Traeger 575 vs 780 | Which Grill is Right for Your Backyard BBQ?

Traeger 575 vs 780
Traeger 575 vs 780

Traeger 575 and 780 are the most upgrades grilling machines. But Traeger 575 VS 780, which is better? It isn’t easy to choose one from two pro models of similar brands.

Despite being leading models, these are different in some crucial perspectives. For example, the Traeger Pro 780 is preferable for its size. On the contrary, pro 575 is preferable for the most affordable price.

In this guide, we will provide a detailed comparison of Traeger 575 vs. 780. By the end of this guide, you will be able to choose between Pro 575 and 780. So, let’s start!

Here, we will compare Traeger’s 575 and 780 models, focusing on a few key points. These points will help you judge their quality and decide.


Traeger 575 vs 780 prices are the first significant difference between the Pro 575 and 780. While the 575 model is available for $799, the 780 model requires $999. Thus, you may be confused about whether to purchase an affordable or expensive one.

Cooking Area:

Another core difference between the 575 and 780 models is their cooking area. To understand the cooking area properly, look at the chart below.


Traeger grill-780

Traeger pro-575

Entire area

780 square inches

575 square inches

Primary cooking space

646 square inches

418 square inches

Secondary cooking space

134 square inches

147 square inches

Hopper capacity

18 pounds

18 pounds


46” x 27” x 49”

27” x 41” x 53”

So, the Traeger 780 has a larger cooking area than the Pro 575 model. The size difference may have made the Traeger 780 more expensive. However, the small size difference could not be the reason for choosing the 780 model instead of the 575. We think Traeger Pro 575 would be nice for a smaller family, and 780 would be nice for a medium family.


Portability is another important factor when choosing between the Traeger 575 and 780. Each grill has a set of wheels and handles for pulling. When looking at the Traeger 575 vs. 780 specs, the Traeger 575 is smaller and weighs 124 pounds, but the Traeger Pro 780 is relatively larger and weighs 145 pounds.

Traeger Pellet consumption:

Since the Traeger 780 is larger, it needs more pellets for longer cooking. On the other hand, the Traeger 575 is more pellet efficient than the 780 model. Remember that the 780 isn’t much larger than the 575 model, so you can use the 575 model to get an efficient pellet grill.

Temperature control and setting:

Both grills have similar temperature control setup process. For example, these grills have a digital controller, pellet sensor, meat probe, and WiFire controller. The meat probe function is amazing, helping to determine the internal temperature of the meat. Besides, the Wi-Fi technology allows you to operate these grills from the nearest distance. Let’s look at the chart to understand better.


Traeger 780

Traeger 575

Digital controller



Meat probe




180°F – 500°F

180°F – 450°F

Pellet sensor






What Customers Have Said About These Models?

We have gathered a huge real customer experience of the Traeger Pro 575 review. We have researched Traeger users from Facebook, Reedit, and other social media to get real user experiences. So, this guide is authentic for you.

We have seen the majority of the Traeger users prefer the 575 models. Traeger 575 has become more popular due to its affordable price, smaller portable size and pellet efficiency. However, the Traeger pro 780 is frequently available in Home Depot at a similar price to the 575 model.

Which Is the Winner Between, Traeger 575 Vs 780?

Both grills have similar features and conveniences. Besides, they have a wide range of positive customer reviews, so choosing a specific one is tough. 

Trager Pro 575 is relatively smaller, more portable, and affordable than Trager 780. However, it is a bit smaller but designed with all advanced technology like traeger pro-780. By contrast, the Traeger Pro 780 is slightly larger than the 575. Despite being larger, the Traeger 780 isn’t considered a winner to us. Because traeger 780 is expensive, less portable and more pellet consumption. So, Traeger Pro 575 is a winner from a maximum perspective. Especially, traeger pro series lovers prefer to get 575 for affordable price.

What Is the Alternative to Traeger Pro 575 And 780?

Here is a solution if you still need clarification about choosing one between 575 and 780 models. In this case, the Traeger Pro 34 grill could be a great alternative. It is an excellent grill of the Traeger pro series of the first generation. Also, note that the Pro 34 grill is cheaper than 575 and larger than 780. So, it is good if you sacrifice some advanced technological features.

Final Words

We hope you understand the differences and similarities between Traeger 575 and 780 grills. There is no major difference between these models except for price range and size. Traeger pro 780 is larger and pricy than traeger pro-575. Yet, the Traeger Pro 575 is a winner due to affordability and convenience.

There is also an alternative Traeger grill model, which we mentioned above. So, if you are still confused about whether to choose the 575 or 780 model, you can try the Traeger Pro 34.

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