The Best and Safest Water Softeners for crawl Spaces | Buying Tips

The Best and Safest Water Softeners for crawl Spaces
The Best and Safest Water Softeners for crawl Spaces

Water softeners are a great way to make your water safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing. But if you live in a little space & if there isn’t much room for a water softener, then that doesn’t mean your search is over! There are many crawl space water softeners on the market today. The best crawl space water softener will fit into your crawl space and will cause the least amount of trouble. But with so many on the market today, how do you know which is right for your small space? Read more to find out!

A water softener is a simple machine that removes hard minerals from your drinking and showering water. These minerals can cause build-up over time, which makes it increasingly difficult for the water to come out of faucets or leave residue on surfaces in your home. Water softeners make water safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing by removing minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron & manganese.

Benefits of a water softener:

– makes water secure for drinking, cooking, and bathing

– reduces mineral build-up in your pipes, shower heads & appliances. This can save you money on maintenance costs from clogged devices caused by hard water minerals. It may also extend the life of these items, saving you even more money! A water softener will help to keep your pipes and appliances free from mineral build-up.

– reduces the power of soap, which means you use less than you normally would with hard water. This can save on costs as well!

Different types of water softener

There are some different types of water softeners on the market today, each best for different spaces. When purchasing a new water softener, it’s best to consider what type will fit best into your home and needs. Let’s look at a few of the most common types out there:

Crawl Space Water Softener

A crawl space water softener is best if you have a crawl space or basement to place the machine. It’s ideal because you can place it in an out-of-the-way location and yet will do the job.

Domestic Water Softeners

Mini-domestic water softeners are best for small homes that need only one bathroom and/or kitchen softened. These are best for homes with one bathroom and kitchen.

Commercial Water Softeners

This is the best water softener if you have a large family or home or a lot of people using your appliances that need softened water. A commercial model will work best in these situations because it can handle more households at once without slowing down.

Central Water Softeners

These are best for homes with more than one bathroom or a kitchen and using them simultaneously. Most models can handle up to three households. If you are looking for a water softener best suited for large families, these are your best bet!

Crawl space water softener

The crawl space water softener is best for small homes with a crawlspace. These best fit in the area and won’t take up too much room inside your home, but still work just as well! When you have a crawl space, it can be best to place your water softener in this area. This way, the machine won’t take up any room inside your home or cause extra damage. You also don’t need additional ventilation because air will circulate through the rest of your house.

How to install crawl space water softener

It’s easy to find the perfect water softener for your small home with a crawlspace. Installing one of these is so simple you won’t have any trouble at all!

The first step is to locate the right spot where your crawl space will be most convenient. The crawl space water softener is best for the small area because you can place it there without causing any damage or taking up too much room! Then, the contractor will drill a hole in your foundation and install the machine. This may take some time to do right, so make sure you don’t rush it by doing something wrong that could cause more problems later down the road.

Once installed, the machine will work to soften your water and make it a lot easier on you! This is fantastic for those who are looking for a softener but don’t know how to install one properly or where to place it. A crawl space water softener is perfect because of its convenience and how well it can stand up to daily water pressure.

Top crawl space water softener model

The top best crawl space water softener model in 2021 would have to be the Whirlpool Water Softener.

This is best for those with a small home or family that needs softened water, but it won’t take away a lot of room inside your house either! You can install it easily and effortlessly without causing any damage in your home or to the machine itself. Not only that but it has been made with high-quality material and design, so you can trust it will be able to stand up against daily water pressure. This makes for an easy purchase because of how well the Whirlpool works and all it comes with!

The WS48-56sxt10 by Pentair would be another great choice for a crawl space water softener. This is best for homes with a crawlspace, and you can place it inside your home without taking up too much room. The model works to soften your hard tap water while also keeping appliances free from mineral build-up that occurs in softened water.

It comes with the latest technology, including an automatic flushing system and easy-to-use digital controls, which you can change anytime on your smartphone! This is best for anyone looking into getting their water softener but doesn’t know where or how to install it properly. There are so many benefits of having a crawl space water softener like this one; you are sure to love it!


The crawl space water softener is one of the best small home appliances you can have. The only problem is that they are a bit expensive to install in your house.

Most people would instead hire someone else to do it for them, so they don’t have any difficulties later on down the road when trying to maintain or fix their machine. But if you have the money and time to spare, it might be worth getting one of these for yourself!

It’s so convenient to have a machine that can help with your water bills and protect all those appliances as it prevents hard water from damaging them! If you’re even so on the fence about how much they cost, just think about what an increase in your water bills would be if you didn’t have one! The price of installation can vary depending on the contractor, but it will usually cost around $1500-$2000.


You don’t have to bother about being out of luck if you only have a small space. There are plenty of water softeners on the market that you can install in your home without taking too much room. I hope this post helps you find the best and safest water softeners for small spaces. 

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