The Best Ways to Get Rid of That Chemical Smell Under Kitchen Sink

chemical smell under kitchen sink
chemical smell under kitchen sink
There is nothing worse than cooking dinner and then smelling that chemical smell under the kitchen sink. You know the one, it smells like something died or exploded. To use any cleaning goods beneath there until everything has gone down the drain may be incredibly irritating. If this sounds familiar, keep on reading! I’m going to tell you how to get rid of that awful smell!

The reason for the chemical smell under the kitchen sink can be any number of things. It could come from cooking with a lot of garlic or onions. If something smells rancid under there that you can’t find, it could just be the garbage disposal not working properly and starting to smell, etc. Everyone’s chemical smell under the kitchen sink will be different depending on what has caused the chemical smell.

What to do!

If you have a bad chemical smell under your kitchen sink or anywhere in your home, the first thing to do is clean it out and wipe it down. This is the best thing you can do to ensure that the chemical smell goes away as quickly as possible, but then what?

If you have a chemical smell under the kitchen sink from cooking with garlic or onions, I have found some new things that work well. The first thing that works is baking soda. Pour this in your sink and run hot water down it to get rid of any chemical smells from your cooking.

Although not as good as baking soda, another great way to get rid of chemical smells under the kitchen sink is to use lemon juice. Just pour some on the chemical-smelling area and let it sit for a few minutes before you wipe it away with some warm water. Smells will go away quickly if they are wet anyways!

If your old garbage disposal is making that chemical smell under the kitchen sink, then there are some things that you must try. The first thing to accomplish is turn the garbage disposal on and let it run for a little while with some ice cubes in it. This will help sharpen up your blades to work better and won’t make as much noise anymore!

To get rid of the chemical smell from an old garbage disposal, close all drain plugs and pour a cup of white vinegar slowly into each drain plug hole. This will help clean out any chemical smells that may have stayed in there. And also, it will prevent them from mixing with any new stuff coming through!

Chemical scents can be dangerous!

The chemical scent under your kitchen sink can be a sign of something dangerous. It could be an indication of a chemical reaction in the sewer lines, which you should tackle quickly before things get out of hand!

If smelling chemical smells underneath your kitchen sink doesn’t bother you, then I would suggest doing everything mentioned above if this happens again. However, you can prevent future chemical smells by calling your plumber right away and letting him help you with your problem!

The chemical smell from the sewer line

The first work to do is make sure that the water supply in your house is off. If you smell chemicals or Sulphur in your home, this could mean something is wrong with the sewage system, and we don’t want this in our water!

Once you make sure that the water in your house isn’t turned on, go ahead and turn it back on. When you do this, then there may be chemical smells coming up from below or even bubbling in both of your toilets!

We don’t want this happening for very long because chemical smells like these can be dangerous to breathe in. So, once you’ve checked for chemical smells in both toilets and they’re gone, turn them back off until we can get someone out here to fix it!

The chemical smell from the kitchen sink drain

One of the most superb ways to get rid of chemical smells from your kitchen sink is to do a chemical drain cleaner. This will help dissolve any debris that might be lingering around in there and can cause these types of smells!

Another thing you could try doing is if the chemical smell under the kitchen sink doesn’t seem like enough, use baking soda and vinegar. If you mix them together, it will help you clean out any chemical smells that might be lingering. This is a straightforward solution to this problem,

If the chemical smell under the kitchen sink doesn’t seem like enough for whatever reason, then you can every time call one of our professionals over here. They will have all the necessary tools and will give you a hand with this chemical smell.

Final Verdict

If you had a chemical smell coming from your kitchen sink, it is important to know that this could be dangerous. Seek help immediately if the water smells like chemicals or if there are bubbles in the toilet bowl. You can also get an analysis of what may have caused these things by using test kits at home. The kit will provide information about whether chlorine bleach has been used and how much was used. We hope this blog post helped!


It can be one of two things. The first thing could be that there is a chemical reaction going on underneath the drain area where some cleaner has spilled out. This chemical can be chlorine bleach or another type. Second, if the smell is coming from the disposal area, something is wrong with it, and you may need to call an expert!
In the event that this part is damaged or cracked, carbon monoxide fumes could be released into the air, which can spread across your HVAC system and outside your home.

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