Can You Put Pyrex On The Grill?

Can You Put Pyrex On The Grill?
Can You Put Pyrex On The Grill?

You might have an aisle of vintage pyrex in your garage. Many cooks love to cook or bake in the Pyrex glassware. But can you put Pyrex on the grill? Is using pyrex with the grill really safe?

Yes, pyrex wares are oven-safe. However, be aware! Direct heat and sudden alteration of temperature can shatter the glasses. That’s why I never put Pyrex on the grill. You should also avoid placing it on the stovetop or under the broiler.

Instead of Pyrex, what should you use? What’s the best cookware for the grill? In this context, we will also provide additional guidelines for using Pyrex with an oven or microwave. So, hang on with us till the end for further tips and tricks! 

Pyrex cookware first came to light in 1915. Corning employees manufactured pyrex with special borosilicate glass, which makes it exceptionally shock resistant.

Before 1915, these non-expandable borosilicate glasses were known as Nonex. It was widely used in railroad lanterns and industries. 

Then, Corning worker Jesse Littleton’s wife first used it for baking. From that point on, Corning decided to use Pyrex in kitchen sectors and manufactured a series of dishes, pie plates, and baked wares.

What Is The Highest Temperature For Pyrex?

Pyrex glasses are really temperature-resistant. It can bear temperatures up to 425°C. So, cooks prefer to use Pyrex in the microwave. 

But you must be very cautious indeed. 

  • First, preheat your oven before setting up the Pyrex wares in it because direct heating will break the pyrex. 
  • Do you plan to cook frozen food, juices, or any other items that might leak moisture? If yes, first pour some liquid at the pyrex bottom. It can significantly reduce sudden alteration of temperature.
  • Once the Pyrex ware is hot, don’t add water to it. Otherwise, the glass may end up breaking.
  • Don’t put hot pyrex ware inside the freezer & vice versa. First, allow it to rest at room temperature.
  • Don’t heat up an almost empty pyrex ware in the oven. Overheating oil/butter on pyrex can also be damaging indeed.
  • Microwaveable popcorn bags can concentrate heat at specific points. It can significantly damage the pyrex.

Can You Put Pyrex On The Grill?

Pyrex or Corningware is quite shock-resistant. In fact, its strength and minimum expansion coefficient can outperform most glassware in the cooking industry. Still, direct or uneven heat and sudden temperature changes can shatter Pyrex. 

We have seen several cases where pyrex exploded due to thermal shock and injured the cook. I bet none would like to face such a catastrophic incident. So, we would never suggest placing Pyrex wares in a grill, stovetop, toaster oven, or under the broiler.

Whenever you are grilling, always use a pan with a strong metal core. They can easily withstand direct heat without cracking.

Can You Put Corningware Under The Broiler?

Just like grills, broilers also use direct heat at high temperatures to cook solid items like meat, fish, fruits, etc. The gross temperature they usually use is around 289°C. You must place the food close to the heat source to sear the food surface properly.

That’s why you can’t use pyrex for broiling. After all, direct uneven heat will break it, and you will face an unwanted catastrophic incident. So, what is the best broiler-safe baking dish?

You should go for a pan specifically designed for broiling instead of pyrex. They feature small slits to trap the drippings. You can go for a shallow metal pan with a rack as well.

Can You Use Pyrex On A Traeger Grill?

Trager grills are widely used for smoking, grilling, and baking. So, you might want to use Pyrex on your Traeger grill

As you already know, pyrex can withstand heat up to 425°C. So, as long as you don’t exceed that temperature, your Pyrex pan will be fine. Thankfully, Traeger grills come with optimum temperature control. So, maintaining the heat will indeed be a piece of cake.

Pyrex might even smash in uneven temperatures. That’s why you must use Pyrex in the fan oven. The fan will distribute heat properly throughout the glassware. Thus, direct heat from the heat source won’t affect any specific points.

According to the Traeger manufacturer, the dish suitable for the oven will obviously be suitable for the Traeger grill as well. In fact, they have specifically mentioned oven-friendly glassware like Pyrex. So, if you plan to heat your Pyrex pan in the Traeger, go for it! Just be a bit cautious. 

Which Cookware Is Best To Cook On The Grill?

Honestly, there are several pans that are highly safe and suitable for grilling. Among all of these, we recommend using cast iron cookware. The Best grilling pan can offer you the most wanted searing with less grease.

For instance, the Scanpan professional grill pan is super sturdy and made of aluminum. Its grill ridges can sear greater surface area. In this pan, you can cook at a high temperature up to 500°F.


Firstly, pyrex is not grill-safe. So, no. Don’t put pyrex on the grill. You can use it in a preheated oven instead. However, after cooking, don’t immediately move it to the fridge. Instead, let it cool down to room temperature first.

Yes. Pyrex can withstand the heat of the smoker. After all, you are not inducing direct heat on it. However, be aware! Smoking will obviously leave a permanent stain on the Pyrex wares. So, it won’t ever look the same again.

Final Verdict

Can you put pyrex on the grill? I bet you were confused at first. After all, pyrex advertises itself as heat resistant. So, you might think of using it for grilling. But you already know that using Pyrex for grilling is not safe. Yes, they can withstand high heat. After all, for grilling, you use direct heat, which can shatter the Pyrex glass. Instead, go for a cast iron pan for proper and even heat distribution. But you can easily use Pyrex in your oven for baking. Hopefully, our premium tips have helped you in this regard. 

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