PK Grill vs Weber | Which Is The Better For Outdoor Cooking?

PK Grill vs Weber
PK Grill vs Weber

When it comes to cooking steaks or grilling meat in the most flavorful way, charcoal grills are unrivaled with their intense smoky essence. But when your search is narrowed down between the two industry-leading charcoal grill makers, PK Grill vs Weber, it is a tough task to pick just one. They both have been producing heavy-duty outdoor grills for decades which offer compact designs, spacious cooking surfaces, and adequate heat flow.

Both grills are awesome with superior heat retention with precise temperature control. But which is a wiser investment between these two? Let’s find out below!

A grill is mostly known by its makers. So, let’s have a brief overview of both brands to learn more about their products.

PK Grills

The journey of PK Grills started back in the last century. They have, indeed, come a long way only because of their versatility and quality. One of the most important reasons for their huge fan base is that they mostly offer a grill and smoker combo.

So, whether you need to grill burgers/hot dogs at high heat or need to grill beef brisket for longer, these grills are compatible with both.


Moreover, they are made with hand-poured cast aluminum. Therefore, you get to enjoy a more consistent cooking experience over the years. At the same time, the solidly engineered PK grills are rust and corrosion free. Surely, they will serve you many years in the kitchen.

Apart from durable build quality, Pk grills also excel in superior heat retention which makes grilling a breeze. All the grills are carefully designed with increased ventilation systems. Besides, the dual cooking zone serves the purpose of grilling food for the crowd. Saying that you can cook new food and heat the already prepared food at the same time. What a great convenience, isn’t it?

Above all, Pk Grills is very particular about making its products rugged and robust. They are extremely portable. You just need to separate the grill from the stand and you can do that without any tools. So, they are, indeed, the best choice if you frequently go camping or tailgating.

On the same note, Pk grills are unbelievably durable. They are highly recommended for lake houses, wet climates, and coastal areas. The hinges of the grills are so tightly molded inside that they won’t rust and bust. If you maintain the grill properly, a PK grill and smoker is the last BBQ tool you will buy for your kitchen.

Yes, they are that long-lasting! Another great amenity of these cast aluminum grills is that you don’t need to turn the food frequently. The 4-way venting system allows accurate heat flow to make the meat fall out of the bone. And best of all, they provide a tight seal against heat and smoke while distributing heat evenly. So, all the smoky essence is infused within your BBQued meat to make it toothsome. 

They are, however, the best companion for every style of grilling!

Nevertheless, they moved their manufacturing from the USA to China sometime in the 2000s.


Similar to the PK Grills, Weber has also a long and rich history of over 70 years since they made their first kettle grill back in 1952.

Since then, they have remained a staple in the BBQ field till date and they still manufacture their products in the USA.


However, Weber grills promise extraordinary build quality, incomparable durability, and reliable workmanship. Because of their high standard, you can confidently buy any BBQ tool from their versatile range, whether it’s a high-end grill or a pocket-friendly one. Aside from charcoal grill and kettle, other grilling accessories like drip pans, charcoal, etc. are also available from Weber.

One of the key conveniences of using Weber grills is the inbuilt lid thermometer. You can precisely measure and control temperature flow while grilling, searing, or BBQing. Aside from that, the heat shield on the handle also comes in handy to protect your hands from burning. But Weber is more popular for providing the one-touch cleaning system for most of their grills.

Furthermore, it includes an ash catcher to collect the dirt and debris. Once you are done with cooking, just unhook the ash bucket and dump the contents to the trash bin. They still value the enthusiasm of their founder George Stephen and promise to overshadow your last grilling experience every time. You can find the perfect grilling equipment from equipment to meet all your grilling needs. Thanks to their high-quality materials and thoughtful engineering, a Weber grill can last a lifetime.

Talking about the architecture, Weber grills are truly stylish to suit the taste of modern grillers. They are constructed with an aesthetic appearance with an eye-catching exterior.
You will specifically love the removable lid that keeps all the hassles at bay while turning your food or taking it out. And the curved chamber is a great vessel to hold charcoal.

Among some industry-leading grills and smokers, Weber 22″ Original Premium Kettle Grill is their most popular product. Below, we will compare it with PK Grills Regular Grill and Smoker Combo to help you choose the better option.

PK Grills Regular Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo

PK Grills Regular Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo
PK Grills Regular Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo

Want to have a brag-worthy BBQ? Dive deep into this PK charcoal grill and smoker combo and you will understand why this is a must-have for every griller out there. One good reason you must not miss this grill for its exclusive 4-way venting system. Trust me, temperature control becomes a breeze to cook your meat exactly how you like. Another good thing about this grill and smoker combo is what you just read. Yes, it’s a great combination of smoker and grill.

Whether you are on the side of high-heat grilling within a short timeframe or love to grill low and slow for a longer period of time, it will let you do both to your heart’s content. Want to take it camping? No worries, the body part is easily detachable from the stand. That’s why it’s portable and travel-friendly.

Okay, the next big thing is the cast aluminum construction. Being made of heavy-duty and thick aluminum, it remains rustproof over the years. On the same note, you can clean the grill thoroughly with water and detergent. And as it’s removable from the carriage without any hassle, you can hose down the grill after every use.

That’s surely a big plus if you want to scrub the cooking grates and chamber thoroughly. Having said that, PK grills are preferable for providing multigenerational durability. Buy them once and get a service for a lifetime. Moreover, the cast aluminum construction radiates heat and smoke so evenly that your food is bathed with an enchanting aroma. Compared to a steel-made grill, aluminum ones conduct heat 4 times better.

On that note, this lightweight smoking appliance could be a great addition to your kitchen. Above all, this charcoal-powered grill produces authentic smoky essence to fill your food with an appetizing flavor. So, if you need an awesome outdoor tool with the luxury of smoking meat, veggies, seafood, turkey, or poultry, go for it!

Key Features

  • A unique capsule shape architecture
  • Comes with a 4-vent system that allows both fast and slow grilling
  • Easily detachable from the stand
  • Offers 300 square inches of grilling area
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel to last longer

Advantages of PK Grill and Smoker Combo

The following things are the USPs when it comes to choosing the PK original grill and smoker combo.

  • Excellent heat radiation and retention
  • Cook food evenly and uniformly
  • Lightweight construction assures easy transportation
  • Super easy assembly
  • A 4-vent system to maximize airflow
  • The aluminum side and bottom trays offer adequate room to accommodate food, utensils, and condiments.

Disadvantages of PK Grill and Smoker Combo

Take the following things into consideration before buying a PK charcoal grill.

  • There’s not a dedicated bucket like Weber to catch the ashes
  • Too short to comfortably work with, especially for taller people
  • A bit expensive

Weber 22" Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber 22 Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill
Weber 22 Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill

Are you an everyday charcoal griller? Then you must be looking for a charcoal grill with a one-touch cleaning system. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the one-touch cleaning system. It comes with a high-quality ash bucket that is removable as well. You can keep all the hassle of cleaning your grill aside by swiping charcoal ash into this high-capacity ash catcher.

Next, you can control a precise temperature while grilling even without lifting the lid. Surprised? Yes, it’s possible with this compact Weber kettle grill, all thanks to the adjustable dampers. Just close them entirely and it will result in cutting the oxygen flow to extinguish the coals. If you badly want to experience high-heat grilling, it’s a great pick indeed. Just arrange the charcoal on the fuel grate for both direct and indirect cooking. Again, it offers peel-free performance because of the strong porcelain coating around the bowl and the lid.

Most importantly, you don’t need to place the lid on the ground while smoking on the grill. There’s a lid hook to hang the lid. You can also hang other accessories there such as a spatula or a tong. However, the cooking grates are carefully designed with high-temperature compatibility. Also, they are very easy to clean. Need to lift the lid in the middle of grilling? No worries, there’s a heat shield on the handle to protect it from being too hot. Besides, the 363 square inches cooking area holds up to 13 burgers. Quite convenient, right?

Overall, it’s the perfect grilling equipment to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free BBQ. Here we go with such an amazing grill from Weber.

Key Features

  • Includes rust-resistant aluminum dampers
  • The built-in lid thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading
  • Hinged cooking grate to add charcoal conveniently
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl for supreme heat retention
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions

Advantages of Weber 22" Original Premium Kettle Grill

Some good things about this out-of-the-box kettle grill are as follows-

  • Solid architecture is built to last
  • Flexible wheels to move it easily
  • Removable ash catcher
  • Rapid access to the grilling tools
  • Hinged cooking grates make it easier to add charcoal
  • More affordable compared to PK grills

Disadvantages of Weber 22" Original Premium Kettle Grill

However, there are some minor issues as well. Let’s check them out below.

  • Need some grinding to fit the legs to the body
  • It’s a bit challenging to detach the ash bucket
  • The lid holder is on the back side

Comparison Between PK Grill and Weber Smoker

Area of ComparisonPK Grills Regular Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker ComboWeber 22" Original Premium Kettle Charcoal Grill
Traeger Grills Ironwood 650Traeger Grills Ironwood 885
Grilling Surface300 square inches363 square inches
Dimension16×35×35.5 inches22.5×22.5×27 inches
Weight45 Pounds32.3 Pounds
MaterialCast Aluminum Aluminum
Fuel TypeCharcoalCharcoal
PortabilityAverage Portable Portable
Exclusive Feature4-way venting systemOne-touch cleaning system
Price On Amazon Check Price Check Price
Price On Website Check Price Check Price

PK Grill vs Weber: Which Serves You Better?

Upon discussing the amenities and drawbacks of both grills, now it’s time to come to a conclusion. Let’s see who is the race winner.


PK offers a four-legged grill while the Weber one is three-legged. Both have bottom shelves for storing your ingredients.

But the PK Grill and Smoker Combo is more convenient as it has a more useful shelf. It has a robust retro-style exterior.

On the other hand, Weber has a more aesthetic design. It resembles the look of an anchored hot air balloon. Those who prefer more stylish grills can go for Weber.

Cooking Surface

If we compare the PK charcoal grill with the Weber premium kettle, we see that the latter offers 63 square inches more grilling space.

So, if you prefer a wider grilling surface, the Weber original premium grill should be your pick.

Cleaning System

Weber is unrivaled in this particular aspect as their grills are blessed with the one-touch cleaning solution. Thanks to the removable ash bucket which collects all the ashes for easy cleanup.

In terms of thorough cleanup, PK is not a bad choice either. The cast aluminum body can withstand soap, detergent, and water. You can scrub the cooking chamber thoroughly without rusting it.

So, both grills are easy to clean. But the Weber one is better for everyday cleanup.

Easy to Use

Honestly speaking, both grills are easy to use in their own ways. We loved the Weber 22″ Original Premium Grill for its hinged cooking grates.

Resultantly, adding charcoal becomes easier without taking out the entire grate. On the other hand, the PKgrill is no less in terms of ease of use, thanks to the 4-vent system. The adjustable dampers let you control the oxygen flow effectively.

Also, the ventilation is far away from the lid in a PK grill. So, you will not be affected by smoke as soon as you open the lid.


Both the units are equally portable having two sets of wheels.

But here the PK one wins the race as it’s a detachable grill. You can separate the cooking chamber from the legs without much effort.

That’s why you can carry the actual grill and the legs separately while traveling.


PK grills follow the same design and style as that of a 1950s charcoal grill keeping the sturdiness intact.

Being made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, they are rugged and robust to last forever. All four legs are straight and uncompromising not to nudge the grill.

Weber, however, is hefty enough with the three-legged design. All the legs are lodged into the grooves of the ash bucket and therefore, don’t come out while moving the grill.


While comparing the size of these two grills, we see that they have almost similar dimensions. But the Weber one offers more smoking space.

Still, it costs less than the PK grill. So, Weber Original Premium Charcoal Grill is more pocket-friendly.

Temperature Control

As the Weber kettle has an inbuilt thermometer in the lid, certainly, it’s easier to control temperature more precisely.

But you need to use a probe thermometer separately for a PK grill.

Although the 4-vent system helps increase airflow to stabilize the temperature inside. Still, the built-in lid thermometer seems more convenient, especially for beginners.

Final Verdict

To take your steak game to the next level, you must pick a suitable charcoal grill with all the functional features.

Although there’s no wrong choice between PK Grill vs Weber, one is surely a better selection in some particular aspects.

For example, if budget is your concern, the Weber one is a better bargain as it offers a greater value for money.

Also, it stands head and shoulders above its competitors with the unique ash bucket at the bottom.

But if you prefer a more long-lasting grill, go for PK as it’s rust-free, corrosion-free, and more reliable with high-tech cast aluminum construction.

Now, the choice is yours. All the best!

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