Best Hot Plate For smokers That Cuts Cooking Time Not Taste

Best hot plates for smoker
Best hot plates for smoker

Most people face challenges in making fast, delicious, healthy meals due to their fast-paced lifestyle.  A hot plate smoker must be convenient to make your busy life easy without compromising any meal of the day.

But, don’t you have any experience using these hot plates? After in-depth research and market analysis, we have chosen the 5 best hot plates for smokers. So all of these will provide stable heat, ensure no temperature fluctuations, are safe and easy to use for novices and pros.

So, if you are really eager to get an electric cooker that will be your perfect companion for having breakfast to evening snacks, keep reading. Trust us; our words won’t disappoint you.

Gas stoves, micro-oven, grillers, air fryers, electric kettles, toasters, and many gadgets are available to cook food. When you can use all those things, you may think, are there any extra benefits of owning an electric hot plate for smokers?

  • Yes, there are so many benefits of having an electric hot plate. Such as

You can use a gas stove and microwave oven to cook different foods. That’s true. But, they both are expensive, heavyweight, and suitable for any specific kitchen.

On the other hand, the electric hot plates are free from all those barriers. It is comparatively reasonable in price, lightweight to carry everywhere, and has no requirement of a specific place to cook.

That means if you can manage a little bit of time and space, you are ready to cook food and check your hunger.

  • A grill is excellent for enjoying smoked, and grilled recipes. But, it takes a high arrangement and is not the right choice to cook food for 2-5 people. A hot plate smoker is simple to use with no great arrangement and a good option to feed a small group of people.
  • An air fryer is good only for getting air-frying foods, a toaster is for toasting, and an electric kettle is for warming and boiling water for making tea and coffee. What if you can do all those things with one gadget?


Sure, that will be great. Yes, an electric hot plate smoker can be their only alternative option. But one thing, you must oil fry with the hot plate instead of air frying.

Considering the benefits against its price, there is no reason to ignore having an electric hot plate smoker.

Comparison Table On Best Hot Plate For smoker

Are you busy and don’t have much time to read all the reviews? We understand, and for this, we present all the key features of our selected hot plate smokers in this comparison table. Just have a look at that information. Hopefully, you have a good idea for choosing your best one from this list. 

ProductBest ForWattageBurnerHeating level DimensionWeightAMAZON Ratings
Delta 9178-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetBest For Overall1000 watts6.4 inches single flat burner7 power level 10.65 x 9.15 x 3.65 inches3.47 pounds4.4 of 5 On Amazon
Delta 9178-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen FaucetBest Budget Pick1100 watts5.5 inches single coil burner 3 power level 3.54 x 9.84 x 9.05 inches1.9 pounds4.3 of 5 On Amazon
Moen 7594ESRS Pulld-Down kitchen faucetBest For Durability1000 watts6 inches single coil burner 5 power level 9 x 9.5 x 3 inches‎2 pounds4.4 of 5 On Amazon
Pfister G133-10YY Pull-Out Kitchen FaucetBest For Portability750 wattsSingle coil burner 3 power level 9.8 x 9.49 x 14.8 inches1.5 pounds4 of 5 On Amazon
Vapsint YFT010L-Child Pull-Down kitchen FaucetBest For Infrared1200 watts5.5 inches single coil burner 3 power level 10.8 x 10 x 4.06 inches2.29 pounds4.3 of 5 On Amazon

Best Hot Plate For smoker Review

1. Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner - Best For Overall

The Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner is our champion pick, irrespective of construction, design, temperature control, cookware compatibility, and ease of using. You can rely on this burner to get the satisfying cooking experiences you expect.


The overall burner, except for the temperature knob, is made with quality aluminum, and the hot plate is made with cast iron.

The 1,000 watts and 6.4 inches flat hot plate ensures evenly distributed heat for perfect cooking. So even a novice cook can show his art of cooking with this burner.

Compact design

It is designed purely keeping in mind users’ flexibility and smooth usability. You can easily access its temperature controller knob to maintain accurate heat even after placing large cookware onto the hot plate.

The 9.15×10.65×3.65 inches burner is easy to carry, set, and cook in a small place with just a power source. The rubber-coated feet ensure stable cooking.

Adjustable power level

You’ll be thankful for its 7 adjustable power controlling levels to accommodate different cooking styles efficiently. You can easily use it for warming, cooking, boiling, steaming, stir-frying, and deep frying. That means one burner is a solution to your multiple cooking needs.

All cookware compatibility

What cookware to use is a common headache among most electronic burner users. But when you have the Elite Gourmet hot burner forget this frustration, as you can use a glass pot, ceramic pot, stainless steel pot, teapot, aluminum pan, fry pan, and casserole pan on it. That’s why you won’t think twice about your cookware. Instead, you can focus on cooking.

Easy to clean

Nobody loves to see a dirty and sticky stove after cooking, even time-consuming cleaning. So what’s the solution? Yes, fast and easy cleaning, like wiping, can bring smiles to your lips. The non-stick hot plate of Elite makes cleaning a breeze.

What to cook

You can make and warm pizza, burgers, hot dogs, buns, cakes, pastries, etc., as your breakfast or snack. Boiling water for making tea or coffee and frying chicken, lambs, and fish are common cooking methods with this burner to serve your guests.

Who Is For This Hot Plate?

You should own this Elite Gourmet Countertop hot smoker to enjoy less hassle, fast cooking, and delicious food. We recommend it for those who have to frequently warm and cook foods for their babies, pets, or parents.

What We Like

  1. Consistent and different temp ranges worthy of perfect cooking
  2. The red light indicator informs achieving the desired temp
  3. 2-3 feet power cord is great to reach your power source
  4. Quality built, slim design, and portable

What We Don't Like

  1. Takes 3 minutes to reach the highest temp

2. Imusa Electric Hot Burner - Best Budget Pick

If you are looking for a hot plate smoker with the facilities of electric plug-in and emergency battery connection. Then nothing but the Imusa GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner can match your requirements. Nonetheless, its reasonable price will also suit your tight budget.

Construction and efficient coil

It is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum, which makes it durable. The 1100-watt and 5.5 inches electric coil is also made with quality material to offer adequate heat radiation.

Its coil is also set to provide proper heat to the plate you keep on the smoker. So there is no chance of getting unevenly cooked food.

Temperature control

It comes with 3 levels of temperature settings (low, medium, and high). So you can set the temperature based on your dish requirements to enjoy mouthwatering and juicy foods every time you use this burner.

Compact design

It is designed to be slim to fit anywhere in a small, and compact space. However, it is less than 2 pounds, which makes it portable. The non-skid rubber feet prevent sliding while cooking. You can set it everywhere you want to check your hunger without hassle.

Easy to use and clean

The temperature control knob and the high-temperature indicator light are in front of the stove. That allows you to easily trigger them to control your cooking temp and avoid accidents. There is a stainless steel drip pan below the burner to easily get access and clean it by wiping it with wet wipes. 

What food to cook

This burner is great for cooking almost all food types that take less than one hour. Because you have to use it for 1 hour in 2 hours of period at a stretch.

You can cook pasta, caramel, noodles, candy, cannabis edibles, gummies, coffee, tea, etc. with this hot plate smoker for breakfast and evening snacks.

Who Is For This Hot Plate?

Imusa Electric Single Burner is convenient, easy to use, quick, and efficient in cooking. So if you are a college student in a dorm, a corporate person or elder citizen living alone, or planning for a long tour, you can grab this burner with utmost confidence.

What We Like

  1. Fast heating with temperature control
  2. Consume less electricity to reduce fuel cost
  3. Portable and space-saving design
  4. Easy to use, clean, and maintain

What We Don't Like

  1. No auto-shut off button

3. Ovente Electric Burner - Best For Durability

No matter how vast or small the investment is to acquire a hot plate smoker! Durability is a useful feature that you expect.  The Ovente Electric Single Coil Burner is a hot plate smoker that ensures top-notch durability with other must-have features.

Quality built

The stainless steel material housing of this smoker makes it heat resistant. So it can tolerate high temperatures with longer cooking hours and no fear of catching fire. You can use at least one year of efficient cooking not to get damaged.

Adjustable temperature control

The 6 inches hot plate coil comes with 5 different levels of temp control. You can easily set the temperature according to your desired heat by rotating the knob. So no more struggle to get evenly cooked food.

Fuel efficiency

The 1000 watts or 120V heating outlet heats up quickly. The rounded heating coil will provide maximum heat radiation to the pan to ensure fuel economy. So it won’t cut your pocket with extra electric bills.

Cookware Compatibility

Maximum cookware like ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron, and many other cooking appliances are good for this hot plate. So you won’t have to spend extra bucks to buy special cookware for this smoker plate.

Who Is For This Hot Plate?

You can choose to keep it in your office kitchen to entertain your guests with tea, coffee, and light snacks. Moreover, it is also truly functional for renovating your kitchen or bachelor’s cooking.

What We Like

  1. Great quality ensures durability to get better service
  2. Appropriate functionality with no heat loss
  3. The safety on/off power light indicates the set temp reaching
  4. Lightweight, compact design, and easy to store

What We Don't Like

  1. You may wait for a few minutes to reach its maximum heat

4. Elite Gourmet ESB-300X Countertop Burner - Best For Portability

If you are a coffee and travel lover, you’ll need a hot plate smoker below 1000 wattage. Yes, only for you. We want to introduce the ESB-300X 750 watts single countertop coiled burner from Elite Gourmet.

Robust building

At first glance, you may think it’s flimsy due to its small size. But you’re mistaken, my friend. Yes, it is designed as compact from the outside, but from the inside, it is much more durable because of its stainless steel housing. The non-skid feet keep it stable on any surface that also prevents sliding damage.

Slik design

It has a 9.8×9.49×14.8 inches compact design to put it in your backpack effortlessly. So that you can carry it during your long journey with no hassle. You can even set up and use the burner in any small space wherever you can manage without requiring gigantic arrangement.

Safety assurance

Most travelers who use smoke burners while traveling frequently experience hand burning, which is pathetic. You are in the safe zone when using the ESB-300X coil burner because of its adjustable thermostat with cool-touch handles.

Temperature adjustment

Maintaining proper temperature is the thumb rule to have a sip of perfect coffee or to taste delicious warm food. The easy and fast temp regulator knob is bliss for you to keep control over the burner temp. Set low, medium, or high heat based on your food needs, and enjoy the meal.

Easy cleaning

The heating coil is liftable to access the drip pan of the hot smoker. So you can clean the smoker with a damp sponge by wiping it. Nothing extra effort is required to keep it shiny all the time, like new.

What to cook

Don’t think you can only make tea and coffee with this burner. You can use it for low-heat cooking, such as warming milk, making snacks, cooking omelets, cereal, soups, steamed veggies, etc.

Who Is For This Hot Plate?

It is worth buying as a super small but quality cooking gadget for travelers. Moreover, the school, college, and office goers can also use it for shortcut cooking.

What We Like

  1. This emergency stove is a great travel accessory
  2. The power indicator light is nice to inform you power on/off timing
  3. Offer variable but the consistent temperature
  4. Compatible with most the cookware appliances

What We Don't Like

  1. It’d be better if it had a longer power cord

5. Proctor Silex Electric Burner Cooktop - Best For Infrared

Hey, are you thinking we forgot you as you require more than 1000 wattage heating level? No way, dear. Only for you, we keep the Proctor Silex Electric Single Burner Cooktop that comes with a 1200-wattage coil burner. So you’ll get more heat from this cooktop than our above picks.

Superior quality

Since it is designed for light to a little bit heavy cooking, it is constructed exceptionally well with high-quality aluminum. The stainless steel makes it strong and durable to use for many years with no fear of wear and tear.

Fast heating

One of the major complaints about most of the singer burners is they take some minutes to reach their highest heat. This 1200 watts burner will offer you even heat distribution with the highest temp within a few seconds. So it increases cooking time by cutting the waiting time.

Temperature control

You can adjust the burner’s temp from the warm to high that you require with its adjustable heat knob. Which makes using the burner for your every cooking style a breeze, with no worse experience of uncooked or overcooked foods.

Compatible cookware

All cookware, including Dutch oven, stainless steel pot, frying pan, aluminum pan, and kettles, are easy to use on the burner with no risk of a hot spot.

Moreover, you won’t think about the cookware size, as small to large all are fit on the burner to boil water or cook food.

Portability and cleaning

The compact design and lightweight allow you to move it around from place to place. Not only that, you can hide it in a tight space. 

The stainless steel drip pan is non-sticky so it won’t catch oils. You can easily clean the drip pans with a damp cloth by lifting its 5.5 inches coil.

What to cook

Boiling water for morning tea or coffee is as simple as a regular oven stovetop. This burner can cook eggs, veggies, oatmeal, grill sandwiches, toast, ground meat, fried chicken, tofu, etc.

Who Is For This Hot Plate?

The Proctor Silex Electric Burner Cooktop is a handy cooker for a holiday and camping cooking. So if you love to go camping or outdoor activities with your family and friends, you can choose it. However, the homeowners who want to get an extra cooker besides countertops, it is also good for them. 

What We Like

  1. Effortless to use, control temperature, and clean
  2. Level coils ensure even heat distribution around the pan
  3. Save you from making a mess on the stove
  4. Quality and warranty worth your investment

What We Don't Like

  1. The power cord is short

What Should I Look For When Buying A Hot Plate?

The hot plate smoker may look soo simple, but there are many features that you must check to use it like a pro.

Otherwise, there is a high chance of investing in a useless gadget that won’t serve your purpose. This buying guide lets you know what to check to pick an electric burner for smokers.

Know Thyself

Nothing is as important as knowing yourself to buy any product that is really worthwhile for you. So your first task is to make a checklist of what you desire to get from the cooking burner.

Heating Element

A rounded coil or plain heat plate is a heating element for most electric burners. You must properly check the unit to ensure even heat distribution over the pan. Otherwise, heat fluctuations may happen that will ruin your food by one side overcooking and one side undercooking.

Heat Adjustment Knob

You’ll need different levels of heat to cook your desired dish, because every cooking item and method won’t require the same level of heat.

For example, low heat is good for warming milk, tea, coffee, and snacks. Medium heat is good for slow cooking and frying, whereas high heat is excellent for boiling and deep frying. So the heat adjustment knob will help you to set the temperature as per your needs.

However, if you find a 5-7 heat adjustable hot plate than these three basic options, you should choose it.


The electric burner consumes electricity as its fuel, and wattage is the unit to count how much electricity it requires to cook. Even the wattage helps you to understand how versatile cooking you can try with the burner.

Though, different wattages of burners are available in the market. You must choose a 1000-1200 wattage burner for cooking fish fry, chicken fry, grilling veggies, cheese, bacon or noodles. On the other hand, a 750-wattage hot plate is enough only for making tea and coffee.

Easy To Use And Clean

The easy-to-operate hot plate smoker will be convenient for most new cooks who rarely try cooking. Even the expert cook also loves easy using and cleaning hot plates.

Look at the location of the temperature controlling knob, power cord length, and safety red light indicator to justify its easy use feature.

However, the non-stick housing and liftable heating coil ensure easy cleaning. So if all of these are satisfied, you can consider the burner an easy-to-use and clean cooking gadget.

Compact Design

Lightweight, easy storage, and portability are the three benefits of a compact designing hot plate. So if you want to move your cooking burner from place to place, you must focus on its compact design. 

Cookware Compatibility

If you use it in your home kitchen, cookware compatibility may not be as important for you. But, if you want to use it at the office, school hostel, dorm, while traveling, or camping, then cookware size, placement, and compatibility are equally important.

So you should choose a burner compatible with most cookware like glass pans, fry pan, kettle, ceramic pot, aluminum pots, etc.


Aluminum and stainless steel are the best materials for hot plates because of their strength, non-sticky surface, rust resistance, and durability.

There is no straightforward answer as it depends on what wattage of a hot plate and how many hours you use it. A 1200-wattage hot plate consumes approximately 36 kilowatt-hours of electricity for using it every day for 1 hour for one month. That means it is more fuel economical than other cooking gadgets.

Most hot plate smokers have a red light indicator to notify you about their on/off situation and temperature ranges. But, if you leave it unattended with an electric connection for a longer time, or use it beside flammable or combustible materials, that are prone to catch fire, a fire hazard may happen. So you must be careful when dealing with electric hot plates and fire.

Final Words

Nothing is as important as enjoying both cooking and healthy food. Nowadays, hot plates have gained popularity due to their versatile cooking opportunity, heating adjustability, portability, and simple using techniques.

Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge to choose the best hot plate smoker that is worthwhile for you.

However, we like to suggest the Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner  smoker because of its quality, temperature ranges, and cooking versatility for those who are still confused.

Be a pro cook with little hassle! 

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