5 Best Range Hood For High Ceilings | 9 To 12 Foot

Best Range Hood For High Ceilings
Best Range Hood For High Ceilings

Louis, the cook and food lover. She plans to have a 36″ stove and 36″ horizontal space above the cooktop for the hood. But, the problem is she struggles finding a range hood for an 11 feet high ceiling kitchen. I know you can relate to Louis’ struggle, as you are also in the same situation. And that’s why you are searching the internet for the best range hood for high ceilings.

Yes, I can help you in this regard. Because after many days of market research, I have narrowed down 5 range hoods that fit in 9 to 12 feet ceilings.

Of course, they will reach your high ceiling to proper fitting, offer top-notch ventilation, and trap grease as desired. They also compliment your kitchen to enhance its beauty. So let’s dive into the point.

You should clearly know when you can consider a ceiling as a high. The ceiling, which is higher than average, is called a high ceiling. In that case, it’s essential to know the average ceiling height.

Typically, most kitchens in the USA are around  8 feet to 9 feet high for decor as ceiling cabinetry. So, 10 feet, 11 feet, and even 12 feet are the high ceiling.

Which Range Hoods Are Good For High Ceilings?

No hard and fast rule defines a range hood as suitable for a high ceiling. Basically, it depends on your kitchen’s layout, position, and space. Moreover, your cooking frequency, ventilation requirements, and decorative style also play a vital role.

  • If your kitchen already has a cabinet over the cooktop, and you want to reinnovate it removing the cabinet. In that case, you can choose a ducted or ductless wall mount range hood.
  • If you want to use a large and “professional” style hood. An Island mount hood can be a great option.

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Best Range Hood For High Ceilings Comparison Table

Best For 10 Feet CeilingBest For 11 Feet CeilingBest For 12 Foot CeilingBest For Wall MountBest For Quiet Operation
Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood Broan- NuTone Under- Cabinet Ducted Range Hood
Hood: 30-Inch,
Filter: Baffle,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 2,
Noise: 71 dB
Hood: 36 inch,
Filter: Mesh,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4,
Noise: 65 dB
Hood: 30 inch,
Filter: Charcoal ,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4,
Noise: 56 dB
Hood: 30 inch,
Filter: Mesh,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 5.5W,
Noise: ‎9 Sones
Hood: 30 inch,
Filter: Charcoal,
Exhaust fan speed level: 3,
Lamps: 4,
Noise: 45 dB
*Purify 450 CFM air removing toxic chemicals

*Long chimney to reach your high ceiling

*Offer grease and smoke-free cooking zone

*Protect your health from respiratory issues
*Remove 700 CFM smoked air to a fresh smell

*Adjustable chimney to fit your 11 feet high ceiling

*3 prong plug and 6" round vent for easy installation

*Fast and easy cleaning and maintenance
*Decently built and designed to fit high ceiling

‎*190 watts motor will remove 450 CFM air

*Converting and easy to install with mounting kits

*Easy to use with a responsive touchscreen
*Improve kitchen ventilation with 390 CFM suction power

*Fit your higher-ceiling kitchen without any hassle

*Brush finishing looks excellent with no scratch

*Bright cooktop LED lights to better visibility
*Excellent ventilation with 380 CFM suction power

*Ducted or non-ducted installation, even for high ceiling

*Easier and quieter operation with soft touch control

*Increase kitchen appearance with shiny looking
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Does your kitchen ceiling 10 feet high?

Do you want to own a wall-mount ducted or ductless convertible hood?

And also, do you prefer more than 380+ CFM ventilation systems to tackle heavy cooking smoke, smells, and steam?

In that case, my first selection is Comfee Convertible Range Hood only for you. Because it meets all your expectations, perfectly fitting your kitchen and ensuring a better cooking environment.

Its 26.77″ to 36.22″ adjustable chimney can efficiently reach your 9 to 10 feet ceiling. And the powerful 3-speed exhaust fan will purify 450 CFM of air in a fresh-smelling kitchen.

You can install this hood with some DIY tools within 20-30 minutes due to its lightweight. As a result, there is nothing to worry about in your high ceiling range hood installation and save space.

The aluminum mesh filter of the hood will trap grease in 5 layers. That means 95% grease and sticky substances suction offer top-notch healthy kitchens.

It is easy to use with its touch and gesture control panel. The other operating icon will be visible when you touch the on/off icon. You can adjust the fan speed and lights with your fingertips. You can even change the airflow by waving your hand.

Lastly, craftsmanship, design, and style are all exclusive to many other range hoods. So, it lasts long, is user-friendly, and looks great in your kitchen, blending with its decor. 

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

Comfee is the fitting range hood for a 10-foot ceiling from all sides. Such as; perfect fitting, easy installation, adequate ventilation, and lighting. So, you can rely on this hood for your comfortable kitchen experience.

What We Like

  1. Quality built to provide long-lasting performance
  2. Well functionality with a simple controlling panel
  3. Powerful ventilation in both the styles
  4. Excellent in handling heavy cooking smoke

What We Don't Like

  1. A little louder

This time I picked the Tieasy Island Range Hood for two categories of home cooks.

One is the cooks, whose kitchen needs a ceiling mount hood with a 7.5 to 11 feet ceiling. The second one is the cooks, who frequently cook heavy foods like frying, braising, and grilling. So if you are in this group of cooking enthusiasts, look closely at this hood.

Before describing the other features and benefits of the hood, let me clarify the confusion. Though, the company said that this hood is for a 7.5 to 9.5 feet high ceiling. But, as its exhaust pipe is 6.5 feet long, you can use it in your 11-foot ceiling.

Typically, this hood will be the best match for your 30″ central gas stove for its 36-inch size. Combining stainless steel and tempered glass will bring a professional look to your kitchen appearance.

In terms of ventilation, lighting, and smoke handling, you find the hood 100 on 100. Because it can expel 700 CFM of smoky air even during heavy cooking time. The 3-speed adjustment with 4 LED lights allows you to set the fan and light based on your needs.

The mesh filters are removable, dish washable, and reusable. This is why you don’t need to manually clean the filters, wasting your time and energy. When they become dirty traping grease, put them into your dishwasher, and clean.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

The first reason to own Tieasy hood as it fits in your 11 feet high ceiling. Apart from that, its quality, usability, functionality, and longevity are worth the bucks you invest in purchasing it.

What We Like

  1. Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel material
  2. Easy to use with push buttons controlling the panel
  3. Leave your kitchen smoke-free with 5 layers of filters
  4. 5 years of warranty to ensure durability and reliability

What We Don't Like

  1. Some users faced difficulties in removing the stainless steel protective sticker

Finding a range hood that fits a 12+ feet higher kitchen ceiling is sweat-breaking. If you want a touch screen plus remote control, it becomes more challenging, like climbing the peak of a mount. FIREGAS designs its kitchen hoods considering users’ needs and preferences. This is why it offers an island or ceiling mount range hood with two pieces of the sliding chimney. So that it snugly fits any height ceiling without any challenge. Not only that, you have the luxury of feeling how it upscales your kitchen after installation. The aesthetic outlook, comfortable kitchen experience, and healthy cooking environment will make you happy.

Do you crave to know how it does all of those? Here’s that The food-grade 430 stainless steel makes the hood rust and corrosion resistance. As a result, there is no health risk due to food contamination. And it won’t fade its shine for year-round use.

The powerful suction with 3 adjustable exhaust fans will ensure better ventilation. Energy-saving 4 LED lights are efficient to provide you with a shiny cooktop. So you can confidently cook delicious food even at night. The most responsive touch screen will allow you to control the hood with your little fingertips. And when you are far away from the main cooktop, just use the remote to adjust the airflow.

Nobody likes greasy, sticky cooking surfaces. Will you? Of course not.

To offer you a clean cooking environment, it comes with permanent and dishwasher-safe filters. They’ll trap grease and smoke, making the kitchen most untidy and unappealing.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

FIREGAS hood will be the best choice for 12 feet or higher ceiling. Once installed, it ensures the comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient cooking experience you dream of.

What We Like

  1. Complete satisfaction with its performance
  2. Much quieter than many other range hoods
  3. Delay-off time set up to ensure no smoky kitchen
  4. Fast shipping with proper packaging

What We Don't Like

  1. Need two people to install for its heavy weight

Want to renovate your cabinetry kitchen but can’t afford new cabinets?

Also, think about the height of the ceiling.

In that case, installing a wall-mounted range hood can be a suitable option. Because it can create a nice-looking and refreshing environment.

If the noise doesn’t bother you during cooking, the Broan-NuTone BW5030SSL Range Hood can be the right choice. It’ll adequately fit up to the 9 feet ceiling with the chimney it comes with.

But, Broan-NuTone offers you additional extensions for the higher 12 feet ceiling. Though, you have to purchase it separately. But, in terms of flexibility to reach this high ceiling, it’s better. As the other range hoods won’t offer you this advantage.

The sleek design and proper dimensions will help you install the hood with a little effort and skills. Depending on your criteria, you can even use the ducted or ductless hood.

Now, let’s discuss the other benefits of the hood.

The adjustable exhaust fans will offer a fresh-smelling kitchen, removing 390 CFM smoke, smells, and steams. When the 5.5-watt bulbs ensure better visibility, it evenly illuminates the cooktop. And the hybrid baffle filters will catch grease and many other airborne particles.

You can use, adjust, or control the hood by pushing the buttons. The on/off, light, and fan speed icons over the buttons will let you know their functions. That means you won’t have to know any rocket science to use the hood.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

You should grab this hood for your more-than-average-height kitchen. Easy instructions to install, well-designed, and versatility puts smiles on your lip even during your busy cooking time.

What We Like

  1. Flexible with wall-mounted and convertible styles
  2. Dishwasher-safe dual mesh filters instantly trap grease
  3. Enhance your kitchen beauty by blending with its décor
  4. Price worths its long-lasting using experience

What We Don't Like

  1. Too much louder at higher speeds

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Moms with toddlers know the importance of a quiet cooking environment. Because, in most cases, they enter the kitchen after putting their kids to sleep. Another struggle to find a hood for them is their higher-ceiling kitchen.

COSMO 668ICS750 Island Mount Range Hood solves both of your problems.


You can easily install the hood to your 8 to 9 feet ceiling for its covered chimney. And it operates quieter, with 45 decibels of sound, even at high speed.

Typically, cooking smoke and smell irritates your nose and eyes with a burning sensation. A powerful 196 watts motor will expel 380 CFM of air with the 3 levels of exhaust fan settings. So, inhaling fresh air protects your health, avoiding coughing and respiratory issues.

The bright LED lights will make your cooktop visible. So, you can easily bring perfect texture and color to your cooked food.

ARC-FLOW stainless steel filters will leave the kitchen clean, trapping grease and stick. Since the filters are permanent and reusable. You can use them again and again just by washing them with your dishwasher. 

A soft touch screen, digital clock, and delay time set make your life easier, smarter, and faster. So, you discover your cooking experience is not a chore with kids. Instead, it helps you to feel happy, cultivating your cooking passion.

Why Should You Buy This Hood?

It fits high ceiling, runs quitely, and functions well with adjustable fan speed and lighting. Even, the pocket friendly price tag makes it a good choice for a home range hood.

What We Like

  1. Cutting edge technology makes the hood dureable
  2. Improve cooking atmosphere with proper ventilation
  3. LCD touch screen control with time off setting
  4. Extremely quiet operation for peaceful cooking experience

What We Don't Like

  1. Instructions should be more user-friendly to understand

When choosing a range hood for your kitchen, understanding the benefits of different ventilation options is crucial. Explore our detailed comparison of Convertible vs Ducted Range Hoods to make an informed decision for your kitchen setup.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Range Hood For High Ceilings?

Choosing a range hood for your high-ceiling kitchen is a daunting task. So knowing the hood’s crucial features will help you pick the right one. And here comes the importance of a buying guide.

Now, I’m sharing the features you must check before grabbing your kitchen range hood.


As your kitchen ceiling is higher than average. You should check the hood that you choose is designed to accommodate the height or not. An adjustable chimney or extension pipe will allow you to reach the required size. Reading the label of the hood is one of the simple tactics to know the hood’s reachable height. 


Unless the hood is built with high-quality materials, it may scratch during installation. That will ruin your kitchen’s outlook. Even longevity is also related to construction. This is why you should choose the stainless steel or tempered glass-made hood. Because, it ensures better durability, reliability, and appearance for extended-lasting use.

Mounting style

As various hoods are available, you should consider them. In most cases, island mount hoods are worth reaching for a high-ceiling kitchen. However, you can also choose a wall-mounted range hood. But, you should avoid under-cabinet hoods, which won’t get your required height.


Installing a high ceiling range hood differs from installing a lower ceiling hood as you have to reach a higher ceiling to install it. Though, most hoods come with hardware kits to install the hood. But, if you have acrophobia (height phobia), you shouldn’t install it. In that case, hire a professional to install the range hood.


After that, consider the size of the hood. To determine the hood’s size, measure your main cooktop. Then select a hood at least 6 inches larger to effectively cover the smoke, steam, and smell-producing area.

Ventilation system

Ducted, ductless, or convertible are the three styles of ventilation that a range hood offers. When the ducted hood expels the polluted air outside, the ductless will recirculate the air after filtering. And the convertible will allow you to use the hood as you need. So, you can choose a convertible range hood rather than only ducted or ductless.

Sucking power

CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) is the term that is used to measure the hood’s airflow capacity. The more powerful hoods can handle heavy smoked air, offering a fresh-smelling kitchen.

So, if you frequently cook heavy food, choose a hood with 500-700 CFM suction power. On the other hand, a 300-400 CFM is good to use for a small and light cooking kitchen.

Functionality Controls

A range hood primarily has three functions; exhaust fan, lights, and filters. And push buttons/touch screens are the controlling system of the hood. You can turn on the hood, adjust the fan speed, or lighting with the panel.

However, some hoods also come with remote control to use them from far away. So, choose the hood that suits you best depending on your requirements, taste, and preference.

Noise Level

Whatever hood you choose, that will make sounds during operation. You can’t skip it; instead, consider the noise level. Choose a quiet hood if you have kids or have noise sensitivity. That can be 40-60 dB of noise.


To keep the hood properly functioning, you should maintain it periodically. Here, dishwasher-safe filters are the best option for effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a range hood should go to the ceiling to ensure proper ventilation. It’ll even help you to bring an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen, blending color and texture.

You should install the hood 24-36 inches above the primary heat source. The exact height will be determined based on your kitchen layout, cooktop types, and the hood’s style.


Hopefully, now you have the clear idea about the best high ceiling range hood. Basically, it’s important to determine the exact height of the ceiling, kitchen layout, and your cooking frequency to grab the perfect one.

However, you can choose any hood from our list as all are worthwhile to their function.

Or if you would like to get our suggestion, we recommend the Tieasy Island Range Hood. Because

  • It reaches any height of ceiling with ease.
  • Offer maximum ventilation to provide comfortable cooking experience.
  • Well constructed, but affordable price.

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