Traeger ironwood 885 vs pro 780

Traeger ironwood 885 vs pro 780
Traeger ironwood 885 vs pro 780

Having the perfect grill for your house is the toughest choice nowadays. We all want to have a premium taste which comes from premium smoke. But we often get into a situation choosing both Ironwood 885 and Pro 780 in our list. Both of them are very popular among the users and have so many similarities. Hence, they have some differences too.

So here we are going to break down Traeger Ironwood 885 vs Pro 780, will guide you to have your sure choice among one of them considering your preferences and cost. Firstly, we’ll go through the similar features they have and then we’ll guide you towards the differences. 

FeaturesTraeger Pro 780Traeger Ironwood 885
Traeger Pro 780 Traeger Grills Ironwood 885
Cooking space780 square inches total space885 square inches total space
Power sourceElectric and WoodburningWood Pellet
Cooking versatilityGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQ Grill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQ
Maximum temperature500°F or 260°C 500°F or 260°C
Hopper capacity18 pounds20 pounds
Dymension48.7x26.7x54.4 inches47x54x27 inches
Weight145 Pounds175 Pounds
WiFIRE IncludedIncluded
Controlling systemWiFIRE ControllerWiFIRE Controller
Barrel Size 30 Inches30 inches
Wood smokeYesYes
Feeding peopleAverage 18-25Average 25-30
Meat ProbeSingleSingle
GratesAdjustable two-tierAdjustable two-tier
D2 Direct DriveIncludedIncluded
TRU ConvectionIncludedIncluded
PriceRelatively cheap Expensive
Check on Amazon Check Price Check Price
Check on Traeger Check Price Check Price

Similarities Between Traeger Ironwood 885 vs Pro 780

If you know the similarities they have, it will be easier for you to identify what you want they both have or not. Here, we;ll let you know the similarities between their features. So let’s get started.

Magnetized Hopper Clean-out Door

Both the pellet grill equipped with magnetized hopper clean-out door to clean easily change the flavors while cooking or anytime. So you don’t need to pull out all the pellets by hand or anything and add new pellets pretty quickly.

Exterior Storage Hooks & Rolling Caster Wheels

Both offer extra exterior storage hooks to keep the grill racks on the back. Normally the previous versions of Ironwood and Pro series didn’t include the exacta hooks on the back, so you couldn’t keep unused grill racks organized. 

Also both Ironwood 885 and Pro 780 feature rolling caster wheels that enable them to go through any terrain from indoor to outdoor.

Wi-Fi Enabled Controller

The Wi-Fi Enabled Controller helps you to set the cooking temperature with 5 degree increments. So for both of them, you can download the Traeger app and then command your grill even when you are at the movies, work or on a hike. This app enables you to watch cooking temperature, set a custom cook cycle.

This app has come with the latest Traeger Ironwood 885 recipes guide for grill, bake, smoke, roast, BBQ and you can do all of these cooking using traeger grill. 

D2 Drivetrain with Turbo Temp Technology

These two pellet grills run on a DC platform, so it can start slowly to heat up the grill evenly or you can turn the regulator to accelerate warming up the grill faster.  This DC platform allows bothe of the grills to have brushless motors. Furthermore, the D2 drivetrain enables faster startup by turbo temp technology. And delivers high temperatures in quick time with the hardwood flavor on your food. So you can start cooking quicker having both Ironwood 885 and Pro 780.

So it’s time to kick out the temperature loss of your pellet grills and very satisfying to see your grill quickly getting the set up temperature even if you open the lid in the middle of cooking.

Same Hopper Size

Hopper size means how much pellet a grill can hold at a time. Ironwood 885 can hold 20 lbs and Pro 780 holds up to 18 lbs. That’s not a huge difference, so you can consider the hopper size the same for both of them.

Differences Between Traeger Ironwood 885 and Pro 780

Now you know all the similarities between these two Traeger Pellet Grills, so it’s time to provide you with information that differs for both of them. It helps to choose the right one according to your preferences.

Super Smoke Mode

Trager ironwood 885 super smoke mode lets your food blast with hardwood flavor. It is possible because of the revolves around precision fan controlling which enables the grill to have the maximum delivery of smoke from 165 to 225 degrees of fahrenheit. This mode allows your brisket to have rings into them. So it is a completely new level of grilling. But Traeger Pro 780 doesn’t have the super smoke feature.

Downdraft Exhaust and True Convection System

The Ironwood 885 separates itself from Traeger Pro 780 offering downdraft exhaust and true convection system. The downdraft exhaust allows exquisite control of the smoke output while concurrently increasing the penetration of smoke into the food to give an excellent wood-fired flavor. Also the downdraft exhaust helps the old smoke out below the grills. Old smoke is cold smoke, so your food always gets hot and new smoke around it.

Furthermore, the True Convection system allows heat and smoke to flow through a specially designed channel in the grill. It makes your cooking 20 percent faster. In contrast, the Traeger Pro 780 has a side venting system, which allows it to get the smoke out in a traditional way and has no true convection system.

Double Side Wall Interior for Improved Insulation

The double insulation on the side wall doesn’t allow to cool down your pellet grill even a bit from outside cool weather. The inside heat can’t go outside and outside cool weather can’t cool down the inside heat. So double insulation helps to save heat energy, while a single side wall can’t do it that much efficiently yet good enough in Traeger Pro 780.

Keep warm, load timer, menu, Ignite, Standby Button

Though both the pellet grills have Wi-Fi enabled controllers. But in the manual control system, the Pro 780 only has only a menu and a ignite button. In contrast, the Ironwood 885 has a keep warm, timer, super smoke, menu, ignite buttons and a standby button that wakes the Ironwood 885 up.

Seal Gasket On the Lid

Trager smoker ironwood 885 doesn’t lose any smoke or heat from the tiny gap between lip and where the lip shuts because it uses seal gasket, a rubber protection. But Traeger pro 780 doesn’t have the seal gasket.

Are you wondering how to make the most of your outdoor space with the perfect grill? Our comprehensive guide on choosing the right size grill for your outdoor space offers expert advice and considerations to ensure you find the ideal fit for your needs.

Dimensions and Others FAQ

No Traeger didn’t stop selling Ironwood 885 or older versions. If your go through the Traeger ironwood xl vs 885 review, you will see Ironwood XL is the upgraded version of Ironwood 885. So people nowadays very much interested to have the features of Ironwood 885 and more, so maybe Traeger is producing less Ironwood 885 recently.

Ironwood 885 offers 885 sq. inches of area for cooking that can hold up 10 chickens or 9 pork butt. But  normally people don’t use the extra rack for better taste into the food. In that case the main rack area for Ironwood 885 is 570 sq. inches that will allow to cook 5-6 chickens.


Definitely if you go through the Traeger Ironwood 885 review forum, you’ll understand most of the people try to compare Pro 780 with it. Because the extra features of ironwood 885 offers, they don’t make a huge changes if you are a good cook on pellet grill. Also Ironwood *85 cost much higher than Pro 780. So hopefully you’ll take the best one for you according to your budget, preference and skills.

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