What Are The Standard Sizes For Kitchen Faucets?

What Are The Standard Sizes For Kitchen Faucets
What Are The Standard Sizes For Kitchen Faucets

In the case of kitchen faucets, it’s always size first, style second. Many people select kitchen faucets just based on their looks and absolutely forget about the size. But trust me, it’s a BIG MISTAKE! Having the perfect-sized kitchen faucet is a must from many angles. It saves you time, money and ensures a healthy lifestyle. But what are the standard sizes for kitchen faucets? Well, there is no exact suitable size for faucets. It depends on a couple of things. But a 17.3-inch tall faucet with a spout reach of 9.3 inches is considered good for any kind of sink.

Picking a suitable faucet has been a problem for many of us. So, I started researching myself and used my own 10 years of experience to make sense of all information regarding it. Take your time & have a look.

Like we said earlier, there isn’t any specific or accurate faucet size. It depends on a number of things, such as:

  • Type
  • Design
  • Installation methods
  • Features

However, if you have a small or deep sink, then I suggest you get a small faucet.

If you get a faucet bigger than the sink, then the water might spill out of the sink.(Obviously you won’t make such a mistake, but hey, just to be sure!)

Again, for a deep sink, the water splashes regularly. If you have a large faucet, then the faucet might look bigger than the sink.

That is why you should get small faucets for these kinds of sinks.

What about base cabinet faucet size?

Does The Size Of A Kitchen Faucet Matter
Does The Size Of A Kitchen Faucet Matter

The standard faucet sizes for base cabinets are around 25 inches width and they are usually 36 to 42 inches tall. So, these faucets are neither too tall nor too short. So find something in between big & small for your base cabinet. You must be wondering where the tall faucets fit? Tall faucets are absolutely perfect for the shallow sinks. The water flows perfectly & looks stylish too. Also, it’s really hard to wash dishes or fill up pots under a really small faucet. So you have to keep it in mind as well.

Now, 22 to 30 inches wide is the standard size for a kitchen sink. And most of us use these sinks. In this case, the faucet should be at least 8 inches tall. One of my friends wants to install two handled gooseneck sprayers. If you wanna do the same, then definitely go for 10 inches.

If you are searching for 30 inch base cabinet kitchen sink? You can check this article Best Kitchen Sink For 30 Inch Base Cabinet So as you can see, it actually depends on many things. But any faucet with the size of 17.3 inches in height & 9.3 inches spout reach is good for our sinks. I always use pull-down kitchen faucets and never had any problems while using faucets with these sizes.

So if you do not want extra hassle, get these ones. They will definitely be a good choice for your kitchen sink and you get to control the water flow.

Secret Tips on Using Kitchen Faucets

Here is some other key information which I find really helpful. You should keep these things in mind- 

  1. No matter which faucet you use, one handled or two handled faucets, the distance should be 8 inches between the hot and cold inlet.
  2. You need one hole for the sprayer & the spout in case you decide to use a deck mount. 
  3. I always need to use a geezer (you have to when you live in a cold area). You will need two faucets with two holes to use the cold & hot water. 
  4. Take tall faucets if you use vessel friendly sinks.

So, are all kitchen faucets the same size? No, it depends on the sink. And like I said earlier, it depends on the type, style & features you are using. 

I hope now you have a clear idea about the size of kitchen faucets.

Does The Size Of A Kitchen Faucet Matter?

From cleaning the pots to rinsing something, we cannot imagine a single day in the kitchen without using faucets. And the size of a faucet has a major impact here.

Here’s how the size of a kitchen faucet matters:

  • If you have a really small faucet, you won’t be able to fit pots or dishes under them. As a result, cleaning or rinsing them will be really difficult.
  • If the faucet is too big, you will have multiple problems as well. Firstly it will splash water every time you use it. Secondly if the handle hits the backwash you won’t be able to even open it fully.
  • Then there are looks. If the faucet is too small for the sink, it will look really strange & bad for the entire kitchen. Again, if it’s too tall, all the attention will go right to it. It will clearly look mismatched & a bit odd. 
  • Another thing you should be considered about is the faucet head. If it does not come with a suitable size, then you will find it really hard to use.
  • Using a correct size faucet gives you the advantage of having enough reach.

In sum, yes the size of a kitchen faucet does matter. Also if you are facing pressure problems in your faucet then check this out, I believe it will be helpful. 

How To Measure Kitchen Faucet

How To Measure Kitchen Faucet
How To Measure Kitchen Faucet

Before you make the final call & choose a kitchen faucet, here are some key considerations that you should keep in mind while measuring the size.

1. Reach

The reach is one of the most important measurements. If your faucet is too far from the sink, it will splash water.

Also when there isn’t sufficient reach available it is going to be really uncomfortable & hard for you to use it. Because you are gonna have to lean over to use it.

The reach actually depends on the sink size. So while choosing it, make sure the spout is in a good position.

2. Height

It’s simple. It starts from the bottom of the faucet & ends at the top point.

3. Spout Height

If you regularly wash large pots & plates, you need to take this measurement seriously. The spout height decides how much space you have to wash large items below it. So take it seriously & ensure a good, sufficient height.

4. Arc

Well, faucets can be two types in this manner.

  • High-arc
  • Low-arc

It means how high the spout stands from the sink plane. Low-arc faucets are more attractive, it gives you less clearance. On the other hand, high-arc faucets give you more clearance but capture a lot of view.

Personally, I always choose the High-arc faucets.

Final Thoughts About faucet size

If this article was useful to you in any sort of way, my research & efforts would be successful.

What are the standard sizes for kitchen faucets? If you came all the way down here, I hope you got a clear idea about it.

See for what purpose you will personally use the faucet. Check the measurement guide part again before changing or buying a new faucet. I believe in the end, you will be able to select a correct size faucet for your kitchen.

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