Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg

Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg
Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg

If you fail to handle the Big Green Egg at the right temperature, you’ll get the food overcooked, undercooked, or even burnt. Isn’t it a food catastrophe? Absolutely, so in that case the best temperature controller for Big Green Egg can be a savior for you. 

Undoubtedly, a temperature controller can help you to cook your dishes perfectly. Though among the varieties of temperature controllers on the market, it’s pretty tricky to understand which one is perfect for your Big Egg. In that case, you should learn the essential factors for buying and how the product fits your smoker.

However, if you’re unsure which one to choose, follow the list of our finest choices. Here are our top 5 recommendations which belong to exclusive features that you want to improve your grilling experience. Let’s see what they are.

Best For Overall Temperature ControlBest For Best For Multiple Food PreparationBest For Best For Money
Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet GrillChar Broil Oklahoma Joe Highland Offset SmokerPit Barrel Cooker
1. WiFi controller with Alexa and Google Home voice command compatibility1. Robotic dampers for "natural" temperature control1. Portable and Bluetooth-enabled Controller
2. Latest technologies, including patented software and variable speed blower2. Two food probes for preparing multiple items2. Advanced chipset and variable speed fan deliver precise airflow
3. Easy-to-use interface3. The mySMOBOT website allows you to monitor your cooking and change the settings from anywhere.3. Best bang for your buck
On Amazon On Amazon On Amazon
Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller
Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller

Our top pick, Flame Boss 500, is a small but fantastic smoke temperature controller that is enough to handle multitasking. Flame Boss named this superb gadget “cruise control for your smoker.” You’ll thank this kit as it will allow you enough free time to chat with the guests.

It has many exclusive features to enhance your smoker temperature control experience. So that you can use this kit completely as your assistant.

Initially, it’s best to control the temperature, even if you don’t present in front of the BBQ smoker and not need to repeatedly check the cooking until it’s done.

Its built-in WiFi connectivity means you can access and control it with your smartphone app. Additionally, you can use voice commands to control, monitor the smoker’s temperature, and set any settings using Amazon Alexa and Google home.

Otherwise, a built-in alarm automatically reduces the smoker’s temperature once the meat has reached its cooking stage. You can also take advantage of setting different alarms as your preference so that you don’t need to worry about burning the meat.

After all, if you’re confused about the accuracy of the temperature controller. We’ll gladly inform you that Flame boss features 3 meat probes that deliver high accuracy without needing any Y cables. Moreover, it has patented software and a variable speed blower, ensuring concise temperature sensing with one-degree accuracy.

After this, with Flame Boss 500, you can keep the meat warm until you want to serve the food. It is possible because the controller features a low temperature, and you’ll instantly get a notification when this happens.

Key Features

  • Controllable by both Android phones and WiFi
  • Can be set temperature beforehand and easy to maintain  from computers, smartphones, websites, and tablets via the app
  • Alarms settings for notification during the procedure
  • Variable Speed Blower reduces excessive smoke and controls the air on the screen
  • Monitor the whole procedure and show it on a graph

For Whom This Is Best For

  • Who doesn’t want to use the internet or an unreliable company server
  • If you want a low and slow cook


  1. Ensure the meat is cooked perfectly
  2. Best for kamados style charcoal grill and smoker
  3. Highly accurate temperature by a degree Fahrenheit
  4. Supports 3 meat thermometer probes
  5. Smoker tracking is available on any device online


  1. Its metal mesh is slippable from the meat probe
SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller
SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller

If you’re planning to prepare several food items in your Big Green Egg, we’ll say to give the SMOBOT WiFi controller a try. This controller includes dual food probes, which is impressive for preparing versatile foods.

In addition, the SMOBOT natural temperature controlling system takes the controller to the next level. It is paired with a robotic damper. This feature is desirable as it works as a robotic assistant for you and lets you control and change the temperature from anywhere. So you can easily take natural, hands-free control over the foods without waiting for hours in front of your cooking. This robotic damper has a simple movable metal design which seems to be at the heart of the controller.

However, you can also improve your temperature management with this controller. Because it features a robust thermocouple grill thermometer. Not only it offers better temperature control, but also it is easy to mount to the Big Green Egg grate with an alligator clip.

On top-notch, the Cloud monitoring functions give you direct access to the mySMOBOT website. So no matter where you go, you can easily monitor and get alerts for your cooking. You can also check information about your previous cooking.

Key Features

  • The sensor monitors the temperature and changes it if required 
  • Cloud-based monitoring for temperature control from anywhere
  • Real-time monitoring by the android apps or alerts
  • A robotic damper enables you hands-free temperature control
  • The top damper controls the air without any blower

For Whom This Is The Best?

  • Best for the all sized Big Green Egg or Kamado style owners
  • For the small business owners 


  1. Ideal for preparing several foods
  2. Grill thermometer and easy to install
  3. It needs less power to operate
  4. Naturally controls the temperature by letting the air in and out
  5. Adjusting the damper to control the airflow


  1. The mechanical actuator arm can be jammed sometimes.
TempMaster Bluetooth Automatic BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller
TempMaster Bluetooth Automatic BBQ Smoker Temperature Controller

If you’re looking for an affordable temperature controller with exclusive features, check out the TempMaster Controller.

A “One-Dial” simple mechanism system is unique from other models allowing you to navigate the menu and set/adjust your parameters easily. Not just that, you can often change and settle the temperature if you want. The controller will smoothly support you in doing so. But try to keep a constant temperature for the whole cooking process.

However, if you don’t like to operate the controller manually, use Bluetooth and access it through the smartphone app.

On top, you’ll get a balanced and maintained airflow. If you pull off the lids frequently, it immediately stabilizes the temperature. That tremendous benefit is proven to be the best temp controller for Big Green Egg because where other controllers take some time to balance the temperature for pulling off the lids often, the TempMaster does this job instantly.

The good news is the TempMaster incorporates three free probes, including one for grill and others for meat. The probes come with a particular wire wrap that ensures that every component is safe while using. However, the controller and free adapter for Kamado with vents are housed in a protective and portable carrying case.

The controller runs with long battery life and gives you frequent monitoring. Apart from this, the design is a better option for those who don’t like wiring problems.

Key Features

  • It has a hard case to protect the controller from rain and other elements.
  • Simple “One-Dial” operational mechanisms
  • Bluetooth connectivity to receive alerts via the phone apps
  • Three fast responding probes, including a small footprint grill probe, one short meat probe, and one long meat probe
  • Free adapter and portability

For Whom This Is Best For

  • If you want a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • If you are on a tight budget


  1. Budget-friendly for anyone
  2. Universal design works for any enclosed grill, including Big Green
  3. Keep the temperature stable in all condition
  4. Temperature is controllable even if the lid pulls off


  1. Limited Bluetooth range 

4. BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller- Best For Display

BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller
BBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller

With BBQ Guru DX3, you’ll become worry-free about dry and overcooked BBQ meat. Because the controller uses a digital meat thermometer to provide better temperature management. No wonder it efficiently tracks the internal temperature of your food while maintaining the optimal environment inside your smoker.

The controller features an innovative fan with smart technology so that it can adapt the cooking thermodynamics of your Big Green Egg. As a result, the fan enhances optimal oxygen pulsing inside the smoker or grill and maintains a perfect temperature balance.

There are four buttons across the front to manage the temperature controller, from setting temperatures and time to monitoring the food and pit temperatures.

Otherwise, the exclusive Ramp Mode automatically lowers the pit temperatures when the meat is done within 30 degrees and saves your meat from overcooking disaster. In turn, you enjoy a perfectly cooked delicious dish. Plus, BBQ Guru has versatile compatibility with Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe grills, Weber Grill, smoker, and many more.

Key Features

  • Special Ramp mode lowers the pit temperature and reduces the risk of burning
  • 2 fans were placed over the vents to automatically optimal airflow
  • Best Controller Information Unit 
  • Attractive 1-line LED Display
  • Open lid detection

For Whom This Is Best For?

  • Best for those who have limited workspace
  • If you mainly do long and slow cook
  • For those who want a versatile controller for different types of smoker 
  • If you don’t have any WiFi connection or smartphones


  1. Accessible temperature settings with simple up and down buttons
  2. Ideal for internal food temperature tracking
  3. Monitor and control the temperature from anywhere in your home
  4. Monitor the temperature ideally and enable accurate reading
  5. Increases air efficiency to deliver good quality foods


  1. No wireless connectivity is available

5. Inkbird BBQ Temperature Controller - Best For Multiple Features

Inkbird BBQ Temperature Controller
Inkbird BBQ Temperature Controller

The Inkbird BBQ temperature controller amazingly supports a wide range of Bluetooth connections (164 feet) and robust WiFi connectivity (2.4GHz). So you can go far from your smoker and still view the details of the cooking process. Download the Inkbird Pro app, and you’ll take complete control of your smoker.

You’ll realize soon how easy the controller is to use as it features smart apps, including low and high-temperature alarms or timers. You’ll also get a temperature graph to monitor your cooking trends and download it on your mobile. One button operation is effortless to set, operate, control and get your ultimate tender, juicy meat.

The app also enables an adjustable timer that reminds you of various stages while preparing different meats. The controller variable speed fan can adjust the speed according to the temperature to get a stable and precise oven temperature.

The Inkbird BBQ temperature controller is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid hassle and enjoy simple smoking and grilling experience. Luckily, this kit has fantastic tools, including an adapter, a pit probe, a blast pipe, and two meat probes housed in a safe hard case.

Moreover, two different-sized dampers are also included in the controller to match the small to large Big Green Egg models.

Key Features

  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity enable multiple users to control the temperature. 
  • One dial operation offers easy manual control.
  • Short use, and continuous monitoring 2 different customizable temperature controlling ranges
  • Its smoker fan automatically adjust speed depending on the temperature ranges

For Whom This Is Best For

  • Who wants to smoke slow and low
  • Who wants a simple, quick connection and handling controller


  1. No issues to check and change times when you’re away from home
  2. Well designed to easily connect, maintain and ensure awesome temperature control 
  3. Helps to convert your charcoal smoker into the same convenience as a pellet smoker 
  4. Excellent for slow and low temperature long hours grilling
  5. Instant and friendly customer support


  1. Only a single temperature alarm setting can be selected at a time

How To Choose The Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Eggs (A Perfect Buying Guide)

We gathered 7 fundamental factors that you should consider before buying the best temperature controller. And, we can ensure following these factors, you must successfully get the ideal Big Green Egg temperature controller.

Construction Quality & Materials

When picking the best temperature controller for your Big Green Egg, you should first look for the one that has been made with durable and high-quality materials.

That’s because there is a lot of heat inside a smoker or the Big Green Egg grill. So it can be ruthless. Moreover, spills and drops from burnt meat and juices are possible. To tackle these harsh environments, ensure the controller has durable and quality materials, including the following.

  • Temperature Resistant Probes
  • Housing materials to withstand spills and drops.
  • Slip-resistant

An easy way to recognize unimpressive quality products is that they look cheap with a cheap price tag.


Though the online market is full of a wide range of Smoker Temperature controllers, not every product is compatible with every smoker. So before you confirm the order, check the necessary details of whether the kit can pair with your Big Green Egg. Controllers that work for other brands might not be suitable for Kamado-Style Smokers, like Big Green Egg.

Mounting Or Installation Options

Installing the temperature controller in your Big Egg is quite a hassle. So if you feel at risk of doing it yourself, call some professional to help you.

Thankfully, some models available are absolutely made for the Big Green Egg and come with adapters. So you can easily install the controller yourself. Attach the adapter to the smoker’s vent, and your controller is ready to use.

Number Of Temperature Probes

Any suitable temperature controller must have a pit temperature probe that allows you to monitor the cooking unit and let you know whether to turn on the fan or keep it off. You can try out the other models, which have additional probes such as meat probes.

If you want to enjoy various food options on your Big Green Egg, pick the temperature controller that features multiple food probes. In addition to using multiple food modes, you’ll also assure accurate monitoring. However, if you’re not interested in a considerable investment, try a wireless thermometer instead.

Alarm Types

Just think, how amazing it will be if your controller kit has a built-in alarm that will continuously update you about your cooking procedure, help you to remember your cooking stage and let you know the targeted temperature, plus when your meat is done.

Most temperature controllers come with various built-in alarms, such as automatic or programmable. However, if you’re a smartphone or computer user, you’ll also receive email or text message alerts. Nevertheless, audible alarms are the way to go if you like to use the base for the alerts.

WiFi Or Bluetooth Connectivity

Modern temperature controllers currently feature Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity via android phones or other smart devices. The connection type you choose determines how much freedom you’ll get on using your Big Green Egg. However, these connections are very much better than manual effort.

For example, if you choose a Bluetooth pairing controller, you control the temperature around a few feet away from the smoker (Genuinely more or less 33 feet). So if you think staying within this range is okay, then you can choose a Bluetooth connection.

Nevertheless, the benefit of WiFi connectivity is it lets you go farther than the Bluetooth range. You can even go inside and enjoy watching movies, head out to the grocery store to bring some BBQ ingredients, and keep your eye on the meat you left on the smoker.

However, while WiFi connectivity gives you a wide range for monitoring the cooking, you’ll also pay extra money rather than a Bluetooth connection. So choose the one which seems reasonable for you.

Open Lid Detection

Most of us possibly go through this situation of leaving the lid open accidentally. And no wonder an open lid can bring disaster for a smoke session.

Thankfully, now some controller models feature open lid detection. When you forget to close the lid, the controller will send you an alert instantly. So if you are the person who is constantly faced with open lid issues, find this feature on your controller.

Verdict About Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg

Once you use a temperature controller, we swear, you will always want it in every grilling. The best temperature controller for the Big Green Egg will make your grilling procedure more enjoyable and easy. The exclusive features will let you skyrocket your cooking performance. However, we have given you all the best and budget-friendly solutions for your smoker. So now pick anyone from them that you think matches the Big Green Egg most. If you like to take our recommendations, we suggest the Flame Boss 500 WiFi smoker controller as it is the champion from all sides. And if you want an affordable kit, check the TempMaster Smoker Temperature Controller.

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