Best Charcoal Rotisserie Grill For Even Cooked Smoky Meat

Best Charcoal Rotisserie Grill
Best Charcoal Rotisserie Grill

It’s always special roasting outdoors. Just imagine it; a juicy, succulent lamb, goat, New York strips, or full-grown chicken lightly smoked by an open fire for your Thanksgiving party. How glad your guests will be to enjoy this memorable experience with you! But, what is the need for this kind of cooking? Yes, the best charcoal rotisserie grill, which spit rod, is sturdy enough to hold plenty of meat for smoking.

This post is designed to inform you about the 5 rotisserie grills that are easy to use with their powerful motor and durable. So keep reading.

BrandIt's Best ForBuilt MaterialsMotor and SpeedMaximum load capacityDimensionsItem weightPrice
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillBest For OverallStainless Steel13 Watt 4 RPM88 lbs or 40 kgs52x23x 10 inches74 lbs 33.5 or kgs On Amazon
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillBest For Large Party201 Stainless Steel30 Watt 4 RPM154 lbs or 70 kgs57.5x21.5x38.5 inches85 lbs or 38.5 kgs On Amazon
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillBest For DurabilityStainless Steel25 Watt 4 RPM125 lbs or 56.7 kgs52x26x 23 inches130 lbs or 59 kgs On Amazon
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillBest For BudgetStainless Steel4 Watt 3 RPM22 lbs or 10 kgs14.25x 30.75x 23.5 inches24 lbs or 10.9 kgs On Amazon
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillBest For Classical DesignPowder Coated SteelNo Motor30 lbs or 13.6 kgs29x16x 35 inches79.2 pounds On Amazon

5 Best Charcoal Rotisserie Grill Reviews

Titan Great Outdoors 13W Rotisserie Grill
Titan Great Outdoors 13W Rotisserie Grill

Our first pick is the 13W Titan Great Outdoors rotisserie grill because of its excellent engineering, dual fuel support, and portability. Besides these, there are so many unique features.

Excellent Quality

The entire grill unit is made with heavy-duty stainless steel to make it sturdy. Not only that, all the parts are well welded and polished to make it water resistant and rust resistant. That means it won’t be fragile due to rust.

Cooking space and capacity
The spit rod of the grill is sturdy and 51″ long to hold a whole lamb, turkey, and any other meat up to 88 pounds. However, there are leg brackets and a spine fork to hang the meat on the grill.

Powerful motor

A powerful motor can make your roasting effortless. So it comes with a 13-watt electric motor, which helps to rotate its spit rod itself. That’s why you don’t need to sit around and turn the rod manually. The spit rod will turn at 4 RPM speed and be adjustable in 3 different tiers, which is pretty impressive for getting perfect smoked meats.

Fuel efficiency

The grill is designed to allow direct heat on your meat from wood or charcoal. So it reduces your fuel cost and saves your bucks. Moreover, it also cuts your cooking time and drains the extra fat from the meat, which adds a healthy flavour to the roasted meat.


Though the grill won’t come fully assembled, you can quickly assemble it. Because the package includes all the things, even a wrench. You just need to follow the guide to assemble the grill. It won’t require pro mechanical skill or not more than 20 minutes for the task.


The grill legs are attached with 4 swivel-locking caster wheels that are excellent for easily moving the grill around. Even, as it is only 74 pounds, with 53.75″ in length, 36″ in height, and 18.75″ in depth. So even a lady can easily walk the grill with a little effort.

For Whom This Is Best For

  • The smoked BBQ lovers who have a tight budget but are looking for a quality rotisserie grill, it’ll be the right choice for them.
  • If you have a medium fan group of outdoor activities, camping, tailgating, and trips. It would be a good fit for you.


  1. Quality material, decent engineering and well-built
  2. Motor won’t have any issues rotating for 9 hours at a time
  3. Flexible height adjustment with 3 tiers options
  4. The larger fat tray is incredible for avoiding greasy meat
  5. Cleaning up is literally easy with a power washer


  1. It won’t have a cover for the grill to store it
Commercial Bargains Inc Charcoal Rotisserie GrillCommercial Bargains Inc Charcoal Rotisserie Grill

The Commercial Bargains Inc rotisserie grill is another great option for those who really want around 1000 square inches of cooking space. However, it also ensures tender and juicy meat, so you don’t have to compromise your food taste.


The grill is constructed with 201 stainless steel, thicker than you expected. So it ensures extra durability and longevity, with no wear and tear. As a result, you won’t have to face any maintenance challenges.

Cooking space

Its main cooking space is 47.5″ long and 19.5″ wide with 926.25 square inches. In this space, a maximum of 35″ large size lamb, goat, or multiple turkeys. There are even three cooking grates where you can place large ribs, briskets, chicken breast with wings, etc. for grilling.

Heavy duty spit rod

The spit rod is 11/16″ thick to easily load 154 lbs meat. You can hang the meat from 5.5″ to 16.5″ height from the grill surface with its skewer attachment. So you can enjoy the flexibility of height adjustment.

Powerful motors
Since the grill is designed for large-scale cooking. It comes with a 30-watt powerful motor. The spit road will rotate at 4 RPM speed with the help of the motor. So there is no chance of burning your meat and being raw at some places. Instead, enjoy delicious smoky meat every time you cook with it.

Fuel capacity

It comes with a large 47″ long, 12″ wide, and 3.75″ deep or 2115 cubic inches charcoal catch pan. The pan can hold 100+ pounds of charcoal, which will help you to produce your desired temperature to cook your meat.

Easy to clean

Besides the charcoal pan, its ash pan is also built with 1.5mm thick steel and split into 6 inches 2 channels. So that the ashes won’t be spread in the air and cause air pollution, which is environmentally friendly. It also helps you easily clean the ashes.

Easily moveable

This rotisserie grill is big enough to feed large gatherings but easily transportable with no trailer. Because its legs are attached with easy-to-move 3″ cluster wheels, by which you can walk on the grill on the ground. On top of that, these wheels are removable, so if needed, you can remove them for better maneuver.

Simple assembling

The company demonstrates the whole assembly process of the grill through a video. Once you watch the video, you can realise that there is no rocket science to assemble it. Following the steps, you can quickly assemble the grill within a few minutes.

For Whom This Is Best For

  • It is recommended for severe BBQ users for large parties and family get-together.
  • If your budget is around $500 to own your grill, it’s great at this price range.


  1. Heavy-duty construction ensures durability
  2. Capable of cooking 70 pounds of lambs with no problem
  3. The firebox is well designed and low to the ground
  4. Easy to assemble, set up, and use with a bit of grilling knowledge
  5. Add value to your BBQ skills and make it worth your money


  1. Its motor area makes some weird noise
Titan Great Outdoors 25W Rotisserie Grill
Titan Great Outdoors 25W Rotisserie Grill

Are you a person who loves to always use premium quality products, even for a rotisserie charcoal grill? If so, only for you, we choose the 25 Watt Titan Great Outdoors rotisserie roasting grill, which is a charm considering its material, components, motor, cooking space, meat flavour, and weight capacity.

Solid craftsmanship

At first glance, you’ll love its built quality because the entire unit is constructed with sturdy stainless steel. Even after welding, all the grill’s components are polished to look excellent.

Since the grill is rust and corrosion-resistant, there is nothing to worry about its durability and longevity. You can store it anywhere, where it fits. It’ll be ok to offer you the bliss of enjoying juicy meat years after years.

No. of equipment

It is designed by proficient engineers to keep it simple but adequate to cook whole animals and side dishes. For that purpose, it comes with a heavy-duty dual prone spit rod, spine fork with single leg bracket, sliding cooking grates, removable food grease dripping pan, hood with glass window, vast charcoal panel, etc. In a word, you’ll get everything needed to cook like a bona fide chef.

Cooking space

It offers the significant cooking space among our listed rotisserie grills. You can effortlessly roast a whole animal (goat, turkey, lamb, chicken) with its 51″ handy spit rod. Moreover, if you want to sear brisket, meat stack, or other food, no problem. As below the rotisserie rod, you can use the grates. Altogether, both of them will offer you to cook up to 125 pounds of meat at a time.

Motor capacity

The grill comes with a powerful motor which requires 25 watts of electricity to rotate the spin rod with the animal at a 4 RPM speed. On top-notch, the engine can offer you around 16 hours of spinning without any trouble.

However, the spin rod is also adjustable in 4 different tiers from up to down. So you can hang on the rod and animal according to your needs.

Easy to clean

Below the central rotisserie rod, it has a 48″ long and 14″ wide or 672 square inches drip pan. So the fat released from the meat directly falls on the pan without making your grill messy. Also, because of the polished steel and glass window hood cleaning the grill will be a 10 minutes task for you.

For Whom This Is Best For

  • It’s a perfect choice for the guys with no budget issues; who want a world-class rotisserie grill.
  • You can choose it for a large backyard BBQ party, campaign, tour.


  1. Exclusively welded and constructed to ensure durability
  2. The rotisserie motor works well even for longer roasting
  3. Largest cooking surface with spin rod and baking grates
  4. A high heat retention system saves your cooking time and fuel cost
  5. The swivel locking wheels help to move it around


  1. No assembly instructions. It’ll be better if it demonstrates
Titan Great Outdoors 4W Rotisserie Chicken Roaster Grill
Titan Great Outdoors 4W Rotisserie Chicken Roaster Grill

Our next choice is Titan Great Outdoors 4W chicken rotisserie grill. Because in the USA, 43% of people love to taste the delicious smoky chicken. So you can understand, the number is approximately half among the smoky meat lovers.

Construction and design

This masterpiece rotisserie chicken grill and its appliances are built with sturdy stainless steel. It even comes with a hood to cover your food to protect them from airborne particles and debris, which will prompt slow coal burning, high heat retention, and less cooking time.

That means it’ll offer you a healthy cooking experience with low fuel costs. In addition, as it is small in size, you can pack the grill with your other campaign gear and accessories.


Besides using heavy-duty materials, it is enamelled with sturdy porcelain. The grill becomes water, rust and corrodes resistant due to the double boning of stainless steel and porcelain. That’s why it is worth your investment to enjoy year-round smoky roasting chicken, or turkey.

Cooking and motor capacity

The primary cooking space is 24″ long and 12.5″ wide with 300 square inches. It comes with a 4 watts motor. Once you load 22 pounds of chicken in its 28″ spin rod, the engine can spin the rod at a 3 RPM speed. Moreover, the spin rod is adjustable in different 4 tiers that you find perfect for clinging your meat. So, the motor and spin rod will offer you evenly cooked chicken, turkey, and beef every time you try.


The grill’s length is 14.25″, width is 30.75″, height is 23.5″ and weight is 43 pounds. So that you can carry it everywhere you go for small get together and trips. Just pack it and load it to your car’s back.

Assemble system

It comes with all the things you need to assemble the grill without high technical knowledge. You can attach all the parts of it with nuts and bolts with the help of an adjustable wrench. It takes only 20 minutes to complete your task. That’s all; the grill is ready to set up and fire.


In most cases, the high price tag of the rotisserie grill will keep you back to buying your grill. Because investing 500+ bucks for a grill isn’t a good choice for most people. Here, the Titan 4w chicken grill won’t cut out your pocket but will ensure tender and smoky roasted meat. Pretty good!

For Whom This Is Best For

  • We would recommend this grill for the smoked food lover with a tight budget and tight space.
  • Excellent option for those who want to serve approximately 50 people.


  1. Solid craftsmanship with quality material
  2. Convenient size with rotisserie feature
  3. High-speed rotation with an excellent motor
  4. Perfectly cooked meat with hood cover
  5. Budget-friendly price with tons of features


  1. Packaging needs improvement while shipping to avoid damaging
Everdure Fusion Rotisserie Charcoal grill
Everdure Fusion Rotisserie Charcoal grill

The Everdure Fusion Rotisserie Charcoal grill is plain elegant, well designed, and pleasant to look at. It is not only incredibly classy, but also ensures mouthwatering meat with a smoky flavor.


By keeping in mind its durability and sturdiness, the grill’s base and other components are made with powder-coated steel. It won’t be fragile to come in contact with water and no chance of catching rust. So it is extremely durable and worth your investment.

Superior Design

It is designed to be easily used with the one-click fast flame ignition and automated rotisserie system button. So, once you click the button, the fast flaming coil will start burning charcoal within 10 minutes, and the rotisserie rod starts to rotate. That’s pretty impressive!

Fuel efficiency

Because of the electric ignition system, you need less charcoal than other coal grills as half of the heat is produced from the electronic coils. That’s why it cuts out your charcoal cost and cooking time. You’ll enjoy a perfectly balanced fusion functionality that offers juicy, smoky-flavoured meat.

Cooking versatility and capacity

Its jaw-like clip-lock forks will help you to firmly hold the chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. on the fire with full rotation. The locking mechanism is exclusively better than other grills’ rotisserie setups. Moreover, the 3 tiers of rotisserie rod adjustability are great for loading up to 30 pounds of meat.

Want to change your taste? No problem. You can use this grill’s rack for cooking smoked salmon, tuna, burgers, pizza, vegetables, and other foods.

Easy to clean

As the charcoal tray is removable, you can reload or readjust the charcoal slightly, sliding the tray. Then, after cooking, you can easily remove the ash from the firebox and clean the entire grill with mild soap and water. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the process.


The pedestal and 59″ power cord both are detachable. One will increase to incorporate it in any environment, and another will help you to reach long-distance power options. Moreover, it is only 79.2 pounds 29 ×16×35 inches in dimensions.

For Whom This Is Best For

  • If you love grilling experience with a fusion style grill, it’s absolutely amazing to have this Everdure Rotisserie Charcoal grill.


  1. The rotisserie height has 3 levels of adjustment
  2. The heating coil will heat the charcoal within 10 minutes
  3. Easy to set up on a table and fire to cook
  4. Easy to take it anywhere with your RV
  5. There is a concealed place in the grill to keep rotisserie tools when not in use


  1. No lid to cover the grate to trap inside the heat

A Complete Buying guides To Choose The Best Rotisserie Charcoal Grill

There are some crucial factors you should keep in mind before buying a rotisserie charcoal grill. Otherwise, there is a high chance of choosing a grill that won’t fulfil your requirements. So why do you take this risk? Instead, it’s better to have a clear idea about the rotisserie grill.


Generally, a Rotisserie Charcoal grill will last an average of 5-15 years. So you can realize unless a grill is made with heavy-duty material, how can it last soo many years. You should choose a solidly built grill with powder-coated cast iron or stainless steel. The more powerful material it is made, the more time it can serve with no wear and tear.

Size and shape

How many people you can serve with a grill’s food actually depends on its size and shape. Once you focus on the grills’ cooking space dimensions, you can predict how many hungry mouths you can feed. Moreover, its overall height, width, and depth will also tell you how much space it needs to set up and use.

Spin rod strength

As you are looking for a rotisserie charcoal grill, it must have a spin rod by which you cling the meat. The more sturdy the spin rod will be, the more weight it can support without the risk of breaking.

If you want to cook a whole lamb, goat, or 4-5 turkeys at a time, then you should choose a grill that’s spin rod can support up to 80+ pounds. On the other hand, if you want to roast chicken, turkey, or brisket, choosing a 20-30 pounds supporting spin rod is enough.

Spin rod attachment tool and adjustability

You’ll need some skewer attachment like leg brackets, spine fork, or jaw-like clip-lock forks to attach the meat to the spin rod. The more flexible those tools are, the more quickly you can fix them with your meat.

However, practically, the same height of a spin rod isn’t required for clinging to a goat, lamb, or chicken. So you have to adjust the spin rod height according to what meat you cling to. That’s why you should check this adjustability when choosing a rotisserie grill.

Motor capacity

An electrical motor will allow the spin rod to rotate. If the motor is powerful, the spin rod will rotate at high speed, and vice versa. For a small to medium size rotisserie grill, a 4w to 13w motor is good enough. But, if you choose a large grill, you should go with a 25w to 30w motor.

Though the motor with 13w, 25w, or 30w will spin the rotisserie rod at a 4RMP (Revolutions Per Minute). You should also consider the meat weight of the rod, while choosing the motor capacity for your grill.

Charcoal pan size

Since the meat will be cooked with charcoal heat, the coal pan size is a must-look feature while choosing a charcoal grill. Because if the pan is small, you have to reload charcoal frequently. This means you should stay around the grill and can’t enjoy gossipping with your guests. That is absolutely unpleasant.

Easy Assembling

After receiving your grill and before firing, there is a task in the middle and that is assembling. The grill is a large product, so that it won’t come fully assembled. You have to spend some energy, time, and effort to assemble it. But, you should choose a grill that won’t sweeten you to fit together all the parts.

Easily movable

Grilling is always exciting when you arrange it in your backyard or on a camping trip. You can check the grills’ weight, overall dimensions, and removable and re-attachable parts facility to ensure its easy portability. Moreover, if the grills’ legs have removable cluster wheels, it’ll be a positive sign to walk it on the ground from one destination to another.


Various types of rotisserie charcoal grills are available at different prices. The average price range of a rotisserie charcoal grill ranges from $200 to $2000. But, see, there is a vast difference. So if you don’t fix a budget for your grill, you may spend more bucks which isn’t expected. The pro griller will suggest spending $500 to $1000 for a charcoal grill, depending on the grill’s features and the benefits it will offer you.

Some Tips To Grill Meat Like A Pro

When firing your grill and cooking meat in it, don’t wear nylon, linen, cotton, and viscose clothing because they are not heat resistant and easily catch fire.

Try to use a meat thermometer to maintain the correct temperature that your meat requires to taste a delicious smoky flavor.

After releasing the meat from the grill, keep it resting for a few minutes on a cooler to cool down before handling. It will help you avoid burning your fingers and tongue.

Final Verdict

That’s the end of our authentic review about the best charcoal rotisserie grills. Since we have listed 5 grills, it’s obvious that all of them won’t fit you, and practically there is no need.

You should just check out the grills and detect what can meet your requirements and fit your budget. Then grab it.

However, if you would like to get our suggestion, we recommend Titan Great Outdoors 13W Rotisserie Grill.


  1. Here are the three best points.
    You can cook 80 pounds of meat to serve around 240 people.
  2. Ensure high-speed rotation with a powerful motor.
  3. It is durable, medium size, and portable.

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