How to Repair Low Pressure in A Kitchen Faucet?

How to Repair Low Pressure in A Kitchen Faucet
How to Repair Low Pressure in A Kitchen Faucet

Water pressure is the force or speed of water flowing through a pipe. The more water flows through a pipe, the higher the pressure. If you want to solve the lower water pressure issue, you need to determine your problem’s root cause. 

You don’t have to be skilled to do this, and you can discover the root cause within a few of general investigation. Then the lower water pressure in the kitchen faucets will be easier to repair. But first, you need to find out the size and location of the problem. 

So, how to repair low pressure in a kitchen faucet? Let’s dig in deep to know the solutions in detail.

First- Find out the Problem

Before solving the problem of low pressure in the water tap, it is necessary to determine the root cause of the problem.

You cannot solve the problem without knowing where the real problem is. Maybe this problem is just happening to you, or it can happen to everyone in a building.

If this problem occurs with your neighbors, then it must be understood that there is a water supply problem.

If there is a problem with the water supply, you can install a water booster, enhancing water pressure in the faucet.

And if it just happens to you, you have to understand that the problem is located in your water faucet. The problem that can come off in your faucet_

  • Clogged Aerator.
  • Clogged Filter/Cartridge
  • Damaged or clogged pipes.
  • Ineffective pressure enhancing valve.
  • Water Heater problem


Low water Pressure Fixing

If any one of the above is affected by any trouble and does not work properly, the water pressure will decrease.

So, you need to find the root of the problem. If there is an issue with any of these, let’s see how it can be fixed:

Repair the Aerator

Attached to the end of the call line is a small device called an aerator screen. This screen increases water pressure while reducing water consumption.

If the curtain gets stuck for some reason, it can reduce the limit of water flowing through the kitchen faucet. Here’s how to clear an aerator screen:

  • Step 01

Using your hand, unscrew the aerator from the top of the water tap. It will usually open when it rotates counterclockwise. If you have too much trouble unscrew it by hand, you can open it with pliers’ help.

  • Step 02

Then, take a mixture of vinegar and water in a pot; in this case, 50% vinegar solution should be used.

Then soak the aerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then rub the screen of the aerator with something like a brush and wash it off with clean water.

  • Step 03

Then reconnect Aerator to Faust if you think the screen is clean enough. If all goes well, the water pressure will increase compared to before

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How to Clean the Cartridge?

If the water flow does not increase even after cleaning the aerator screen, you should check the cartridge.

Water pressure can be reduced due to the cartridge getting stuck in the dirt. So, you have to clean it. The process of doing this is presented below:

  • Step 01

Close both cold and hot water supply valves. Unscrew the faucet from its base and remove the handle. Below, you will find the cartridge.

  • Step 02

Disconnect from the cartridge body by pulling straight up. If you can’t do it by hand, you can use pliers or wrenches.

  • Step 03

 Rinse the cartridge under running water. If the alkaline substance accumulates and covers it, soak it with the vinegar mixture for 30 minutes to an hour. If it is worn out or slightly worn out, we suggest you replace it.

  • Step 04

 Once the cartridge is clean, reconnect it after purchasing a new one. Slowly tighten the cartridge nut; Avoid overdoing it. Open the supply valves again and check the pressure. It should return to normal.

How to repair Pipe/Line?

If the water faucet flow does not increase even after performing the above two procedures, then the water lines or pipes should be monitored.

Having damaged or blockage in the line or pipe can reduce the water pressure. Removing the pipe’s blockage is not a very difficult task, and you can do it very easily.

  • Step 01

First, turn off the water supply valves. Then open the tap to remove the water stuck in the tab.

  • Step 02

Now disconnect the supply lines from the faucet using a wrench or pliers. After disconnecting the supply line from the two faucets, turn on both the supply valves completely and allow water to flow for some time. If there is any obstruction in the pipe, it will be removed.

If there is a serious obstruction in the line and it is impossible to remove it, it is advisable to install new pipes. Or, in this case, you can take the help of a plumber.

  • Step 03

After removing the pipeline barrier or reconnecting it to the supply line faucet after purchasing a new pipe. Do not tighten them too much when connecting. After connecting, open the tab and check the water pressure.

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Ineffective Pressure Enhancing Valve

Some homes are equipped with something called a “pressure reduction valve.” This device controls the pressure coming into your home from the municipal water supply.

It is relatively easy to detect; Sit on the incoming water line and look for a bell-shaped device. If the water pressure is low, you can increase the water pressure by loosening the screw.

Turn it counterclockwise and tap again to check for improvements. The replacement may be required if the valve is broken or damaged.

Final Verdict About Repair Low Pressure in a Kitchen Faucet

If there is no solution to the Low Pressure’s problem in A Kitchen Faucet, you have a problem with the water heater.

However, it is difficult to solve the heater’s issue, so we do not recommend trying it without skills. In this case, you are advised to solve the problem with the help of a plumber.

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