Best Controller For Traeger To Revitalize Your Old Grill

Best controller for Traeger
Best controller for Traeger

Choosing a thermostat controller for Traeger grill is a tad overwhelming. A lot of things to keep in mind. Dimensions. Fittings. Installation. Temperature range. Adjustment. Quality circuit. Wires. Probe rod. Etc. Etc. Etc. What if you can enlive your dying grill with the best controller for Traeger? What if that performs better than OEM? Brim with enthusiasm. The butterflies of excitement start to dance in your stomach. You can again cook and taste scrumptious foods.

Let’s learn the ins and outs of the 5 upgrade PID controllers for Traeger. A helpful buying guide and the to-the-point answer to a few frequently asked questions are a plus. Grab your coffee mug, have a sip, and get ready.

Best For Overall Best For Easy InstallationBest For Well Functionality
Best For ValueBest Budget-Friendly
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200°f to 450°f.
175°f to 500°f 32°f to 572°f
180°f to 450°f 180°f to 500°f
1. Celsius and Fahrenheit
temperature units
2. 10 types of temperature settings
3. Digital display board shows exact inner heat

1. High quality materials and checking ensures durability
2. 8 types of temperature settings
3. Easy installation within 15 to 20 minutes
1. Every components of the controller work flawlessly
2. Multiple and accurate temperature adjustments.
3. Bright and 3 digit temperature LED display
1. 16 types of smoke settings from P0 to P15
2. Low and high-temperature indicators to protect your food
3. Simple and fast installation process
1. 8 profound temp gear settings
2. Simple using process for jump-start cooking
3. Price is less than half from OEM controller

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Best 5 Controller For Traeger Reviews

Yaoawe Upgraded Digital Thermostat Controller
Yaoawe Upgraded Digital Thermostat Controller

The probe of your Traeger grill is one of the heart centers that keep it working year round. Once you lose its working ability, the grill becomes nothing but an object. Don’t worry, as Yaoawe Upgraded Digital Thermostat Controller can revive to use the grill again.

Superior quality

The 7 inches probe can efficiently penetrate the center of the brisket or prime rib. It comes with 4 feet cables to reach the farthest end of your smoker with plenty of extra lengths. So you can route it around the other items. That means it will even fit on a vertical smoker. The 3.5mm jack is solid that won’t bend or separate from the plastic shell.

Versatile temp setup

Temperature is crucial in ending your cooking journey with 100% satisfaction. Fortunately, it allows you to adjust 10 significant types of temp with 25° intervention. Its temperature ranges from smoke 200°f to high heat 450°f.

Even you’ll find it great because of its Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature guide. As you can follow the recipes, whatever the temperature, it shows.

Multiple controller mode

This controller can cover up to 650 square inches of the cooking chamber. Moreover, it includes your main cooking chamber and the up shelf to select the function conveniently.

It comes with a default controller mode Pr0 for less than 650 sq. in and allows you to set the modes Pr1 and Pr2 based on the cooking space for medium and large grills.

Fast installation

Thinking about the installation guide. Don’t worry; with some simple steps, you can install the controller in your Traeger grill. The wires are color coated to identify them easily.

The black and white wire is the power cord, the red and white is for the auger drive motor, the purple and white is for the rod igniter, and the orange and white is for the draft inducer fan.

After removing the old controller, insert the wires into the hopper and attach the two screws to install it. Now, connect the wires by matching their color, ensuring they are away from the fan blades. It’s ready to cook.

Why Should You Buy This Upgraded Digital Controller?

You will find it the right choice with excellent functionality to revitalize your Traeger. Checking your hunger with delicious food is worth the effort and value.


  1. Perfectly fits on your Traeger Model TFS62PLD, 34, Timberline, and Old Big Tex
  2. Bold and easy-to-read LED display board shows the inside temp
  3. Flexible Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature units 
  4. Simple operation with on/off and player/advanced mode


  1. A little difficult to calibrate
Dibay Digital Thermostat Kit
Dibay Digital Thermostat Kit

Did your original Traeger controller run with error and out after long years of support? You are ready to trash it and look for a perfect substitute. If so, you can check out the Dibay Digital Thermostat Kit for Traeger Pellet Grills, as it is easy to install within half an hour with simple tool requirements.

Decent quality

Every simple and tiny material used to make the controller is high quality and installed properly. Before leaving each controller for distribution, the quality control department runs them to check and test. This quality controlling process will ensure top quality and standard, reducing the chances of having any defective product.

Easy temperatures controlling

It’ll work perfectly on your Traeger and control the temperature better than the original. You can monitor the grill with the display board that shows you 3 digit temperature.

Moreover, it comes with 8 temperature control settings from 175°f to 375°f. for smok cooking. You can even upgrade the temp to 450°f when you need high heat to cook BBQ steaks, tuna steaks, and kabobs.

Easy to use

Engineers design the controller keeping in mind the features you need. You’ll find an ignition indicator, low and over temp indicator, 16 smoke settings from P0 to P5, and its indicator in the board. All of these help you to easily use the controller to take your cooking experience to an advanced level.

Effortless installation

The rectangular controller board is 55″ long and 2.8″ wide, comfortably fitting most Traeger grills. Even the wires are color coated, so you can easily determine which wire is to connect where.

The red and white wire is for the motor line, the purple and white is for the ignition rod, the orange and white is for the fan, and the black and white is for the power line.

To install the controller, insert the wires into the grill and set it by drilling two screws with the help of a screwdriver. After that, connect the wires by matching their colors. That’s all.

Why Should You Buy This Upgraded Digital Controller?

You must love it to eat juicy and smoky barbecue, and use it as plug and play. It is a copycat of the original one in terms of quality, but in price, it is much cheaper. So your grill will work as new once you install this thermostat controller.


  1. Compatible with all versions of Traeger grills
  2. Easy temperatures settings with 25° variance 
  3. The fan continues to run to cool the heat pot after turning it off
  4. Affordable than OEM controllers


  1. It would be better if it looked more solid
Yaoawe Digital Thermostat Kit
Yaoawe Digital Thermostat Kit

The Yaoawe Digital Thermostat Kit For Traeger Pellet Grills will be a champ to solve all your smoker problems. It fits and functions better than the original grill controller of its upgraded cooking and smoking mode.

Multiple temp adjustment

Every dish you try on your grill is unique and requires different temperatures. It comes with a temperature range of 32°f to 572°f, which is worthwhile. So that you set the temperature based on your dish or slow to high heat cooking.

Easy to use

It is simple to run the controller board with the on and off power buttons. Even the shutdown cycle and smoke-to-high heat cycle are better to use.

The easy-to-read and bright temperature LED display will show the grill’s exact temperature. So you can monitor the grill from outside without any challenge.

Absolute functionality

Its auger motor moves the pellet as a fire pot. The digital thermostat regulates temp. The ignition fan offers air to the fire to reach heat throughout the grill. The hot rods ignite the pellet automatically. And the fire burn pot ensures fire goes for faster heating.

That means the entire circuit of the controller works to enjoy a wonderful cooking time. It’ll even help you feed your guests with tasty and juicy meat steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, beef jerky, chicken wings, and many flavorful dishes.

Simple installation

You won’t have to have previous DIY skills to install the controller into your grill. Putting the wires inside the grill, attaching two screws, and adjusting the wires are the 3 simple tasks to install. You may need an overall 30 minutes to get the job done.

Why Should You Buy This Upgraded Digital Controller?

This Yaoawe will be a great choice to save your smoker and prolong its lifespan because it is undoubtedly a well-functioning thermostat controller with multiple and accurate temperature adjustments. Quality and price are also in your favor to own it.


  1. It is a superb great replacement for all models of Traeger grill
  2. Fast and quite accurate temp gauge for smoke, medium, and high heat
  3. Easy to install, use, and read the inner temperature
  4. Fast shipping with friendly customer service


  1. Need to handle carefully to avoid fire hazard 
Ortech Control Digital Thermostat Kit
Ortech Control Digital Thermostat Kit

If you want to fine-tune the drab version of your Traeger, the 3-speed and digital controls Ortech Control Digital Thermostat Kit will be a valuable choice. It makes the temps skyrocket and then slowly fall. After that, it starts all over again.

A resourceful package

You may think it is just a circuit board to control your grill with your white eyes. But it’s something more than that. This board must incorporate many things, and that’s why it comes with a resourceful package. You’ll receive everything from scratch to advance level equipment than your OEM to swiftly use the controller.

Flexible temp settings

You are like a free bird to set your recipe’s temperature for slow, smoked, and high cooking. It offers you P0 to P15, 16 types of smoke settings to precisely control the smoke.

Whereas 180°f to 375°f, 8 settings for a slow cook. And for high-heat cooking, you can raise the temp to 450°f. So that you can effectively use the controller for cooking barbecue vegetables, garlic king prawns, brisket, ribs, and many more mouthwatering dishes.

Easy to use

Getting too low or too high is one of the significant problems for unsuccessful cooking attempts. But, when installing the controller, you are free from this horrible experience due to its low and high-temperature indicators.

So, you can check the temp and set it according to the dishes to get zesty-looking and tasty flavored BBQ foods. The grill gradually loses its heat through the cool-down cycle, which is excellent for reducing your fuel cost.


The controller is built with quality material and designed to sparkle your pellet grills as new. It comes with 1 year of warranty that ensures its durability to use year-round. As it lasts for a long time, that will be worth your investment.

Why Should You Buy This Upgraded Digital Controller?

Detailed pictures, diagrams, and descriptions will inform you of everything about the controller. Once you get that information, you’ll find it worthwhile for your old grill.


  1. 3 digital temp displays with multiple settings 
  2. Accurate temperature offers even cooked food
  3. The temp indicator protection makes it fireproof
  4. Fast, simple, and easy installation process


  1. Won’t fit with PTG, Ranger, and Scout
Mars Camp Digital Controller Kit
Mars Camp Digital Controller Kit

When the original replacement controller price is too much, you are looking for a budget-friendly one. We suggest the Mars Camp Digital Controller Kit For Traeger Pellet Grills that can help your grill run and feel it is holding temp better than the original and out of the box.

Assured Quality

Maintaining quality at a reasonable price seems like a contrast. But it’s only possible when producing a bunch of products that help balance the cost and revenue.

And yes, Mars Camp focuses on these criteria to ensure quality thermostat controllers for Traeger controllers. So it’ll make your grill without breaking your pocket.

Vast temp range

A few temperature settings cut the effectiveness of the controller. In comparison, the versatile and vast temp settings will promote its efficiency with effectiveness.

It comes with 8 profound temp gear settings that are ranged from 180 to 375°f. for smoking. In terms of high-heat cooking, you can uplift the temp up to 500 degrees.

That means this controller can meet your desire to cook slow-cooking BBQ vegetables to high heat cooking juicy meat steaks.

Jump-start using

You won’t need to know any rocket science to use the controller. Because its diagram portrays the simple using techniques. The on/off button works to fire the grill or shut it down when you finish cooking.

Multiple temp adjustment reduces the fear of a cooking disaster when the shutdown cycle slowly cools down the grill for safety. You can monitor everything by keeping your eyes on the digital display board.

Fast installation

It’s important to match your previous controller dimensions to replace them with a new one. Here, the x win the race, as its length is exact 5.5 inches and width is 2.75 inches. So that it swiftly fits in your Traeger.

You can complete the installation process within 20-30 minutes by attaching two screws and four wires. On top-notch, you won’t require any heavy tools, others’ help, or even special DIY skill.

Why Should You Buy This Upgraded Digital Controller?

The guys like to invest a little but get the maximum return on investment, even for Traeger grill replacement. This will be the cup of tea for meeting their expectations.


  1. Accurate temperature makes the grill work like new again
  2. Getting the inner temperature is a breeze with the digital display 
  3. Color-coated wires and a simple installation guide 
  4. The control panel will display any fault to avoid any accidental risk. 


  1. We find no cons

What To Look For When Buying An Upgraded Digital Controller For Traeger?

You have to focus on some of the must-have features while buying a controller for your Traeger grill. Otherwise, you may need to face a lot of challenges to use the grill and cook your desired dishes.
Some of the features are


You should check the length and width of the new controller because the wrong dimensional controller won’t fit your grill. If the grill controller box is small, you have to cut it, which is laborious.

But if the box is bigger than your new controller. It’ll be worthless. So you should measure your old controller with a measurement tape and choose the exact measured new controller.

Using Guide

If the controller comes with a user guide, it’ll help you understand its using procedure. The user guide may include temperature range, settings, various use modes, start and stop system, etc. When the manufacturer gives you everything, you find it convenient like the original controller.

Installation Guide

At first glance, the installation process may seem a little bit difficult. But, a step-by-step guideline can help and comfort you to install the controller.

Here, color-coated cables with descriptions of which to connect with which one is the easiest option to understand its installation process.

Otherwise, you have to call a professional unnecessarily costs you some bucks.

Digital Display Board

You also have to check the digital display board and how it shows the temperature. Because if that is difficult to calibrate or read, that will be inconvenient and unpleasant. So, you face difficulties in monitoring the grill from a distance.

Finding the best BBQ temperature controller can revolutionize your outdoor cooking experience. These devices offer precise temperature control, allowing you to maintain consistent heat levels throughout the cooking process. With features like Wi-Fi connectivity and real-time monitoring, they provide convenience and peace of mind, even when you’re away from the grill. To discover the top options available and make an informed decision, check out our comprehensive guide on Choosing the Best BBQ Temperature Controller.


Yes, you can, as it’s not an arduous job and requires nothing but a screwdriver to do it. If your old controller is going bad, or you want to upgrade the controller from non-PID to PID. You are always welcome to upgrade the controller on your Traeger.

Ortech Controls, Yaoawe, Dibay, and Mars Camp are some popular brands that make Traeger controllers. But, among the 4 brands, Ortech Controls works closely with Joe Traeger to design, develop, and manufacture original electronic controllers.

There is a simple way to check if the Traeger thermostat is going bad or has been completely damaged.

  • Place an oven thermometer in the Traeger grill on the rack.
  • Set the thermometer as closely as possible to the temperature probe.
  • Over time, read out the oven thermometer against the grill.
  • Compare the temp and if you find any dissimilarities. Maybe the Traeger thermostat is bad.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting the best controller for Traeger is tricky by matching with the original one. But, having precise knowledge and top notch suggestions will clear your idea to select the right one.

However, if you would like to get our suggestion. We recommend the Yaoawe Upgraded Digital Thermostat Controller. Because of its

  • Both celsius and fahrenheit temperature units.
  • Seductive 10 types temperature settings and
  • Player and advanced mode using process

Did you grab your Traeger digital Controller? How did it perform? Did it meet your expectations?

Let us know by leaving a comment. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Happy cooking with tasting delicious foods!

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