How to Clean a Delta Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Aerator?

How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull-Down Faucet?
How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull-Down Faucet?

The aerator is one of the most valuable parts of our faucets. From making water flow more productive to improving the entire physical operations, the aerator plays a vital role in our Delta faucets. That is why it’s really important to know about  how to clean a Delta pull down kitchen faucet aerator. 

Although cleaning the aerator is really easy & takes just a couple of minutes, many of us do not know about the process.

Luckily, you are in the right place! From my experience & expertise, I’ll share every information you need to know about cleaning the Delta faucet aerator. Let’s jump in!

We do not think of some appliances until they stop working, the aerator is one of them.

A faucet aerator is simply a device that is used at the end of the faucets to create a better flow of water. It is a small round device ( more like a small metal screen disk) screwed onto the end of a faucet.

These aerators limit the flow of water from 1.8 to 2.2 GPM . So the water flow is actually broken into smaller streams and air is added between them.

It has a few tiny holes in it that helps the water strain.

Also they reduce the water splash & help us in saving water. So cleaning them on a regular basis is really important.

What Causes Buildup In Faucet Aerators?

No matter how much you take care of your faucets, they are gonna get dirty. They will have different deposits & dirts over them. 

The water we mostly use in our faucets contains calcium. That is why you will find white buildup around the faucet & also in the aerator. 

However, there might be a significant amount of iron in the water as well. So you might even get a rusty or yellow color buildup as well in the aerator.

Not just these deposits, we use our kitchen faucets for various purposes. 

  • Washing Dishes
  • Filling up pots
  • Rinsing something
  • Cleaning our dirty hands 

So it is pretty obvious that they would get dirty. But if these dirts or deposits reach upto a certain point, the aerator won’t be able to work properly. 

The water flow will get slower & it will have different water pressure issues.

Looking for the solution? Don’t worry. I faced it personally & did a bit of research myself.  You can clean the Delta kitchen faucet head this way pretty easily. Also you can check this out to clean the calcium buildup in your faucet. 

How to Clean a Delta Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Aerator

Just like I said earlier, Cleaning a pull down faucet aerator is simple & will take only a small amount of your time. 

At first, you need to remove the aerator & then you need to clean the aerator properly with a sponge & vinegar. Here I’ve discussed the step by step process of doing it. 

You will find two ways of removing the aerator (with & without tool). I personally remove it without the plastic removal tool. Then I will share how I personally clean the aerator.

How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull-Down Faucet?

How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull-Down Faucet
How Do I Remove The Aerator From A Delta Pull-Down Faucet

Removing the aerator with the key is really easy & you can do it as quick as a flash. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Check below the faucet spout to identify the notches.
  2. Use a mirror (if necessary) to see properly & confirm the notches surround the aerator.
  3. Take the little plastic removal tool & try to fit it in the specific notches in the faucet spout.
  4. Unscrew the aerator & try to remove it.

If you do not have the key use the technique shown below. However, you can get these keys. They will cost you just a couple of bucks & you can get them almost everywhere.

How To Remove A Delta Faucet Aerator Without A Tool?

Here’s an honest confession. I lost my tool a couple of months back & I had to remove the aerator two times without it.

I believe you can do it too. Sometimes we cannot find the key & don’t want to wait till we get a new one. So these are the ways that will get the job done.

  1. Use your fingers & try to twist the aerator. If they are moderately tight like mine was, then you should have no problem turning it just with your bare hands.
  2. I suggest you use a rubber glove to flip it. You will get a good grip & your hands won’t get dirty.
  3. Here’s another thing I personally tried. Use a screwdriver(flathead). Put the flat tip screwdriver into one of the notches & push hard. There might be a possibility that there is already a significant amount of buildup in the aerator. So use a hammer & tap on the screwdriver lightly.
  4. One of my friends uses a needle-nose pillar. She suggests that the jaw tip should be hooked into the notches. Then spin it counterclockwise.


Try out these ways & I believe you can easily remove an aerator from a kitchen faucet

While removing it, if you ever think that you need to change the entire pull-down faucet then check this out before making the final call. 

Cleaning the Aerator [ 6 Easy Steps]

Cleaning delta faucet head
Cleaning delta faucet head

Here comes the main part. Once you remove it, spare a couple of minutes to clean the aerator properly. Here are the things you’ll need:


Follow these easy & simple steps:

  1. Remove the aerator.
  2. Run it below water for a few seconds.
  3. Take a sponge & remove the minerals. Try to clean up the entire buildup.
  4. However, there might still be some dirt or minerals left. So take a bowl & put some vinegar in it. Then soak the aerator in it.
  5. After a few minutes the aerator should be all clean.
  6. Wipe up the aerator with paper towels before putting it back.

Why Should I Clean the Faucet Aerator?

Many people do not get the importance of faucet aerators. In fact, cleaning these small appliances has a lot of benefits & it is mandatory that you should keep them clean.

Here are some of the big benefits of cleaning the aerator:

  • Saves water, saves water bill.
  • A wider stream of water is created.
  • Productive water flow.
  • Improves the water pressure.
  • Hard water splashing is prevented. So we get a softer feeling in our hands.
  • Catches debris & prevents them.
  • The drinking water is given a fresher taste
  • Helps to create a proper mixture between air & water.

How often Should You Clean your Aerator?

I clean my delta pull down kitchen faucet aerator every six months. You should do the same. 

If you are using a drinking water faucet aerator you should clean it a bit more frequently. 

Again, if there is any kind of construction work related to the water system, try to clean the aerator every month. 

Final Thought

I hope you have found your way & know how to clean a Delta pull down kitchen aerator. 

The aerator plays one of the most important roles in saving water, thus saving our pocket. Not just that, it creates a good flow & stream of water.

So try to spare some minutes of your busy life & keep them clean. I assure you if you follow the above guidelines the aerator is gonna be in good hands. 

Till then, save water, save life!  

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