Rec Tec Vs Grilla – A Head To Head Comparison

Rec Tec Vs Grilla
Rec Tec Vs Grilla

At least 75% of Americans have their own grill, as it helps improve food flavor, personal cooking experience like chef, and entertain family and friends. However, Rec Tec, Grilla, and more than 10 companies produce and supply grills in the USA.

Besides their brand name, construction materials, heating source, cooking space, temperature range, controlling interface, and price are different. When this is the ultimate situation, choosing the right-sized quality grill that fits your budget isn’t an easy task.

We can understand your pain. So, this article rec tec vs grilla is designed to let you know everything about both of the grills. As a result, when you complete reading this article, you have a clear overview of which grill you should buy and why. Let’s start.

Time flies like a jet rocket, so if you are too busy and have no time to go through all the words, this table will benefit you. Here, you’ll get all the core information you need to check the both grills’ available features and what they serve.

FeaturesRec TecGrilla Grill Silverbac Alpha
Traeger Grills Ironwood 650Traeger Grills Ironwood 885
Cooking space1. 592 square inches main rack
2. 180 square inches top rack
3. 772 square inches total space
1. 507 square inches main rack
2. 185 square inches top rack
3. 692 square inches total space
Power source100% natural hardwood pelletsWood Pellet
Cooking versatilityGrill, Bake, Sear, and DehydrateGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQ
Maximum temperature180°F-700°F180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments
Hopper capacity30 pounds 20 pounds
Dymension44x43.5x24 inches51x47x22 inches
Weight190 Pounds170 Pounds
WiFIRE IncludedIncluded
Controlling systemWiFIRE Phone with the recteq appWiFIRE Controller
Wood smokeLess portable More portable
Feeding peopleAverage 20-25Average 15-20
Meat ProbeSingleSingle
GratesAdjustable two-tierAdjustable two-tier
PriceRelatively expensiveComparatively cheap
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However, considering year-round performance, making mouthwatering foods, and other things, this table isn’t enough to decide for around $700-$1000 investment. 

A Head-To-Head Comparison: Rec Tec Vs Grill

Let’s see a head-to-head comparison between both grills by figuring out all the points. 

1. Construction materials

Many things depend on the construction materials of the grill. Especially its durability, strength, and performance. 

Rec Tec

The grill is made with heavy-duty stainless steel, which is water-resistant, non-sticky, and rust-free. So it is not fragile and will break early due to rust. You can easily flip meat steaks, chicken wings, and other foods as they won’t get stuck with the grill’s rack.


The Grilla grill is also made with durable stainless steel. So this grill is also rust-proof, waterproof, and non-fragile. It’ll also last many years with little care and maintenance. 

Winner: Draw

2. Design

The chef-friendly design is essential to putting the food on the grill with no effort. Even the number of cooking utensils usage, grill’s surroundings, and hygiene maintenance depend on the grill’s design. 

Rec Tec

The Rec-Tec engineers designed the grills incredibly by keeping in mind your needs. Easy on/off switch, two uplifting lid handles, right side led monitor, grease dipping bucket, left side chimney, PID and WiFi technology enabling, 5° incremental temperature controlling knob, and large size hopper worth its exclusive design. 


Your eyeballs will be stuck on the cabinet-style design of the Grilla, because there you can carry a lot of cooking utensils, ingredients, and other things you’ll need for your backyard BBQ party. Large handle silver-coated lid, double-wall insulated barrel, grease dipping can,  medium-sized hopper, left side chimney, and WiFi controlling system, are all set in suitable space that’ll help uplift your cooking experience. 

Winner: Grilla

3. Cooking area

Generally, the specific cooking area of a grill defines how many hungry mouths you can feed. The more cooking space means the more people you can feed. 

Rec Tec

Though the model name is Rec Tec 590, it offers you 592 sq inches of primary cooking space. Moreover, you can enhance its space by inserting a 27.5*19″ top rack, adding 180 sq inches of cooking space. That means overall, you can use 772 sq inches of area for cooking your desired food. 


You will get a little less cooking space from Grill Silverbac Alpha. It has a 26×19.5=507 sq inches main cooking area and a 7×26.5=185 sq inches upper cooking rack. So that in total, you can use 692 sq inches of cooking surface. 

Winner: Rec Tec

4. Serving people

How many people you can serve mostly depends on two things. The first is the grills’ entire cooking space and what dish you are cooking. You can serve more people than the main dish if you cook a side dish. 

Rec Tec

If you can properly use all the space of the Rec-Tec grill, you can easily fit 5-6 baby back ribs, 6 whole chickens, 24 pounds turkey, or 75 chicken wings. We can say you can serve 20-25 guests by arranging a mainstream party. If you arrange a light party, this food is enough to feed around 35-40 kids and adults. 


The G grill has 80 sq. inches less space than Rec Tec, so that you can serve 11% fewer people. Its 692 sq inches of space is good to set 21 pounds of turkey, 4-5 baby back ribs, 6 middle size chicken or 4 full-grown chicken, or 65-70 chicken wings. With this food, you can feed 15-20 adults or 20-25 kids and adults. 

5. Cooking versatility

Cooking versatility means how many various types of food you can prepare with the grill. As different types of dishes will increase your taste. 

Rec Tec

The RT not only offers you smoked salmon. Besides this, you can taste grilled,  baked, seared, and hydrated wood-fired meat jerky that is tasty and crispy. 


Grilla grill offers you two more types of cooking than Rec-Tec. If you love to taste broil and roast as well as baked, grilled, and seared food, then it’s an excellent fit for you to enjoy various types of food. 

The food that you can prepare with both Rec-Tec and Grilla grill

Sweet peppers, onions, zucchini and other summer squash, corn, portabella mushrooms, romaine lettuce hearts, coffee cake, brownies, casseroles, pies, pizza, etc. 

Winner: Grilla

6. Fuel

Fuel type, hopper capacity, and position are the three essential things that should be considered when choosing a new grill for you to mitigate your fuel cost.

Rec Tec

Wood pellets are the primary power source for firing the Rec Tec grill. It has attached a 30 pounds hopper at the right side of the grill. So, this grill will offer you 30 hours of non-stop cooking facilities for slow grilling. 


The hopper capacity of the Grilla is 20 pounds. So, you have to frequently add wood pellets to the hopper for more extended cooking periods. But for slow cooking, that is not a big issue. 

Winner: Rec Tec

7. Mobility

As you love carrying the grill with your backyard garden to the rooftop, mobility is an excellent feature for BBQ enthusiasts. 

Rec Tec

The Rec-Tec grill’s height, length, and depth are respectively 44″, 43.5″, and  24″. Moreover, its weight is 190 pounds, and the four legs are attached with rounded wheels. As a result, you can effortlessly walk it by pulling the legs’ wheels. In simple words, it is 100% portable. 


The Grilla grill is less heavier than Rec Tec with 170 pounds of weight. Even though it is 51″ high, 47″ long and 22″ deep. So from all sides,  it is more portable. 

Winner: Grilla

8. Assemble

No matter which grill you choose, you will receive a partially assembled grill. You must invest a little time and energy to assemble the grill. 

Rec Tec

You will easily assemble the partially assembled grill following instructions. You just need to use a Philips head, a 17 mm socket wrench, vise grips, and you can do the assembly job within 40-45 minutes. But, one thing, you’ll need a partner to assemble it, as it is heavy for a person handling.


Assembling Grilla Grill Silverbac Alpha is more laborious and time-consuming. You have to adjust almost every considerable part of the grill. It takes around one hour to do the job. And yes, you have to seek help from your partner to assemble the grill. 

Winner: Rec Tec

9. Cost

Yes, a reasonable price within your budget is the most crucial factor in owning a grill that meets your requirements. 

Rec Tec

You must invest more than $1000 to purchase the RT-590 grill. Though it is pricey, if you can own it, you can undoubtedly use it year after year. Moreover, the company will offer you a 4 year warranty. So, if you face any issue with the grill within this time, you can change it under its warranty.


It is budget friendly, cost-effective, and economical compared to RT. The average price of Grilla Grill is $700. That means it’s cheaper than RT.

Winner: Grilla

10. Cleaning

After enjoying a party, nobody wants to invest more time and energy in cleaning the grill. But there is no option to keep the grill uncleaned. So easy cleaning is the ultimate solution. 

Rec Tec

Because of the non-sticky texture of the grill and grease dripping bucket, the grill won’t be too messy while cooking. That’s a blessing! You can easily clean the grill with mild dishwashing detergent and water. That takes around 15-20 minutes. 


As the rack and grease can are removable, you can clean them by keeping them out from the primary grill. You can clean the grill within 10-15 with warm soapy water and a soft dish scrubber. 

Winner: Grilla

Final Verdict: What To Choose Rec Tec vs Grilla

There is no solid ground to determine whether a grill is better than Rec Tec vs Grilla. Both of these are excellent, worthy, and reliable from their side. 

So, checking their features with your needs and budget is wise. If Rec-Tec aligns with your needs and budget, you must choose it. Or, if Grilla aligns your needs and budget, you have to choose it. Ultimately, your goal is to enjoy delicious smoky, baked, seared food, nothing else. 

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  1. I recently decided to get a 590 over a Silverbac
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    What ultimately helped make that decision was the ceramic ignition in the Recteq

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