Traeger Flatrock VS Blackstone | Choosing the Perfect Grill

Traeger Flatrock VS Blackstone
Traeger Flatrock VS Blackstone

Traeger Flatrock and Blackstone are two popular flat-top grills for outdoor cooking. These grills are high-end and similar in features and conveniences. Both devices are high-end and come from reputed brands. So, what makes a difference between them? We have a comprehensive guide on Traeger Flatrock vs Blackstone griddle if you need clarification about these grilling devices.

In this guide, we will compare the features of Traeger flatrock and Blackstone grills. You will also learn the brief history of Traeger and Blackstone brands, which will help you compare the griddles. So, let’s jump into this guide!

Since we will compare two different models of these brands, let’s know something about the brand.


Traeger is one of the world’s top manufacturers of wood pellet grills. This brand was established in 1985 and retains its reputation today. In 2022, the brand’s annual revenue was $656 million.


On the other hand, Blackstone became one of the most recognizable brands for high-end flat-top grills. However, Blackstone’s brand is like a kid compared with the Traeger because it was launched in 2005. But you will get available a wide range of Blackstone Products in the market.

Detailed Comparison of Traeger Flatrock vs Blackstone Griddle

Here, we compare the two most popular high-end grill models, Traeger Flatrock and Blackstone. We have researched Traeger Flatrock and Blackstone from their official websites. So, all information is authentic and trustworthy.

General Description:

Traeger flat rock is a complete grilling device with many advantages, including griddling, frying, steaming, and BBQ Grill, sautéing for outdoor cooking. Traeger Flatrock has all the amenities to take your traditional cooking to new heights. However, Traeger flatrock recalls for fire hazards from wood pellets.

Similarly, the 36-in Omnivore Griddle is one of the best Blackstone cooking stations for outdoor cooking. Four independent spaces for temperature zones, dual folding side shelves, a magnetic tool strip and a paper towel holder are great additions to this gas grill. This Blackstone model is perfect griddle for all types of food at outdoor trips or backyard picnics.


Flatrock comes with 3 U-shaped burners and a recessed carbon steel cooktop. As well as Flatrock offers fuel gauge sensor and flame sensors. Each sensor indicates the fuel and flame level, respectively. Besides, the EZ-clean grease & ash keg keeps the grilling device clean. There has a removable grease container that grabs all grease and dust. Additionally, you will get some pop-and-lock accessory rail. These accessories allow help to use an extra cooking space, tool hooks and storage bins. More notable than the flatrock grill comes with two 17″ folding side shelves

On the other hand, the 36″ Omnivore Griddle comes with 4 burners, dual folding side shelves and an added rail unit system for cooking food accessories. Besides, this grilling machine has 4 Portability wheels with 2 Casters. Additionally, it has a built-in perforated bottom shelf to store all cooking necessities in one place.


Traeger Flatrock has around 594 square inches of cooking space, and the maximum cooking temperature is 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Traeger flatrock dimensions for cooktop is 33″ X 18″, and it holds 189 Lbs. Also, you get 26 eggs, 28 bacon strips, and 24 burgers.

By contrast, the Blackstone 36″ Omnivore Griddle measures 36.5 inches in height. Its total length, including the extended side shelf, is around 64.5 square inch cooking surface.


Traeger flatrock sale is far more expensive than the Blackstone 36″ omnivore griddle. You have to spend around $899.99. But you can purchase a 36″ omnivore for $499.

Warranty and return:

Traeger Flatrock offers 5-year limited warranty. On the other hand, Blackstone doesn’t provide a warranty, but you can return their products within 30 days. There are some conditions for returning the product. The product must be unused and fresh.


Both Flatrock and Blackstone Outdoor Griddles have some limitations. Traeger Flat rock’s core limitations are higher cost, limited cooking space, and a maximum temperature of 600 degrees F. Besides, Flatrock is dependable on wooden pellets, which can be problematic sometimes.

By contrast, the Blackstone 36″ omnivore is comparatively larger and heavier. So, it is tricky to transport. Besides, propane dependency and less durable material are other downsides of this grill. You always need to maintain the level of propane while cooking. It is not possible to use a blackstone 36” omnivore without liquid propane.

What Are the Pros of Traeger Flatrock That We Liked Most?

  • 4 Casters design makes it convenient to pull anywhere on an outdoor trip or picnic spot
  • Three separate cooking zones with temperature control heat shields allow cooking different foods together at individual temperatures.
  • Flatrock distributes temperature evenly across the entire cooking surface
  • The U-shaped burner is 2X more effective than a regular patio griddle
  • Sleek design, lightweight feature

What Are the Pros of Blackstone That We Liked Most?

  • Traeger Flatrock Griddle has most advanced griddle plate technology that is reliable for even heat distribution.
  • Special integrated Excellent wind protection that helps to continue cooking in the windiest conditions.
  • Thermal shock stability and fine-tuned adjustable heat controls system
  • This griddle required less propane than another griddle
  • Extensive product lines and affordable price range

Traeger Flatrock vs Blackstone, which is the winner?

We have discussed the features and pros and cons of both outdoor griddles above. These two grills have become very popular recently and are being used interchangeably. Although they have almost the same basic features, the Traeger flatrock is ahead of the Blackstone in several ways.

Since flatrock is relatively expensive, so many people prefer Blackstone over Traeger. But if you invest in Traeger Flatrock, it would be great for getting a lot of more advanced features.

Traeger Flatrock Vs Blackstone Griddle Reddit

We did thorough research on the opinions of Reddit users. Many say that Traeger Flatrock is better and that Blackstone is better. However, most of the users appreciated Traeger Flatrock. They have said that Traeger is superior in quality. However, the demand for Blackstone is higher because of its budget-friendly option. On the other hand, Traeger is a winner inconvenience, though it is expensive.

Final Words:

You understood the differences and similarities between Traeger flatrock vs Blackstone griddle. Both grills are high-end in quality. However, flatrock is more advanced than blackstone. If you have enough budget, then going with Traeger Flatrock would be a great choice.

On the other hand, Blackstone 36″ Omnivore is an excellent grill with advanced features. Besides, Blackstone is affordable too, so a tight-budget consumer can easily purchase this.

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