Six Feet Probes: it comes with one six feet probe to measure the meat internal temperature and another for measuring the pit’s temperature. You can connect them both at a time.

DigiQ DX3: this is a high tech digital temperature control system that tracks the internal temperature of any food and maintains the temperature like an oven.

Compatible with Popular Grills: The temperature controller works well in Green Egg, Ceramic Grills, Weber and Kamado Joe.

Why Should You Buy This?

Users are very satisfied about the performance of theis temperature controller, even for long hours of cooking like 10 hours, the temperature controller keep providing the accurate temperature of the meat and the pit. Also it kicks the fan speed more when you open the dome to have a peek, it recovers the lost temperature pretty well.

What We Like

  1. Come with a pit viper fan.
  2. The platinum RTD probes read accurately.
  3. The blower stops to blow automatically when you open the pit.
  4. The ramp mode always lowers the internal grill temperature when the food gets the range of 30 °F of your set temperature for the meat. It helps to prevent chewy and burnt out meat.

What We Don't Like

  1. It comes with one or two probes. You can’t see the temperature of multiple meats.
  2. Doesn’t have Wi-Fi connection and app connectivity.

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3. SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller

SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller

SMOBOT works in a method of robotic damper system that is attached on the vent of Kamado smokers, big green, Primo ceramic grills etc. It monitors the internal temperature using a high temperature thermocouple. So to maintain the targeted temperature, it commands the damper to open and close .


Power source: Battery
Build Material: Ceramic

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2 °F

Weight: 1.36 pounds

Dimensions : 5.5 x 0.01 x 0.001 inches

Features to Look at

Natural Temperature Control:  The top damper is moved from the top of the vent when it is necessary according to the inside temperature and your old smoke got out and new smoke replaced. So it doesn’t only control the temperature exquisitely, it also enhances the taste of the food.

Wi-Fi Enabled: you can connect the SMOBOT to the wireless internet connection and then using the phone apps you can constantly look at the cooking temperature and updates. Also the cloud monitoring system allows you to save your previous data and review your preset cooking with that.

Multiple probes: It comes with two probes for monitoring the temperature of two BBQ or any food. Also it offers thermocouple grill temperatures that accurately measure the temperature inside the grill.

Why Should You Buy This?

It is the easiest way to have a temperature control without a forced airflow inside the pit. The other temperature controller controls the air blow to force more air into the smoker. When you use a BBQ temperature controller fan, then it may create issues like accidental flare up and blow charcoal dust on the food. As SMOBOT just controls the daisy wheel, most of the users have found it a more natural way to adjust the temperature.

What We Like

  1. 1.5 meter long food probes reach any corner of the grill.
  2. The LCD display allows you to watch every character without any problem.
  3. Probe temperature accuracy is commendable.
  4. Power connector is a micro USB type, so it doesn’t get damaged easily.

What We Don't Like

  1. 2 food probes nowadays is less than what you need for cooking for a group of people.

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4. Flame Boss Smart BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

Flame Boss Smart BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

Flame Boss smart BBQ Smoker is one of the best BBQ temperature controllers for smokers. It allows you to connect with the temperature controller when you don’t have any internet connection. Also you can connect with Wi-Fi and control meat/pot temperature settings using the Flame Boss mobile app.


Power source: AC

Material: Ceramic
Weight: 1.04 pounds
Dimensions: 5.91 x 5.91 x 31.5 inches

Features to Look at

Fits in Different Grills and Smokers:  it fits in all sizes: primo grills, sapphire grills and smoker, classic vision grills, Kamado Joe and Kamado style charcoal grills and smokers.

Voice Command : Best BBQ temperature controller for smokers It is compatible with most of the voice control systems and the variable speed of the blower helps to keep a precise temperature.

Comes with KIts:  the temperature controller offers 12 CFM blower grill grate adapters, 1 meat probe, 1 pit probe and power supply.

Technology Control: The software of the application allows precise control of the temperature, the unit regulates the air intake and doesn’t blow the blower more than it needs to. It can even lower the hit pretty quickly.

Why Should You Buy This?

The unit comes with three adaptors in the package, so even if you change the size of your Green Egg smoker in the future, you won’t need to buy another temperature controller. So do for other brands. Very much worth it for this price range.

What We Like

  1. Pretty easy to set up and if you use the app, then you can track the temperature every minute.
  2. App gets notification if it reaches the targeted temperature.
  3. The GigiQDX3 ensures the fan runs at variable speed.
  4. Temperature accuracy is top notch.

What We Don't Like

  1. Only 1 meat probe.

5. BBQube TempMaster Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller Fan

TempMaster Bluetooth Automatic BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

You don’t need to see the quality by using it, the packaging will let you know the quality they provide. Yeah pretty solid packaging and the unit they provide hold the top notch quality too. The single knob is intuitive and pretty easy to use. Furthermore this is just plug and use temperature controller and also the app makes it pretty usable for everyone.


weight : 3.39 pounds

Power source: 12V power

Blade material: Plastic

Features to Look at

Advanced and Fast Reading Probes: The TempMaster offers exquisite air flow with variable speed fan anong with advanced chipset and the probes are capable to read temperature pretty fast.

App Service: you can look the cooking temperature through app and pair the controller via bluetooth. When the temperature recahes the targeted temperature, it app will alarm. 

One Dial Operation: there is a dial knob that helps to navigate meno and set temperatures.

Why Should You Buy This?

According to the most verified users, the controller is easy to mount on Weber Smokey Mountain and the adapter can get mounted easily on the vent. Also the controls are user friendly. You can set the temperature what you want and go to sleep. No need of constant monitoring. Absolutely a must one in this price range.

What We Like

  1. The weber grill temperature probe kept it’s quality excellent. It doesn’t deviate temperature.
  2. Affordable in price.
  3. It comes with travel case.
  4. There are two meat thermocouples.

What We Don't Like

  1. The display is not easy to read.

6. Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

Flame Boss is one of the top brand as a temperature controller right now and this specific Frame Boss 500 is a market killer. Pretty simple to use but provides the accurate data, comes with lates technologies like variable speed of the blower and compatible with most voice assistance.


Power source: AC

Material: Ceramic
Weight: 2.09  pounds
Dimensions: 7.87 x 4.72 x 114.17 inches

Features to Look at

Straightforward Interface of the App: It is compatible with WiFi setup and the meat/pit temperature can controlled using the app. You can set alarm for both targeted meat temperature and the internal pit temperature.

Patented Technology: The software combines with variable speed blower and ensures precise temperature control. Even if you open the pit, the blower will stop blowing air and again if the temperature goes too down, it will start blowing on the charcoal.

Meat probes : You can monitor 3 meat temperature with e meat probes at the same time.

Compatible with Many Brands: the unit fits with Kamado style charcoal grills and smokers. Kamado Joe all sizes, Sapphire Grills and Smokers and classic vision grills.

Why Should You Buy This?

It is compatible with almost all the popular grills and smoker brands available  for BBQ. The app keep giving real time update about your cooking so you can see the continuous progress of cooking without taking the pit off. Definitely a value for money option.

What We Like

  1. The sensor can dtect the lip opening and shuts the fan off.
  2. Sends notification through the app.
  3. The variable speed fan ensures the right amount of oxygen it needs to raise the temperature.

What We Don't Like

  1. Features are limited, no cloud storage option.

Moreover, the app’s compatibility with popular grill brands and real-time updates make it a valuable asset for BBQ enthusiasts. You can monitor your cooking progress without constantly checking your pit, ensuring optimal results. Learn more about enhancing your barbecue experience with our guide on Choosing the Right Grill for Your Needs.

Things to Look at Before Choosing a BBQ Temperature Controller

Temperature controller for a BBQ is a must buy item for recent times, because whenever you open the pit to check the cooking condition it hampers the internal temperature. Also if you can track the temperature through an outside unit, it gives you a great relief from burning your BBQ. But like other smart gadgets, you must choose the best one according to the must-have features and technologies. So Let’s go through them.

Battery Life

If the temperature controller runs on a battery, you must ensure the battery has at least 4000 mAh. Because it doesn’t only check the temperature, also controls the daisy wheel or blower to blow air or controls the fan speed. The 4000 mAh battery will give it at least 8 hours of power. Enough for your cooking time.

WI-Fi and App Connection

It depends on the budget of your temperature controller. If your budget is low and can’t have a good brand temperature controller, then we recommend you to have a non-Wi-Fi unit. But if you have a Wi-Fi connection enabled temperature controller, then it can send you updates about cooking and you’ll get an alarm in your phone if the temperature reaches the target temperature.

Number of Probes

It is important to ensure at least one pit temperature probe with two or multiple probes for meat. Pit temperature probe is essential because sometimes you cook so much meat at a time and can connect all the meats with probes. In that case you will cook according to the temperature of the probe. But ensure the unit has at least two meat temperature probes.

DigiQ DX3 Technology

The temperature controller controls the temperature by blowing air or opening the vent to allow air inside. If you go for a fan or blower, ensure that the temperature controller is equipped with DigiQ DX3 technology, because it tracks down the internal temperature of the food and maintains the temperature like an oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are few quality brands for temperature control for BBQ, like BBQ Guru, Flame Boss, BBQube and Fireboard. They all provide the market best quality temperature controller for BBQ but if you want more temperature probes and want to see a graph of your cooking temperature, then the Fireboard temperature controller is the game changer for you.

at least 3 probes are necessary, one for measuring the pit temperature and two for measuring meat temperature. But if you cook for your family, multiple temperature probes for meat are a must.

Wrapping Up

So far, we have gone through some temperature controller units, they are for different types of grills, some are for charcoal, some are for wood grills and few for weber. Yet, we have our best value for money choice for you. The  Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller is very much affordable in price and it is compatible with many BBQ grill brands. ALso Flame Boss 500 provides accurate temperatures, Hopefully you guys will get your best one from our list. Have a great and delicious BBQ.

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