Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic | Which Pellet Smoker Is Right For You?

Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic
Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic

Pit boss is one of the reliable grill manufacturers, and Pit Boss 700FB and Classic are two of the pit boss’s best pellet grills. Both these two professional grills have several exclusive features. These grills come with the same cooking space, hopper capacity, and temperature range. However, there are some differences between them that set them apart from each other.

So, are you interested in these two grills? Are you willing to know the difference between Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic? If you do, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we are set to go through all the details about these two pit boss grills. We’ll also highlight all the differences between these two grills. Continue reading this article and make a perfect decision.

FeaturesTraeger Grills Pro Series 700FBPit Boss Classic 700
Traeger Grills Pro Series 780Pit Boss Classic 700
Dymension24.8 x 22.05 x 43.11 inches40.75 x 25.59 x 43.9 inches
Power sourceCorded Electric
Cooking versatilityGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQ
Maximum temperature250° to 500°180° to 500°F
Weight118 pounds 120.0 lb
WiFIRE ExcludedExcluded
Fuel Type Wood, Natural Gas
Wood, Natural Gas
Control panelLCD Control PanelDigital Control Panel
Wood smokeYesYes
Hopper capacity21Pound21Pound
Meat ProbeNoneTwo
PriceRelatively ExpensiveRelatively cheap
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PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill

Pit Boss 700FB is one of the most high-quality Pellet Grill available. It has a cast-iron cooking space with 700 square inches of cooking area. Its cooking temperature varies from 180 – 500 degrees F, giving you a wide variety of options to cook anything you desire. It also features a good enough hopper capacity. This impressive pellet grill comes with several advanced features.

Heavy-duty Build Quality

Design and build quality are among the most notable features you should consider before investing in a new grill. The Pit Boss 700FB takes this thing seriously and features a unique design with a quality build. Heavy gauge steel is used for the grill structure and diffuser surfaces. The racks of this grill are covered with porcelain. The LCD panel and digital control knob are composed of a premium quality polymer that is simple to spin.

Extended Capacity

This grill has an extended capacity in terms of the amount of space available for cooking. A cooking area of 700 square inches is provided by the Pit Boss 700FB, which has a cast-iron cooking surface. This amount is sufficient for preparing many courses of food and satisfying the appetites of even the most voracious audiences. This great grill also has a hopper capacity that is enough for its needs, measuring in at 21 pounds.

Temperature Control

An exterior knob located outside the hopper controls the temperature on this 700FB pellet grill. The cooking temp may be adjusted from 250 – 500 degrees F using the LCD panel. You can set the temperature and forget about that now, making it simple to use. The right number of wood pellets will be released into the bottom chamber via the hopper.

Ease to Operate

With a set as well as forget design, this Pit Boss grill is exceptionally simple to operate. This isn’t just a cute rhyme; it’s also a beneficial feature for this vehicle. All you have to do now is fill its hopper, change the heat on the control center, then sit back and chill. When you acquire this griller, it’s almost like building a private chef at your disposal.

Overall Performance

This grill performs well. It’s a big grill with an extended cooking surface that’s perfect for big gatherings. With the appropriate technique, it preserves the taste and fluids of the chargrilled meat while adding notes of cherry or apple.

Like a pellet smoker, the pellet grill gives the grill smoke flavor you love with little effort on your part. The heated temperatures, as previously said, make the grill ideal for pizza, steaks, chicken, and sometimes even turkey. For a complete 10 minutes, the grill should be set to smoke.

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Key Features

  • It comes with an extended 700 square inches cooking area
  • This pellet grill features an excellently durable build quality
  • The burning system of this grill features digital controlling
  • This pellet grill is versatile and easy to assemble and use

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  1. It has a good enough hopper capacity
  2. It comes with a premium quality cover
  3. Perform well and offer value for money


  1. This pellet grill has no meat probes.

Pit Boss Classic 700

Pit Boss Classic is one of the best high-tech and advanced quality pellet grills. Unlike some other grills, it has an optimal design that optimizes your kitchen space. It has an extended cooking area and is more affordable than most of its rivals. This grill comes with an exclusive flame boiler, and it is excellently easy to operate. It has different exclusive features that make it one of the best grills in the market.

Premium quality Construction

Each and every grill should be excellently durable in terms of design and build. The Pit Boss Classic comes with a durable, heavy-duty build quality while featuring a conventional grill design. Each and every part of this grill has been manufactured with high-quality materials. This grill never places restrictions on how it may be used. Its dependable components contribute to its long-lasting quality.

Larger Cooking Surface

Like the PIT BOSS 71700FB grill, this pellet grill also features an extended cooking area. It has a cooking area that is 700 square inches in size, which is plenty for cooking whatever you desire. This grill’s 8-in-1 functionality is something to be thankful for. You can accomplish anything with this grill, which is more than astounding.

Broader Temperature Range

Pellet grills that have a wide temperature range are more adaptable. Smoking and braising may be done at lower temperatures. The best way to make grilled pizza, as well as flatbread, is to utilize a blazingly hot fire. The temp range of the Pit Boss Classic is 180-500 degrees F. This temperature range is good enough to cook different foods.

Digital Control Panel

The pit boss classic has a digital control panel. It enables you to effortlessly manage the burn duration and change the cooking temperature for your items. This is an excellent idea for a new grill master who wants to try out various meals and cooking techniques. It’s also the ideal time to grill temperature-sensitive foods like fish, monster burgers, as well as port shoulders.

Overall Performance

You won’t have to buy a standard stove if you own this pellet grill. Pit boss classic is big enough to prepare multiple dinners, each with a distinct Smokey taste, because of its size. You can make the most incredible grilled delicacies at home with this one. If you really need to grill anything that’s a little longer, you can take off the top rack.

This grill can reach 500 ° F, which makes it ideal for creating handmade pizzas. This grill’s standout feature is the flame broiler. It allows you to utilize direct heat in the same way that you would use gas as well as a charcoal grill. Unlike other grills of this sort, this one enables you to cook any food using direct heat, which is rare.

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Key Features

  • It has an updated digital control panel with an LED system
  • Comes with a larger cooking surface and a hopper capacity
  • This grill is easy to assemble and perfect for newbies
  • It has a fantastic flame broiler to cook over an open flame

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  1. It comes with a couple of meat probe
  2. It features an upgraded control panel
  3. It meets the best value for money


  1. The wheel of this pellet grill is made of plastic

Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic: Comparison

The Pit Boss 700 FB and the Pit Boss Classic both these two grills are high-quality grills at budget-friendly costs. These two Pit Boss grills have 700 square inches of cooking area and 21 lbs. of hopper capacity, and both provide excellent cooking performance. However, some fundamental differences set these two grills apart from each other. Let’s take a look at the Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic: Comparison to understand the difference.

Updated control Panel

One of the most notable differences between these two grills is the control panel. The Pit Boss classic features a more updated control panel with meat probe controls. This control panel also has a “prime button” for speedy temperature recovery as well as a knob to dial in any preferred cook temperature swiftly. The 700fb control panel is significantly more straightforward. It lacks meat probes and has a primary temperature control knob, which is frustrating.


There are some differences in portability between these two pellet grills. The Pit boss classic is a bit larger and is a bit bulkier than the Pit boss 700FB. The wheels of the 700fb are all steel, but they seem weird. They seem to be difficult to roll. Whereas the Classic’s wheels seem to be made of durable plastic, they do appear to move. So, I suppose this is a matter of personal choice.

Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic: Which one should you buy?

Now it is time to choose one grill from these two. While both these two grills have several exclusive and advanced features, they come with the same capacity and temp range and provide excellent performance. However, in terms of functionalities, the pit boss classic is much more step up than the pit boss 700FB.

While the 700FB comes with a conventional control panel, the Pit boss classic has an upgraded control panel with an LED system. It also has a couple of meat probes that can dominate the overall performance. Apart from these, both these two grills are excellent and provide almost the same cooking performance. So, if you think about the budget, you should go for the Pit Boss classic pellet grill.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, While the Pit Boss 700FB and Classic offer almost the same features and cooking experience, the Pit boss classic is a bit more step up than the 700FB. It comes with a more updated controlling system as well as two meat probes. Here in this article, we discussed all the details and the differences between Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic. Now it is time to make the right decision.

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