Ufaucet FBA_UF-07L-QY Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

Ufaucet FBA-UF-07L-QY Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

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Ufaucet FBA-UF-07L-QY Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

Ufaucet FBA_UF-07L-QY Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets Commercial Pull Out kitchen faucet is another recommended product for you to use. It is one of the best selling products on the market.
The main reason why this product is so popular is that it is cheap. But the quality is just unbelievable. It offers a lot of features and you will get more than what you expect. So the faucet is great for customers with a humble budget. It is an ultimate money-saving faucet


The real feature that can define any kitchen faucet is its durability. If it is not durable, then it won’t be a useful product(Even if a product costs less). When you buy a kitchen faucet, you will want it to last for a long time. You will want it to be better than the faucet you are gonna replace. The Ufaucet commercial pull-out kitchen faucet is made of top quality materials. Its Ceramic Cartridge will easily surpass industry Standards. Plus, it will ensure durable performance for life. You will not only like it but you will also love it.

Key features-

Part Number FBA_UF-07L-QY
Item Weight 1.63 pounds
Product Dimensions 16.7 x 3.4 x 11.4 inches
Item model number COMINHKPR124728
Color Brushed Nickel
Style contemporary
Finish Brushed Nickel
Installation Method Surface-Mounted

Functionality and Technology-

We all know that buying faucets with aerators is better. The reason why it’s better is that aerators mix up water and air. So the flow of water will be good. It will also prevent splashing. This faucet does include aerator( Honeycomb Structure ). So you can pretty much guess that the water flow will be pleasant and there will be less splashing.  You will be surprised to know that according to some customers, it has a better water flow than Moen’s. Keep in mind that Moen’s faucets are way more expensive.
Furthermore, the spout swivels 360 degrees.  So you will have almost full access to the sink. Cleaning the sink will be much easier. The pullout spray head will give you dual water flow modes(Stream or spray). This is a common feature of a good faucet.


The sprayer hose is 20″. It is pretty long and flexible. It has a very long reach and it can reach everywhere. Finally, Let’s talk about the design of the faucet. The design is pretty simple and normal. It’s not too fancy. If you don’t like fancy designs, then this is the perfect faucet for you to buy.

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Lets see some pros and cons-

Pros: Cons:
  • Lead-free waterway.
  • Easy installation(One or three holes). It does not take a long time to install it.
  • Deck plate is included.
  • Very easy to use. It will make you organized in the kitchen
  • Smooth water pressure.
  • For any customer leakage problem is a dreadful problem. Luckily for you, this faucet is a leak-free faucet. So leakage won’t bother you
  • Less splashing.
  • Brushed Steel finish will resist tarnish and corrosion which is a great news(If you are a customer)
  • Ceramic cartridge is replaceable
  • The faucet also features ceramic disc valve technology
  • The flow rate could have been a bit better
  • No filtration system

Important Question And Answer-

1.Question Is it one hole installation ?
Answer Yes, it is 1 or 3 hole installation.
2.Question Does it have connectors for cold and hot water only or does it take one for the sprayer?
Answer Cold and hot only. The sprayer works from them.
3.Question Is that any warranty with the item?
Answer Not sure but when we contacted the company, they stand behind their product 100% with excellent customer service!
4.Question Where can i get parts for this at? Mine has a bad seal and leaks really bad
Answer Depending what part is not sealed right. A local hardware store can often help.
5.Question Is the deck plate included on the less expensive high tech brushed nickel faucet?
Answer Yes, the deck plate is included.


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