How To Remove A Stuck Faucet Stem?

How To Remove A Stuck Faucet Stem
How To Remove A Stuck Faucet Stem

If your faucet stem is stuck, that indeed is a real struggle (How To Remove A Stuck Faucet Stem).

And if you’re here because you wanted to try to solve it by yourself rather than hiring a plumber right away, then that’s a good choice because it might not be as difficult as it seems to solve.

So, why spend so much money for no reason? The first solution that has come to your mind for sure is removing and replacing the entire faucet. But is that even the best solution?

The solution can be as simple as changing the faucet stem instead of the whole faucet. This will save some money of yours as well. But how to do that? That’s what we are about to reveal in this article. Have a look!


300-750 US Dollars

Time Needed:

1 or 2 hours (max)

Simplest Solution to Try Before Using Tools

Before jumping into the technique of using tools and detaching all the joints and parts, you should first try out a simple solution that might work too if your faucet stems are not stuck for any major reason.

For that, all you have to do is to clean the entire valve assembly using a brush made of wire. Try to clean the junk all over it. You can also use a spray called WD40 for this purpose.

Spray the WD40 all over the valve assembly. And then try to open the stuck parts as much as possible. If it doesn’t work, spray again and keep it for 15 minutes, then retry.

Solutions Using the Tools

While connecting two faucet supply lines, you do not need many tools. It depends on your hand strength.

The only tool you need is Basin Wrench. You need this to tighten the nuts. Otherwise, ordinary people can’t tighten the nuts in a proper way.



Below, for your convenience, we are explaining the steps to remove a stuck faucet stem. Just go through the steps and follow them along.

Step 1

 Shut off the whole water supply so that any water doesn’t spray out, causing a mess while fixing the issue. For that, find out the main valve of the faucet that usually lies underneath the sink. And then, turn it off.

Step 2

 Turn on the faucet’s handles once all the water supply options are turned off. If there’s any water left in the pipe, then that will get released too.

Step 3

 If your faucets have caps, separate the caps situated on the handles’ top with a small flathead screwdriver.

It is not required or isn’t applicable for faucets that don’t have caps on the handles and contain exposed screws on the side of the handles.

Step 4

Once you’re able to reach inside, a Phillips screwdriver will be needed. If you don’t have one, then a hex key should work as well. And then, using it, loosen the screws that are on the faucet sides.

Step 5

Once the joints of the faucet are loosened well, pull the handles out. You will be able to see the stem right below the handles. Now, you can assess the condition of the stems properly.

Step 6

 You will need pump pliers to loosen the nuts. Because there are several stem types that you won’t be able to identify just by having a look at the handle if you’re not a skilled plumber,

Since pump pliers can loosen all kinds of stems if they are cartridge stem-based, it is the job tool.

Again, if your stems are compression stems, then the packing nuts need to be loosened. Whereas in the case of ceramic stems, the mounting nuts are required to be loosened.

Step 7

 Once all the nuts are loosened, pull out and remove the stem from the faucet.

What if the Stuck Faucet Stems Still Don't Remove?

If the steps provided above don’t work for you, then you might need to gently hit the stem with a piece of wood a few times. And make sure all directions are hit so that you can easily detach the connections.

Brace the square-shaped part that is at the bottom. And then, try to work on the nut again, that is at the top.

You will be capable of rotating it in two completely different directions while you clamp it. This will result in better.

The entire assembly will start to rotate when you try to separate the unit. All you need to do is to find something that can keep it held in place. And so, you will have to receive it from another side as well.

 If required, a hex key can be used for the purpose too. Or else, just anything that would help to spin it in two different directions.

What to do After the Stuck Faucet Stem is Removed?

After this phase of the task is done, you will have to take the worn faucet stems stuck to a home improvement or plumbing store.

 As we have mentioned before, you will need to take the old stems to ensure that the size and design of the new stem match with the previous one. This would prevent further mismatching issues while resetting the faucet stems.

After buying the stems matching with the previous one, place the stem in the system. For that, you will need some O rings.

If you use compression stems, cover the stem’s top with grease. On the other hand, if your faucet has ceramic stems, then, at the bottom, use rubber seals.

And then secure the new stems using nuts and, if required, utilize pump pliers to tighten properly. After that, just simply place back the handles and secure them.

Turn on the handles and slowly turn the water supply on to check if everything is working properly. Your job is done!

Final Words

If your faucet stem is stuck, don’t just panic and call a plumber right ahead. It won’t be much of a hassle if you remove and fix your stuck faucet stem all by yourself. But remember to first try the easy solution and then go for the one that includes tools.

We hope the information provided in this article could help you remove and fix your stuck faucet stem. If not, even after doing all the steps mentioned here properly, then the last and final option left for you is to contact a plumber.

If the faucet isn’t very important for you, we suggest you not get a plumber. Because solving this issue by a plumber might cost you more than changing the whole faucet or the assembly.

So, if possible, then try to change the whole faucet assembly by yourself instead if you want to save some reasonable amount of money from your pocket.

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