Oklahoma Joe Longhorn VS Highland | Best BBQ Smoker With Coolest Feature

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Vs Highland
Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Vs Highland

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the juiciest food flavor, especially, when it comes to smoking, grilling, or BBQing meat? And for smoking meat with the year-old authentic essence, Oklahoma Joe is the most reliable name with its vast array of BBQ pits. Among the top-rated BBQ smokers of this people-pleasing brand, both Longhorn and Highland have a fair share of popularity among BBQ lovers. With almost similar features and functionalities, it’s always been debatable which smoker you should go for between Oklahoma Joe Longhorn vs Highland.

Although both the lineups offer both offset and reverse flow smokers, we will basically compare their reverse smokers as they are more trendy. So, let’s dive in!

Area of ComparisonLonghornHighland
Traeger Grills Ironwood 650Traeger Grills Ironwood 885
Cooking Surface751 sq. inches 619 sq. inches
Power sourceFuel Powered
Dymension35.5 x 64.25 x 55.5 inches33.5×57×53 inches
Weight226 pounds180.78 pounds
Capacity6 butts, 3 briskets4 butts, 3 briskets
PortabilityAverage Portable Average Portable
Cooking versatilityGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQGrill, Smoke, Bake, Braise, Roast, and BBQ
Wood smokeYesYes
Warranty2 years2 years
PriceRelatively cheap Most Expensive
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Brief Overview of Oklahoma Joe Longhorn

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Honestly speaking, any reverse flow smoker in the market can hardly beat Oklahoma Joe Longhorn. It’s one of the finest products from this very famous lineup.

However, let’s look forward to its prime features first to have an overall idea of the smoker.

Key Features

  1. Offers 751 sq. inches of primary cooking space
  2. 309 sq. inches of the secondary smoking area
  3. Four pre-installed baffle plates
  4. Includes a large charcoal basket
  5. Porcelain-coated smoking grates provide even heat and smoke

To begin with the benefits of this awesome BBQ smoker, it delivers an unfailing smoking experience to prepare a malleable meal altogether. The reverse flow technology always offers increased heat and smoke production for a better BBQ. As already mentioned, it has four removable baffle plates to guide the heat and smoke to the key chamber of the smoker.

As a result, it infuses the genuine smoky smack into the food making them more palatable. Moreover, the large firebox contains a charcoal basket to make fuel management easier than ever. There’s a clean-out door as well to make ash removal a breeze.

Best of all, you can cook both at high and low temperatures, thanks to charcoal fuel. Another great thing about this reverse flow smoker is the precise temperature control. Apart from offering an equal heat distribution, the four adjustable baffles also ensure taking the heat and smoke to the same location.

And how could we not talk about the extra large cooking area? Having an extended grilling surface of around 1060 sq. inches, it’s one of the largest smokers from Oklahoma Joe. Due to the extra-large smoking surface, it is preferable both by regular BBQers and expert pitmasters for a family get-together or a friends’ reunion.

Yes, the extensive smoking surface doesn’t come free. It is a bit expensive, especially compared to the Highland one. But those who prefer inviting friends and family at a time and smoking a large batch of meat altogether just love to spend some extra bucks for this exclusive smoker.

Overall, Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow is a versatile smoker and grill at a time with a premium build quality. If you want to enjoy an exceptional smoking performance, go for it and you won’t regret it!

What we like most

Here are the key conveniences of this huge smoker that work as the deciding factors to invest in it-

  1. A very broad smoking surface
  2. Premium-quality build-up with high-grade materials
  3. Comes with a professional temperature gauge for precise heat control
  4. Very easy ash removal
  5. Efficient smoking capacity with the help of the dampers

What we don't like

Aside from the pluses, there are some minuses as well. And they are-

  1. Quite expensive compared to the similar product from other manufacturers
  2. Weighs 226 pounds, quite heavyweight, isn’t it?
  3. Expert assembly is advised to set up the smoker flawlessly

Overview of Oklahoma Joe Highland

Char Broil Oklahoma Joe Highland Offset Smoker

Moving forward to another equally demanding reverse flow BBQ smoker from the same makers, here are the core specifications of the Highland smoker to seal the deal-

Key Features

  1. Comes with 619 sq. inches of primary cooking capacity
  2. An extended smoking area of 281 sq. inches in the firebox
  3. Weighs 180.78 pounds only
  4. Features several dampers for even heat production
  5. Durable heavy-gauge all-steel construction

Having an overall smoking surface of 900 sq. inches, the Highland smoker is slightly small in size compared to the Longhorn one. But that doesn’t count as an issue as it is fairly lightweight. Thanks to that, you can easily move it wherever you want.

Talking of the matte black finish, that’s followed by the heavy-duty stainless steel construction to add some more value to the smoker. Similar to the Longhorn one, it also has four adjustable baffles that make the heat and smoke transport towards the fuel chamber.

Resultantly, you get a unified temperature to create an authentic smoky aroma. Not only that, there’s a firebox door in this exclusive smoker to add wood easily. You don’t even need to lift the lid of the chamber. Isn’t that amazing?

However, the best part of Highland Oklahoma Joe is the affordable price range. If you don’t want your smoker to leave marks in your bank account, go for it. Furthermore, the porcelain-coated wire grates are always there to let you enjoy unparalleled smoking without any hot or cold spots.

Neither this rock-solid BBQ pit will overcook the meat nor undercook it. Instead, you will end up serving the most deliciously smoked meal on the dinner table. Besides, Highland highlights the cool touch handles in the main chamber and firebox to protect your hands.

Being extremely easy to assemble, this is a rare piece of equipment for beginners to advanced BBQers at a very reasonable price. So, do you afford to miss it? No, we guess!

What we like most

Despite being a smaller smoker from the Oklahoma Joe lineup, Highland offers numerous benefits to survive in the race for the best BBQ smoker.

Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the key reasons to go for a Highland smoker.

  1. Affordable price point
  2. A convenient firebox door
  3. Pretty decent cooking area
  4. Lightweight construction for easy transportation
  5. Quite easy to assemble

What we don't like

At the same time, this heavy-duty reverse flow smoker has some drawbacks as well. Let’s check them out below!

  1. The heavy cast iron wheels are difficult to move
  2. Sometimes, the heat escapes if the lid isn’t shut properly

Similarities Between Oklahoma Joe Longhorn vs Highland

After developing the overall idea of both the products, it’s time to have a head-to-head confrontation.

On that note, let’s discover at what points they resemble each other.

Fuel Type

Both of these are charcoal smokers. And both smokers have the same fuel capacity. As we all know, fuel is one of the most important ingredients when smoking meat.

For Highland, you must use charcoal but for Longhorn, wood will do as well. And for both the smokers, Oklahoma Joe used the easiest fuel management system including the large charcoal basket.

Whether you prefer high-heat smoking or you are more of a low and slow cooking person, charcoal fuel allows both through these two reverse flow smokers.


As for baffles, both Longhorn and Highland have four sets of baffle plates under the wire grates that prevent the meat from direct heat. So, both smokers are equally effective to deliver an amazing smoky smack while not overcooking the food. The baffles guide the heat and smoke throughout the main chamber to create an even smoking environment.


Being manufactured by the same brand, both reverse smokers are engineered carefully with heavy-duty stainless steel. Basically, this all-steel construction is what makes both the BBQ pits worth the bucks. And thanks to the smooth and sleek stainless steel exterior, they both last long if properly maintained.


Sharing some similar features, we found the two products resemble each other in terms of architecture as well. Apart from having stainless steel as the outer and inner material, they both are black in color. Yes, they are not made in the same size but other key facilities are quite the same.

For instance, they both have a professional temperature gauge to monitor heat flow. Resultantly, you can have precise heat control. Furthermore, you will find a large charcoal basket in both cases that will result in a longer burn.

On top of that, the effective firebox access door and the easy ash removal are also common conveniences in these two outstanding charcoal smokers.

No wonder, despite having a clear difference in price and size, these two products still leave people in a dilemma to choose one.

Cooking Grates

The next similarity lies in the cooking grates. Both have durable cooking grates with a sustainable porcelain coating.

Therefore, both smokers perform wonderfully when it comes to even heat distribution.


In terms of warranty, Oklahoma Joe didn’t do discrimination. They offered a two-year warranty with both the products. We found it really commendable as Oklahoma Joe provided this security on all parts of the smokers.

So, you can claim an exchange for any of the body parts of the smokers if you face any issues within these two years.

Differences Between Oklahoma Joe Longhorn vs Highland

Well, we already made it clear that this article focuses on finding the better smoker for BBQers from Oklahoma Joe’s range of Longhorn and Highland.

Naturally, we need to check on the dissimilarities to let you make an informed buying decision.

So, let’s break down the core differences between these two extraordinary charcoal smokers.

Cooking Surface

First, let’s talk about the cooking surface. We all know how important it is for a smoker to offer a decent amount of cooking area so that you don’t need to smoke meat in several batches.

In this regard, the Longhorn is way bigger as it offers a total smoking area of 1060 square inches.

This is followed by a 751 sq. inches primary and a 309 sq. inches secondary surface.

On the other hand, Oklahoma Joe’s Highland is slightly small with 619 sq. inches and 281 sq. inches of the primary and secondary smoking surface. However, keeping all the other issues aside, the distinction between smoking areas sets the two smokers apart.


Another notable difference that works as a deciding factor is the price tag.

Along with an extensive cooking capacity, Longhorn also comes with an expensive price tag.

Although both the smokers offer a great value for the money, the Highland one is a bit more budget-friendly who are on a shoestring budget.


Talking of the size, the Longhorn is naturally the bigger one with dimensions of 35.5×64.25×55.5 inches.

On the other hand, the Highland’s dimensions are 33.5×57×53 inches.

Being the smaller one, the Highland reverse smoker is supposed to be the more compact one.


Being followed by the dimensions, the weights of the smokers also differ.

The Longhorn one is bulkier having a weight of 226 pounds.

However, the Highland smoker weighs 180.78 pounds.

Naturally, it’s the more lightweight one facilitating faster mobility.


In terms of easy assembly and effortless handling, Highland has the upper hand.

As it’s more compact and lightweight, it’s easier to transport outside. Moreover, you don’t need to hire an expert every time you assemble the parts.

On the contrary, we found it quite challenging to set up the Longhorn smoker.

Heat Leaking

Recently, it’s quite a common problem to experience heat leaking in any BBQ smoker. As a result, you don’t get the desired smokiness in the food. Nevertheless, Longhorn has the upper position in this regard as there’s zero heat leakage.

Best of all, it is capable of high heat retention to reach your expected smoky smack.

However, some users found the heat leaking issue in the Highland smoker. But don’t worry. You just need to add some extra seals while assembling the smoker. And don’t forget to shut the lid properly to get the problem solved.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn vs Highland: Which One You Should Buy?

After reviewing both reverse flow smokers thoroughly, now you should decide on your pick finally. But how to decide when both offer the same amenities?

Apart from size, weight, and cooking area, there’s nothing much that sets the two smokers apart. They are developed by the same makers after all!

If you talk about the ease of use, firefox strength, temperature control, heavy-duty construction, and cleaning convenience, Oklahoma Joe did a brilliant job in their Highland and Longhorn lineups.

As a result, we found both their reverse flow smokers perform quite the same in terms of high and low-heat smoking. With the high-tech temperature gauge, you can monitor the overall heat and smoke flow wherever you place the smoker.

But what becomes the deciding factor in how many batches you want to smoke your food? As you already know, the Longhorn is a huge smoker with an extensive cooking surface of 1060 sq. inches. Resultantly, you can smoke up to 6 pork butts or 3 briskets at a time. On the other hand, the Highland is not that big, offering around 900 sq. inches of smoking surface altogether. In a Highland smoker, you can smoke a maximum of 4 pork butts at a time.

Here, Longhorn holds the upper hand delivering a 20% more smoking area. But that’s not all guys! You have to spend some extra bucks to get this 20% increased cooking capacity.

Yes, the Longhorn is quite expensive and charges around 50% more than the Highland one.Though the extra expense seals the deal by offering a non-leaking performance with the high heat retaining option. However, the Highland offers a more compact construction. Being more lightweight, it’s easier to assemble and move.

Therefore, in terms of a budget-friendly pick, Highland fills the bill by offering better constructional stability. Although you must use sealants if you want to avoid heat leakage. Now, it’s your call to decide which one suits you better.

If you are a regular smoking enthusiast and budget is not an issue, we suggest choosing the Longhorn smoker for a superior grilling experience. But for a seasonal BBQer, the Highland smoker is a great choice with almost similar performance without robbing your bank account. 

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Final Verdict

To wrap up this guide on Oklahoma Joe Longhorn vs Highland, we must admit that both offer a great smoking experience with ultimate heat retention.In fact, having almost the same advantages and disadvantages, they both make a wise purchase for backyard BBQs. But if you really need to pick one, the Highland is a better buy in terms of a budget-friendly option.

On the other hand, the Longhorn smoker charges more to offer some advanced features and the extra cooking surface.

So, your purchase should be based on your priorities. And regardless of your pick between these two, rest assured that you will definitely get what you pay for.

 Happy Smoking!

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