Best Replacement Gasket For Big Green Egg For Perfect Grill

Best Replacement Gaskets For Big Green Egg
Best Replacement Gaskets For Big Green Egg

If you are a BGE user for a long time, you obviously know how vital a gasket is in a BGE to make your BBQ perfect. It seals the heat and smoke inside to infuse an amazing smoky smack into the food. But the gasket isn’t supposed to last forever. With time, it gets subjected to wear and starts leaking the heat and smoke. Then you must replace it with the best replacement gasket for Big Green Egg.

Luckily, some wonderful choices are available in the market, and below we have shortlisted the top five products based on their materials, temperature control, longevity, and performance.

So, let’s dive in!

Kraus KHF203-33 Double Bowl kitchen SinkBest OverallManufacturers: High-Que
Dimensions: 5.5×1×7 inches
Weight: 4 ounces
Length: 12 ft
Color: Default
$$ On Amazon
Ruvati RVH8001 Single Bowl kitchen SinkBest WearManufacturers: KAMaster
Dimensions: 6.14×5.87×1.81 inches
Weight: 15.2 ounces
Length: 150 in
Color: Mesh Gasket for Classic
$$$ On Amazon
Blanco 440194 Undermount Kitchen SinkBest Value for the MoneyManufacturers: LavaLock
Dimensions: 6×6×0.9 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Length: 15 ft
Color: Grey
$ On Amazon
Zuhne PM-HOBZ-4YRY Single Bowl Kitchen SinkMost DurableManufacturers: LavaLock
Dimensions: 6×6×0.5 inches
Weight: 0.16 ounces
Length: 15 ft
Color: Charcoal
$ On Amazon
Ruvati RVH7355 Double Bowl Kitchen SinkMost VersatileManufacturers: Fireblack
Dimensions: 6×6×0.5 inches
Weight: 1.59 ounces
Length: 15 ft
Color: Black
$ On Amazon

Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg

With years of experience using a BGE, we can assure you that the following gaskets are the perfect match if you are looking for a replacement for your exclusive BBQ smoker. Go through our review first and then decide on your pick.

The first place is occupied by a famous replacement gasket made of high-quality materials. This is, indeed, one of the finest gaskets ever made for a large Big Green Egg smoker.


  • Made of exclusive golden kevlar and Nomex high-temperature material
  • Super easy peel and stick application
  • Long enough to cover the top, bottom, and chimney seal
  • Easy to understand instructions for installing
  • Backed by 2 years of warranty

What is the most exclusive feature that makes this product outplay the rest in the market? – Undoubtedly, the high-quality materials. As this is an industry-leading High-Que gasket with golden kevlar and Nomex, rest assured that you are going to experience outstanding temperature control.

Being made of such high-temperature materials, the adhesive comes with sticks to place no matter how high the grill temperature is. 

Also, we couldn’t complain about the instructions as they are really well-written. You don’t need any professional support to install the gasket. In fact, the extremely easy peel-and-stick application is one of the reasons behind its sky-high popularity.

Generally, it’s a top and bottom gasket. But the bonus chimney seal it comes with is really commendable though. One thing to remember is that you must cook low and slow when you are using it for the very first time.

Hey, don’t be disappointed. It’s only for the first time. From the second cook, it will be more than ready to fire up at the highest heat.

All things considered, we highly recommend it as one of the best large Big Green Egg gasket replacements. Although the manufacturers offer numerous sizes to fit your mini or extra large Egg as well.


  1. Made of flameproof material to protect the ceramic grill
  2. Speedy customer support from the manufacturers
  3. Improves temperature regulation and sear of the Egg at high heat
  4. Easy and effortless installation
  5. Quite long-lasting


  1. The metal bands need to be readjusted
  2. Doesn’t offer a tighter seal as it claims

Secondly, let’s talk about another famous gasket from KAMaster that can easily fit your Big Green Egg. The key features it comes with are as follows-


  • A high-temperature grill gasket with no wear and tear
  • Long enough to fit both the top and base lid
  • Made of wire mesh fiberglass which fights against mildew buildup and discoloration
  • Offers a decent tight seal to keep the smoke inside
  • The internal hollow steel wire mesh provides optimal shockproof protection

To begin with the benefits, it’s, indeed, a well-built gasket for any Egg owner out there, thanks to its superior mesh material. Unlike the regular gaskets, it doesn’t consist of ordinary mesh. Instead, KAMaster designed it with shockproof wire mesh not to melt or burn. Also, the width and length of this gasket are more than enough to cover the grate diameter, both the lid and the base. Aside from a BGE, the Kamado Joe users can also use this to upgrade their BBQ grills.

If you want to control heat precisely, this gasket kit is a great choice as it keeps all the smoke inside without any leakage. Resultantly, you get to enjoy a toothsome meal with an authentic smoky aroma.

Whether your old BGE gasket is worn or torn, go for this wear-resistant gasket replacement at once to avoid ruining your next BBQ. Unlike the Gold Standard High Heat Gasket, this is not that budget-friendly.

But who cares for the budget while looking for the best aftermarket gasket for Big Green Egg that is unbeatable in terms of performance?


  1. Clear and concise instructions
  2. Comes with strong thermal insulation to last longer
  3. Wear, tear, scratch, and mold resistant
  4. The self-adhesive gasket doesn’t damage the glue in high heat
  5. Offers a perfect seal without any smoke leakage


  1. A bit high-priced
  2. Don’t suit the heavier grills

Next, we will break down the key specifications of the LavaLock gasket kit to decide on its utility.


  • Suitable for all sizes of BGE including mini, medium, large, or, extra large
  • Comes with a grey color pressure-sensitive self-adhesive
  • Optimal density of the BBQ smoker gasket
  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Made in the USA with high-quality Nomex for unmatched performance

While talking about the best-quality gasket for BGE, we cannot exclude LavaLock. In terms of manufacturing the most long-lasting gasket replacement kits, it has made a reliable place among the BBQuers. With the unfailing performance and unmatched durability, this high-temperature Nomex kit surely wins over any ordinary product in the market.

But what is the USP of this LavaLock kit? Why is this so popular among the BGE owners? – For the extremely affordable price point, we guess. Compared to the other leading Egg replacement gaskets, it comes really cheap.

Furthermore, the extra long roll is more than enough to cover every area of your BGE that needs a gasket. What sets them apart is the dominion blend of industry-standard material and high-heat adhesive backing.

For the super easy installation, you need to put a bit of pressure on it on an utterly clean surface. Then close the lid and let it rest for 24 hours at least. Eventually, the high-temp adhesive will be active to stick in place and not melt.

Overall, the gasket provides a decent value for the money. Therefore, we don’t think you should miss it in any way.


  1. A complete gasket kit made of high-quality material
  2. Fast and facile installation
  3. Includes high-heat compatible adhesive
  4. Very affordable price range
  5. Fits all ceramic grills apart from BGE


  1. Could be a bit more long-lasting
  2. Doesn’t provide enough tape to fit an XL Big Green Egg

In the fourth spot, we came with another LavaLock product with ultimate durability. Let’s check out whether it meets your requirements or not.


  • Comes with clear and accurate instructions to install
  • The pressure-sensitive self-adhesive backing doesn’t peel or loosen
  • Compatible with high-temperature grilling
  • Professional-grade smoker gasket door and lid sealer with ultimate efficiency
  • Extra long roll to fit the XL size of BGE

As this gasket is made of genuine Nomex, rest assured that it will outperform all other average gaskets in the market. The flameproof fiber blend is carefully engineered and is used by renowned pitmasters throughout the world. Naturally, it will last quite a long to seal the heat and smoke in your Big Green Egg. 

One good point about this exclusive BBQ smoker gasket replacement is that it comes in an extra long roll. Therefore, the tape is sufficient for both the door and the lid of your smoker. Also, the USA-based design is a foolproof one by gasket experts. As a result, it’s prone to melting, burning, and failing.

However, the easy self-stick adhesive doesn’t require much to be installed. Similar to the LavaLock Nomex High-Temperature Gasket  Replacement Kit for Big Green Egg, you need to press and stick to install the adhesive. Then let it cure.

Best of all, you get ultimate product support and service for protection from the LavaLock team. They are all USA-based gasket experts.


  1. Extra long BBQ smoker lid and door gasket
  2. No leakage of heat and smoke
  3. Durable self-adhesive backing
  4. Offer better heat control with an improved cooking result
  5. Compatible with lids, doors, and other surfaces


  1. A bit thicker gasket and therefore, the door doesn’t close as tightly as before
  2. The adhesive properties could be stronger

Last but not least, we have a Fireblack gasket replacement for your beloved Big Green Egg with a fairly reasonable price range.

Let’s break down its core specifications below.


  • A black BBQ smoker gasket that is 15 feet long
  • High heat compatible adhesive
  • Professional-level engineering
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Features high-temperature self-adhesive by LavaLock

Do you know why this gasket is known as a versatile kit? Because it fits almost all BBQ smokers including BGE, Oklahoma Joe, Kamado Joe, Offset Smokers, Weber Smokey Mountain, and many more.

Besides, it is available in numerous sizes. Resultantly all the Egg owners out there could give it a go for their mini, small, medium, large, or extra large Eggs. As the adhesive is high heat resistant, you can use it with smokers having heavy cast iron grates or fiberglass ones.

Rest assured that it will offer the ultimate seal without any leakage. As a result, you will be using less charcoal. So, it will notably reduce your fuel cost. Being entirely manufactured in the USA, this premium gasket is backed by expert help and support when needed.

Moreover, the industry-leading technology by Fireblack sets the gasket apart with precise temperature control and better BBQing results. Nonetheless, the adhesive doesn’t stick well if the older gasket is not utterly cleaned. Of course, that doesn’t negate the quality of the product. So, what are you waiting for? Get this gasket before it runs out! We guarantee that the features it offers are hard to get at this price range.


  1. 100% sealing with no smoke leakage
  2. Fits a wide range of grills and smokers
  3. Made of high-quality and durable materials
  4. Reduces operating costs by saving fuel
  5. Easy to apply self-stick adhesive


  1. Not as long-lasting as expected
  2. A bit time-consuming to separate the adhesive from the paper backing

How Do You Take Care of a Big Green Egg?

A Big Green Egg is surely a very reliable cooking appliance. But you need to take care of it properly to extend its lifespan. So, how should you maintain a BGE so that it doesn’t wear out fast? First of all, never let the grease accumulate on the grill grates. Clean it immediately.

But the residue from your last meal wouldn’t come out so easily. You need to fire up the charcoal smoker so that the heat makes the residual junk and food grease loosen. Once it reaches around 570° F, you can shut off the grill and let it cool down a bit. Then scrape off the dirt and oil using a scouring pad gently. Aside from that, you need to wipe the outside of the smoker thoroughly. Of course, you have to use a soft piece of cloth instead of any chemical cleaner.

Once you are satisfied that there’s no junk inside, let the smoker rest for a while. And before further use, don’t forget to brush the exterior, grilling grates, metal top, and regulator with oil. This will lengthen the lifespan of this cooker protecting the cast iron coating from rust and corrosion.

How to Install Gasket on the Big Green Egg?

Without the proper knowledge, you can damage your BGE while installing the gasket. So, let’s check out the step-by-step details on how to install the gasket on it.

  • Always buy the gasket that suits your Egg size. A wrong size would never fit.
  • After taking the older gasket off with the help of a scraping tool, clean the surface thoroughly. Otherwise, the new gasket wouldn’t sit on the surface.
  • Use acetone to clean the remaining adhesive off the older gasket with the help of a soft brush.
  • Now, let the Big Green Egg dry completely.
  • After that, it’s time to install the new gasket.
  • Start by peeling the paper layer without touching the glue side. Please remember that peeling off the entire layer at a te would make the adhesive dry. So, avoid it!
  • Usually, self-adhesive gaskets need a little bit of pressure to stick to the smoker. So, smoothly pressurize the gasket and let it sit evenly.
  • Apply the new gasket on each part of the BGE where required.
  • Once done, let the glue cure and be active for a high-heat grilling. That’s it.

Buying Guide for the Best Replacement Gasket for Big Green Egg

Have you ever thought about what to look for in the replacement gasket for your Big Green Egg? With no prior knowledge, you could end up getting the wrong gasket that could ruin your next BBQ.

So, let’s look forward to the must-have features for a premium-quality BGE replacement gasket.


To be honest, the first thing you should look for is the size. If it’s not compatible with your BGE, what’s the point?

So, make sure you choose the right size having the proper length and width. It must cover all three areas of your BGE so that you get the most precise heat control while cooking.

Also, there are many sizes of gaskets available for different BGE. Make sure the gasket you choose fits your existing Egg whether it’s small, mini, medium, large, or extra large.

High-Temperature Adhesive

Yes, it’s very important to choose the right type of adhesive with sufficient sticking properties. Otherwise, it will not stick to the surface evenly. In fact, high-heat-resistant glue is highly appreciated by expert pitmasters. Because they won’t melt easily. On top of that, the adhesive quality determines how long the gasket will last on the smoker.

Easy Installation

Apart from using high-quality adhesive, you should be careful about its application as well. Please make sure it’s easy to apply. Also, it should include self-explanatory instructions so that users can install the gasket in no time.


One of the most emergent determinants is the manufacturing material. Traditional manufacturers used to use wool in designing replacement gaskets for BBQ smokers. With time, the materials have been upgraded to Nomex, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc.

Resultantly, a decent quality BGE replacement gasket is way more long-lasting nowadays. Furthermore, they can withstand high heat as well. So, never compromise with the material if you want your BGE to perform longer.


Most importantly, you need a gasket that seals all the heat and smoke inside. It must be leakage proof, flameproof, and melt-free.

Without 100% sealing capability, you cannot expect a gasket to sit on the base of your Egg for longer.

Also, only a tight sealing gasket will result in a palatable meal enriched with authentic smokey flavor.

That is what a BBQ enthusiast always seeks, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it needs to be replaced once every 3-4 years of continuous use. But if the gasket is not leakage-proof anymore, replace it beforehand.

To be precise, use a propane weed torch. In this process, the charcoal will be ready in five minutes once you set them up.

Both to be honest. They both are excellent smokers in their own ways. But the Weber Smokey Mountain offers a little more cooking space with less cost.

Yes, of course. In fact, royal oak lump charcoal is a superb choice for smoking in a Big Green Egg smoker. You can also use it with any ceramic, kamado-style grill, or grill with a divider charcoal fire grate for a genuine smoky aroma.

Final Words

To wrap up this discussion, it’s evident that owning a BGE is a pure blessing for hardcore BBQ lovers. You can use it as a grill, smoker, oven, and whatnot!

The only bothersome issue is replacing the gasket when it’s not leakproof anymore. Hopefully, our top five list of the best replacement gaskets for Big Green Egg helps you find the right gasket for your grill.

If you are someone preferring a versatile gasket replacement kit to fit a wide range of smokers, go for the  Fireblack Hi Temp BBQ Smoker Gasket.

You can also try the Gold Standard High Heat Gasket which is the overall best on the list in terms of performance, endurance, making materials, and affordability.

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