How to Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Head?

How to Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Head
How to Clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Head

I’m gonna draw a picture for you before I start. Imagine your mother-in-law or your friends come to visit your house and they find a dirty, unhygienic kitchen faucet. Not so pleasant right? So at this situation you want to know how to clean Delta Kitchen Faucet Head right?

So, we need to keep the faucet clean. Especially the head part. Because it is necessary to clean the faucet head to keep a proper flow of water.

Don’t worry! We will show you the step by step process of three methods of cleaning the delta kitchen faucet head. We will also discuss why it is so necessary to clean the faucet head. You will also find tips & information about other relevant topics. So, LET’S GO!

Like we said earlier, cleaning the Delta kitchen faucet head is simple & easy. Also you probably have everything you need to clean it properly.

But what’s the difference between delta & other faucet heads? In the case of delta, you cannot use any kind of wrench to unscrew it’s aerator. So what to do? Just follow these steps:

1. Method One

Check the Condition of the Interior

The first thing you must do is to inspect the interior. If you think you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, the water flow rate will probably be low. Also, there might be other germs around it. So the interior condition must be checked.

Now, my delta faucet head has a cached aerator. It is in most of the delta faucets & you probably have one as well.

So you have to remove the aerator. How to remove the aerator? You should have a key that is used specifically to remove the delta aerators. You will find some notches if you closely check the faucet head. 

Removing The Aerator

Now, it is time to get on the main part.

You can even remove the aerator by hand & it is pretty easy. In the spout, there is the cylindrical plastic tool which is coupled with the notches. So, twist it anticlockwise and remove the aerator. I placed it on a clean surface. I suggest you do the same & take note of the position of the gaskets.

Simple & easy till now right? Don’t worry it’s the same afterwards. 

Now, inside the faucet head the aerator needs to be turned over. Wanna know what it is? It’s the fine mesh responsible for creating turbulence. This is how air is added to the water. Dirt, oil and other stuff gets trapped over time. Sometimes I use a toothbrush & water to remove any kind of dirt that is stuck on the aerator. You can also use a toothbrush & spray or splash it with water. 

In these two steps, you can clean the delta faucet head.

But it’s best if you use vinegar or coca-cola. 

2. Method Two: Cleaning the Delta Faucet Head with Vinegar

As you know, you cannot unscrew the aerator with a wrench. But you can easily open it up by hand. Just like in the previous methods, it is easier using the key. The special key must be placed in the slot and when you rotate it in the counterclockwise direction, the aerator will loosen up in a short period of time.

How to clean the delta kitchen faucet head with vinegar? Now comes the vinegar part. Mix up water & vinegar equally. Then dip it in the vinegar. I put the aerator in the vinegar for 26 hours. My suggestion would be you keep it there for at least 24 hours.

Removing it is not the hardest part. But in case you are using a touch kitchen faucet ( I had to use one before) you have some work to do. For that, the head spray needs to be pulled out and as soon as you can secure it in place. This will prevent it from any kind of retraction. You have some plastic bags at your house right? Take one and fill it half with vinegar. Then put the faucet head right into it. Make sure that it’s tied up in a way that the head is completely inside it. Wait for at least 24 hours. 

You are almost done. Remove it from the vinegar. Wash the aerator & every other component well.

How can vinegar clean the faucet head? It’s a common question I had & I looked into it. Well, there is acetic acid in vinegar. What does it do? It can pretty much clean everything. Not only that, vinegar contains acetic acid & other valid ingredients which gets rid of dirt, bacteria & other stuff. It also helps the oil stuff to come out. That is why most people like me prefer using vinegar.

I suggest you do the same. For me it worked pretty well. And if you want the best outcome, using this vinegar method will undoubtedly be the best.

3. Method Three: Cleaning the Delta Faucet Head with Coca-Cola

Although I suggest you use vinegar. But there should always be a cheaper & easier method. How to clean the Delta Faucet Head without Vinegar? It’s easy, use the coca-cola method. We all have coca-cola in our houses. You just have to use two or three cans. I just had to use two, it depends how dirty your faucet head actually is. It is just like the previous method.

Take a plastic bag ( I hope you didn’t run out). Fill it up with coca-cola. Then just like we do it with the vinegar method, put the faucet head on there for 24 hours. 

In case you are wondering how coca-cola works. Coca-cola contains phosphoric acid. It helps to get the faucet head completely clean. So, how to clean delta kitchen faucet head? Use any of the three methods and you’re good to go.

Do I have to clean the Delta Kitchen Faucet Head Regularly?

The answer you’re looking for, is YES.

If you do not clean the delta kitchen faucet head regularly, it will become unhygienic, get dirt around it & also stop the flow rate of the water. So it is absolutely necessary to clean the delta faucet head regularly.

Also the bacteria & other microorganisms will make their way around the head. It is an easy process as well. So to keep it really clean, I suggest you clean it once a week. 

How long should a Delta Kitchen Faucet last?

Well, it depends on your use. But usually they are pretty durable & long-lasting. The faucets usually last for 10-20 years depending on the usage.

If you are thinking about changing the head or the entire faucet completely, you can do that as well. I once had to change mine & went for a pull down spray head.

It was perfect for my delta kitchen sink & was easy to install as well.

However, if you are looking to change the entire faucet, then you should pick the long-lasting ones. Delta provides various kinds of faucets & you can get them easily.

I had a limited amount of budget so I went for this one ( it cost me below 200 though I could do a lot of things with it). But if you can spend big, I suggest you go for the Delta Faucet Trinsic Pro Commercial style kitchen faucet.

But then again. No matter which one you buy, make sure to clean them once in a while to have the best outcome.

Final Thought

Now let me ask you, how to clean delta kitchen faucet head? I hope you already know the answer & do not have any doubts.

I suggest you clean it with vinegar. That is the most common & most effective method. But you can go for any method you like as long as you get the job done.

Besides, cleaning it does not take that much time either. So not only the kitchen faucet, keep your entire kitchen clean & lead a healthy life.

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