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Rec tec Vs Traeger
Rec tec Vs Traeger

Are you looking for mid-range pellet grills for your kitchen? If so, you might have come across Rec Tec and Traeger grills. So, which one is better, Rec tec vs Trager?

Rec tec grills are really heavy-duty. Thus, among all the mid-range pellet grills, they are really hard to beat. But if you have the budget, Traeger grills will indeed be the best. Their overall technology and customizable options are really upgraded.

Our team has experimented with each and every model of Rec tec and Traeger. We are highly familiar with the build quality, design, temperature control, and technology of these brands. So, rely on us with ease, and let’s dive in!

Comparing Traeger grills and Rec Tec is indeed tricky. After all, Traeger is one of the biggest Retailers in the grill market. The Traeger ironwood is really easy to set up, use, and clean. They have given extra attention to customer convenience. Thus, they have unique features like – pellet sensors & notifications, pellet cleanouts, a vast recipe database, etc. It can easily reach high temperatures like 500°F for searing.

However, in recent days, Rec Tec has improved itself enough to compete head-to-head. For instance, the Rec Tec 700 is an efficient pellet grill with a 700-square-inch cooking area. But they took Rec Tec 1250 to another level with the addition of a cast iron heat deflector and auger motor. They play an excellent role in reaching high temperatures of 700°F.

Let’s check the comparison right away!



Rec Tec

Extremes of temperature 

Traeger Ironwood can reach upto 500°F.

Rec Tec can reach 700°F for searing.

Temperature Control

Relatively less convenient 

More convenient.

Folding Front Shelf

It is not available. You have to purchase it separately.


Cooking Area

616 Square Inches.

702 Square Inches.

Pellet Sensor



Hopper Capacity 

22 lbs.

40 lbs.

Pellet Cleanout



Easy To Clean



Interior Lighting 




10 years

6 years.

Brand History - A Short Review

Rec Tec Grills started its journey in 2009 and has been thriving in the market till now. In 2020, they renamed themselves from ‘Rec Tec Grills’ to ‘Rec Tec.’ It is well known for its premium build quality, bullhorn handles, and customer service. Their onboard controller is pretty smart and automatically controls the feed rate based on the target and current temperature.

On the other hand, Traeger manufactured their first pellet grill in 1986. At first, they were the best in the market and didn’t have any competitors. But, their quality had a subsequent downfall over time. However, modern-generation Traeger grills are heavy-duty, just like their ancestors. They have also equipped it with modern technology and customizable options.

Rec tec Vs Traeger - Let's Compare The Basic Features

Both Rec tec and Traeger grills are pretty famous among mid-range grills. So, it’s indeed hard to choose the best one among them.

Let’s demonstrate and compare their basic features first! 


Choosing between Traeger and Rec Tec totally depends on personal taste and aesthetics. The stainless steel finish and bullhorn design of Rec Tec are indeed noteworthy. They have given extra attention to its overall design and build quality. However, if you are up for a grill with a simple and slick design, go for Traeger right away! 

Temperature Control

Traeger grills feature a dial-based input method just beside their large screen. Just provide your preferred temperature. You can increase or decrease it with an increment of 5°F. It features a single temperature probe for proper temperature monitoring. 

Thus, the Traeger ironwood can maintain the preferred temperature within a variation of +/- 15°F. You can also use their app to set up the temperature precisely.

If you need a pellet grill for searing, Rec Tec is the best option. After all, you can make it 200°F hotter than Rec Tec. You can set the temperature anywhere from 180°F to 700°F. Thus, in this context, we will choose Rec Tec for a wide range and precise temperature control. 

Hopper Capacity

Higher pellet hopper capacity usually indicates a longer cooking period. For instance, Rec Tec RT-1250 has a pellet holding capacity of 40 lbs. So, if your grill utilizes 1 lb per hour, you can enjoy a continuous cooking period of 40 hours. However, the Traeger ironwood can hold 22 lbs pellets each time. Besides, the Traeger features a pellet probe to monitor and notify whenever the hopper is empty. However, for massive pellet holding capacity and prolonged cooking period, Rec Tec is the definite winner. However, if you are looking for versatile features like – easy pellet cleanout, Traeger grills are good to go! 

Wifi & App Control

Both Rec Tec and Traeger are confident about their app/wifi-controlled interactive grills. First, you have to install their app on your smartphone. Then, you can remotely monitor and control the temperature. You can also set push alarms to be notified when your grill reaches a specific temperature. 

If you want to take temperature control with Alexa, then Traeger would be a great choice. Traeger also offers a wide database of recipes for your convenience. The Traeger app also features a special pellet sensor and super smoke mode. Thus, Traeger apps offer more versatility and function than Rec Tec. However, there was a significant lagging issue with Traeger and Rec Tec. Still, Traeger won the match for its unique features.

Ease Of Use

Both Rec Tec and Traeger are just like typical pellet grills. Grease will pile up within the side bucket over time. So, after a few cooks, you have to vacuum the whole setup. In this case, we have specifically loved Traeger for its built-in grease catcher. It’s really easy to remove and clean as well. Traeger also features an additional hopper cleanout for further convenience. Therefore, Traeger is indeed the ultimate winner.


Both Traeger and Rec Tec are available within a similar budget range. Some Traeger grill models, like Traeger Pro 575, are indeed more affordable than Rec Tec. However, the modern Traeger series, like – Traeger Ironwood, is relatively pricier than Rec Tec. So, in this context, Rec tec is definitely a clear winner.


Unlike charcoal grills, pellet grills are relatively pricey. Moreover, you are dealing with a digitally controlled grill with a sensitive thermal control. So, obviously, customers prefer a warranty over their investment. A long warranty provides a firm belief in the quality of the grill. 

That’s why Traeger provides a 10-year warranty on their building components. In contrast, Rec Tec provided 6 years of warranty on all components of their grill. But the Traeger motor, anger, controller, fans, and grates come with a warranty of 3 years. In fact, the pellet sensors, lighting, and wireless meat probes have just 1-year warranty. So, overall, it’s a tie.

Customer Support

Among Traeger and Rectec, Rectec is famous for its special customer support. 

Traeger is also very active in marketing and customer support. Their US representatives work hard to solve every issue of their customers.

But Rec Tec always includes the founder’s number along with their grills. So, if the customer faces any issues, they can directly contact the founders and rest at ease. 

Which Model Should Be Considered Other Than Traeger Ironwood or Rec Tec 1250?

Both Rec Tec 1250 & Traeger Ironwood are pretty awesome in their own way. But if you have a bit of a low budget, you can look for others like – Deck Boss or Grilla Grills.

Deck Boss 590 is basically a small and affordable version of Rec Tec 1250. It offers a large cooking space measuring around 590 square inches. It may become as hot as 700°F. 

You can also try the Silverback wood pellet grill of Grilla Grills. It is indeed a great pellet grill for under $1000. It offers around 692 square inches of cooking area. Due to its double wall insulation, its overall build quality is indeed praiseworthy. 

Just like Traeger or Rectec, you control both of these models remotely with their app.

Rec Tec Vs. Traeger Vs. Z Grills: Is Z Grills Better?

Z Grills used to manufacture grills for Traeger until 2017. Later on, Z grills came out in public and offered quality comparable to Traeger’s, which was within a very reasonable range. Thus, it ended up as the best seller in the market. After all, a Traeger quality grill within a reasonable range is indeed tempting. Nowadays, the 700 series of Z grill is very popular. 

700D4E Z grills offer many premium features like – 

  • Outstanding appearance with a stainless steel finish.
  • Hopper cleanout.
  • Hopper capacity of 20 lbs.
  • Dual wall insulation for temperature control.
  • Cooking area of 697 square inches.

Now, let’s compare it with Traeger and Rec Tec as well!



Rec Tec

Z grills

Temperature Range

165°F to 500°F.

180°F to 700°F

180°F to 450°F.

Hopper Clean Out Design 


Not Available.


Hopper Capacity 

22 lbs.

40 lbs.

20 lbs. 

Cooking Area

616 Square Inches.

702 Square Inches.

697 Square Inches.


10 years.

6 years.

3 years.


Yes. Rec Tec 1250 is one of the best out there for searing. After all, it features a fast auger motor along with a cast iron design. So, it can reach high temperatures up to 700°F. 

Yes, the Traeger features dual wall construction to maintain the temperature within an optimum range. It ensures minimum temperature fluctuations in order to get the best results. Its special super-smoke mode can disperse the wood-fired flavor evenly.

Traeger grills have been on hype for a long while for their build quality. However, modern Rec Tec models have the upper hand due to their larger cooking surface, a wide range of temperatures, and large hopper capacity.

Final Verdict

Rec tec Vs. Trager, which one is better? I bet it was indeed a tricky query, especially for beginners. Honestly, both of these brands are awesome in their own aspects. 

Traeger has been dominating the grill market for over a decade. However, Rec tec has worked significantly on its build quality and functions. Rec tec offers a larger surface area and longer cooking time than Traeger. We will also choose Rec tec for their precious temperature control. RT – 1250 can become as hot as 700°F, which is perfect for searing. 

However, Traeger got the upper hand in providing customer convenience. Traeger grills are easy to clean. Their D2® drivetrain controlled grill, along with the Traeger app, offers versatile functions.

Overall, both of them are pretty great among mid-range pellet grills. Still, we will recommend Rec Tec for its overall quality, temperature control, and customer support.

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